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History/Spirit Racing

History of Spirit Racing
Donington July 2023
Darley Moor July 2023
Cadwell BHR May 2023
Mallory Park April 2023
Darley Moor August 2022
Festival of 1000 Bikes
Brands Hatch 7-8th May 2022
Spirit Racing 2022
Spirit Racing 2021
Spirit Racing 2020
Cadwell September 2019
3 Sisters August 2019
MRC Track Day July 2019
Spirit Racing 2019
Spirit Racing 2018
Spirit Racing 2017
Spirit Racing 2016
Spirit Racing 2014
Spirit Racing 2013
Spirit Racing 2012
Spirit Racing 2011
Spirit Racing 2010
Spirit Racing 2009

Festival of 1000 Bikes

I decided to give the Daytona a run out – it is not quite competitive for racing these days so a track day was ideal. It is currently road legal, so could go out with the faster road bikes and make up on the bends what it loses on the straights, always fun. Taking it in the van meant that Sally could come along, the bike being too uncomfortable for her, plus allowed for spares and tools in case of unexpected problems. Going up on Friday afternoon, scrutineering and signing on was all completed in only an hour or so, it seemed too good to be true.

So of course it wasn’t true.

It's surprising how soon you start tipping into Gerrards, still going flat out at that stage.

For Mallory meetings we go back home overnight; on the way home Sally looked at the newly acquired programme to check if I was out in the first session on Saturday. The programme showed me having four sessions on Sunday, not three on Saturday as signed up for. Back to the circuit to find long queues, we got back home three hours later having only partially resolved the issue; we would have to get there early enough to sort it out in the morning. It turned out that I was not down on the organisers’ forms for either day! We got it sorted though.

Fun at the Hairpin, as always.

Three fun sessions ensued, the second one finishing early due to going onto one cylinder. This was swiftly traced to being a wire having come adrift, and the third session was the best of all, a constant dice with a 900 Ducati while we were both passing other bikes, including one of the travelling marshals. Fortunately he didn’t cut up rough, they are there to ensure that we behave ourselves and can get a bit testy about being outbraked into the hairpin.

That pesky Ducati keeping just ahead.

It was a very hot day but mostly hazy so I was not baked alive in the leathers, plenty of water and ice creams between sessions kept me on an even keel. Now I have to ensure that the Cub and 500 Morini are both ready for racing at Darley Moor in three weeks time.

Going round the outside at Gerrards.


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