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  Name Price In Stock
[DM04] Lady Karlin £17.50 Yes
[DW01] Scale armour and Halberd £1.75 Yes
[DW05] Leather armour and Hammer £1.75 Yes
[DW06] Leather armour and Club £1.75 Yes
[DW07] Leather armour and Axe £1.75 Yes
[DW08] Leather armour and Sword £1.75 Yes
[DW09] Chain Mail and Sword £1.75 Yes
[DW10] Chain Mail and Spear £1.75 Yes
[DW12] Chain Mail and Morningstar £1.75 Yes
[FA01] Thief, pointing £1.45 Yes
[FA02] Headsman with Axe £1.45 Yes
[FA03] Elf Maiden £1.45 Yes
[FA04] Dwarf carrying sack £1.45 Yes
[FA05] Orc with Billhook £1.45 Yes
[FA06] Orc with Club £1.45 Yes
[FA07] Hero charging with Sword £1.45 Yes
[FA08] Fighter with Mace £1.45 Yes
[FA09] Mage casting Spell £1.45 Yes
[FA10] Cleric with Flail £1.45 Yes
[FA11] Female Assassin £1.45 Yes
[FA12] Dwarf with Hammer £1.45 Yes
[FA14] Fighter with 2 handed Sword £1.45 Yes
[FA15] Enchantress £1.45 Yes
[FA16] Goblin with Axe £1.45 Yes
[FA18] Orc with Mace £1.45 Yes
[FA19] Reptile £1.45 Yes
[FA20] Swordsman with Shield £1.45 Yes
[FA21] Standard Bearer £1.45 Yes
[FA22] Heroine with Sword £1.45 Yes
[FA23] Hero with Sword £1.45 Yes
[FA24] Paladin drawing Sword £1.45 Yes
[FA25] Weapons - Pack A £1.45 Yes
[FA26] Weapons - Pack B £1.45 Yes
[FA27] Orc Guardsman with Mace £1.45 Yes
[FA28] Ranger with Bow £1.45 Yes
[FA29] Elf Adventurer £1.45 Yes
[FA30a] Dwarf Adventurer with Axe £1.45 Yes
[FA30b] Same Dwarf, with Hammer £1.45 Yes
[FA31] Axeman in scale armour £1.45 Yes
[FA32] Leather Armour wielding 'Mancleaver' £1.45 Yes
[FA33] Tribal Chiftain with Spear £1.45 Yes
[FA34] Tribesman running with Spear £1.45 Yes
[FA37] Giant with Club £2.00 Yes
[FA38] Female Adventurer with Sword £1.45 Yes
[FA39] Goblin with Sword £1.45 Yes
[FA40] Mounted Warlord £2.75 Yes
[FA41] Scale armour with Mace £1.45 Yes
[FA42] Bowman in leather armour £1.45 Yes
[FA43] Treasure Chest £1.45 Yes
[FA44] Ninja drawing Sword £1.45 Yes
[FA45] Goblin with Club £1.45 Yes
[FA46] Adventurer drawing Sword £1.45 Yes
[FA47] Same Adventurer, dead £1.45 Yes
[FA48] Female Ranger with Bow £1.45 Yes
[FA49] Dungeon Mistress £1.45 Yes
[FA50] Pikeman holding severed head £1.45 Yes
[FA51] Ninja, kicking £1.45 Yes
[FA52] Ninja with Sword £1.45 Yes
[FA53] Ninja, kneeling £1.45 Yes
[FA54] Female Adventurer with Sword £1.45 Yes
[FA55] Mounted Paladin with Sword £2.85 Yes
[FA56] Mounted Cleric with Flail £2.85 Yes
[FA57] Female ninja £1.45 Yes
[FA58] Amazon Guardswoman with Spear £1.45 Yes
[FA59] Mounted Warlock £2.75 Yes
[FA61] Great Orc with Gnome £2.00 Yes
[M1a] Warrior with Sword £1.45 Yes
[M1b] Warrior with Axe £1.45 Yes
[M1c] Warrior with Polearm £1.45 Yes
[M1d] Warrior with Ball and Chain £1.45 Yes
[M2a] Cloaked Warrior with Sword £1.45 Yes
[M2b] Cloaked Warrior with Axe £1.45 Yes
[M2c] Cloaked Warrior with Polearm £1.45 Yes
[P01] Hiker in dressing gown £1.45 Yes
[P03] Hiker with Two Heads £1.45 Yes
[P04] Hiker Robot £1.45 Yes
[P05] Hiker Girl £1.45 Yes
[P06] Beagle Adventurer £1.45 Yes
[P07] Comic Barbarian £1.45 Yes
[P08] Comic Dwarf £1.45 Yes
[P09] Secret Agent £1.45 Yes
[P10] Oriental Thug £1.45 Yes
[PG1] Shaman Goblin £1.45 Yes
[PG2] Goblin Swordsman £1.45 Yes
[PG4] Goblin with Spear £1.45 Yes
[PS1] Great Orc Drummer £2.00 Yes
[PS2] Great Orc Champion £2.00 Yes
