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Spirit Games (Est. 1984) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 20 years sells Southern Army List One: Southern Republic

Southern Army List One: Southern Republic


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Soldat laubert and his comrades, all dressed in brand new uniforms, looked on with apprehension to their commanding officer. This was the escouade's first official sortie and they were determined to prove themselves worthy of the honour bestowed upon them by the army. The air inside the armoured personnel carrier was thick with tension. Explosions and bullet impacts resounded outside the metal plating.

"This is it, men," said the sergeant as he moved to his drop-off position near the door. "This is what we've been training you for for the past cycle: to defend and protect the citizens of our beloved league. And most of all, to gain glory in the name of the Republic!"

As he talked, the sergeant activated the rear ramp. The battle sounds became instantly cleared, and Laubert felt himself swell with passion and courage. He dashed out of the vehicle, following his companions as they assaulted the enemy position. Like a great crimson tidal wave, they surged forwards, their voices united in a single rallying cry:

"Forward, for the glory of the Republic!"

The Southern Republic is a sweeping land gifted with natural beauty and a prosperous civilization. It is also an imperialist league formed upon supremacist ideologies whose history is steeped in the blood of the conquered.

The Southern Republic Army List sourcebook examine the inner workings of one of the strongest armies of Terra Nova. Inside these pages you will find:

* A complete description of the Republican Army's ranks and structures, along with their associated duties and rewards
* The defences of the city-states that form the Southern Republic
* Twelve selected regiments, including their history and current composition
* Six vehicles used by the Republican Army
* Seven roleplaying adventure seeds featuring the military forces of the Southern Republic
* and four ready-to-play tactical scenarios, complete with pre-generated maps, units, special rules, options and game variations

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