[SF01] Trooper with Assault Carbine throwing grenade £1.45 Yes
[SF02] Female Trooper with Laser Cannon £1.45 Yes
[SF03] Female Trooper with SMAW £1.45 Yes
[SF04] Adventurer advancing £1.45 Yes
[SF05] Adventurer cocking Gun £1.45 Yes
[SF06] Space Cop with Pistol £1.45 Yes
[SF07] Assorted Helmets (10) £1.45 Yes
[SF08] Assorted Backpacks (10) £1.45 Yes
[SF09] Officer, bareheaded £1.45 Yes
[SF10] Officer with Assault Carbine £1.45 Yes
[SF11] Marine with ACR £1.45 Yes
[SF12] Marine with SMAW £1.45 Yes
[SF14] Officer with ACR £1.45 Yes
[SF16] Marine with Assault Carbine £1.45 Yes
[SF17] Marine with Pistol £1.45 Yes
[SF20] Officer, Assault Carbine, Open Visor £1.45 Yes
[SF21] Marine, Laser Carbine, Open Visor £1.45 Yes
[SF24] Female Adventurer with Assault Carbine £1.45 Yes
[SF25] Female Adventurer with Laser Carbine £1.45 Yes
[SF26] Male crew member/guard £1.45 Yes
[SF27] Female crew member/guard £1.45 Yes
[SF28] Female Adventurer with Pistol £1.45 Yes
[SF29] Female Adventurer with Pistol £1.45 Yes
[SF30] Officer with ACR £1.45 Yes
[SF31] Trooper with ACR £1.45 Yes
[SF33] Trooper with Laser Cannon £1.45 Yes
[SF34] Trooper with Pistol £1.45 Yes
[SF35] Trooper with Laser Carbine £1.45 Yes
[SF36] Officer with ACR, bareheaded £1.45 Yes
[SF37] Officer with Vision Enhancer £1.45 Yes
[SF38] Manta Missile Launcer and Crew (2 figs and launcher) £2.80 Yes
[SF39] Federation Sniper £1.45 Yes
[SF40] Weapons - Pack A £1.45 Yes
[SF41] Weapons - Pack B £1.45 Yes
[SF42] Grav Bike (two seater) £3.85 Yes
[SF43] Grav Bike (single seater) £2.80 Yes
[SF44] Rider for SF42/43 £1.45 Yes
[SF49] Merchant Captain (seated) £1.45 Yes
[SF50] Female crew member (seated) £1.45 Yes
[SF51] K'hiff Leader £1.45 Yes
[SF52] K'hiff Assassin £1.45 Yes
[SF53] K'hiff with AP Rifle £1.45 Yes
[SF54] K'hiff with Flamer £1.45 Yes
[SF55] Trooper with Laser Cannon £1.45 Yes
[SF56] Female Trooper with ACR £1.45 Yes
[SF57] Trooper with ACR, running £1.45 Yes
[SF58] Trooper firing ACR £1.45 Yes
[SF59] K'hiff with Rocket Launcher £1.45 Yes
[SF60] K'hiff with Grenade Launcher £1.45 Yes
[SF61] K'hiff with Laser Rifle £1.45 Yes
[SF62] K'hiff with VRF AP Rifle £1.45 Yes
[SF63] Trooper with ACR £1.45 Yes
[SF64] Female Trooper firing ACR £1.45 Yes
[SF65] Trooper firing Laser Carbine £1.45 Yes
[SF66] Trooper with Flamethrower £1.45 Yes
[SF67] Trooper with Shotgun £1.45 Yes
[SF68] Trooper with SMAW £1.45 Yes
[SF70] Female Adventurer in Coat and hat £1.45 Yes
[SF71] Catgirl Twin with Pistol £1.45 Yes
[SF72] Catgirl Twin with Pistol £1.45 Yes
[SF73] Bodyguard with ACR £1.45 Yes
[SF74] Adventurer in coat and hat £1.45 Yes
[SF76] Street Punk with Pistol £1.45 Yes
5% over £50
10% over £100

These volume discounts are in addition to sale and special offer prices.

Most Recent Reviews

[RMA497] ECW Royalist
JoshPayne from Warwickshire United Kingdom said
"A lovely ready-made army from Essex Miniatures...."

[02316] Brom The Barbarian
okult.teknology from England United Kingdom said
"A lovely figure...."

[WGF-HG004] Saxon Fyrd
Mousaka from Derbyshire United Kingdom said
"This also a good bargain...."

[WGF-HG003] Saxon Thegns
Mousaka from Derbyshire United Kingdom said
"This a good bargain...."

[FFG004] Foot Sergeants
Mousaka from Derbyshire United Kingdom said
"This is a great box...."

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