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Spirit Games (Est. 1984) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 20 years sells The Spellslinger

The Spellslinger's Guide to Wurld Domination: Crushing Empires for Fun and Profit (4th Ed)


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Welcome, friend!! In a world where there is no shortage of mediocre games, you've unearthed a core supplement for the game everyone's raving about: HackMaster RPG, winner of the prestigious Game of the Year Award by gamers like you and the Academy of Adventure Gaming Art and Design. For those of you unfamiliar with the HackMaster game, it's a fifth revamped AD&D, a fifth revamped AD&D 2nd edition, a fifth new material and two-fifths attitude, so if you know how to play any of those games, you already have the basics down.

Since you're looking at this particular installement to the Best Game in adventure gaming, that means you're interested in the most challenging character class of all, the magic-user. We know how you feel, and we know just what you're thinking; in a game of hacking the cards be stacked against ye:

You're two decades older than your fellow adventurers; You roll a mere d4 for hit points; You can't wear armour; You lug around a heavy tome wherever you treck; But you have big plans. Very big plans. Finally, help arriveth.

Whether you profess to be the greatest spellslinger, or need to gird yourself for battle with such a power-wielder, this is the book for you! What you hold in your hands is the codex that will guide your quest for ultimate power like a brilliant beacon amidst a coastal storm. This tome will assist your rise above the petty rabble of thieves, quacks and thugs otherwise known as everyone you've ever met. This thoroughly researched and finely detailed reference work includes everything you ever wanted to know about the masters of arcane craft. Here's just a sampling from the inventory of secrets revealed herein:

* Detailed information on the eight specialists and eight new Double Specialists.
* 19 new Sole Practitioners including the Pyrotechnician, Power Speaker and Demolitionist.
* New Unorthodox and Holistic Practitioners including the Blood Mage, Wild Mage and Painted Mage.
* Over 100 new spell including spells at every level for every sole practice.
* Over a dozen new magic-user quirks and flaws.
* Over 20 new magic-user skills and talents including Spell Razor, Calligraphy and Spell Tattooing.
* New magic-user priors and particulars detailing your character's schooling, including the commencement speaker and commencement speech quality tables.
* New magic-user packages and personalities, each with their own special benefits.
* Detailed rules for the construction and modification of spell books.
* New rules on cramming, spell refreshers, re-copying spells.
* A detailed description of magic-user academies and their uses.
* Descriptions and rule information for the 13 most powerful magic-user societies including the Circle of Sequestered Magics.
* Quality advice and analysis of spell use and spell memorization from the Advanced Campaign Testing labs of Hard Eight enterprises
* A new magic-user spell planner including all new and old spells.
* New rules for unusual familiars including potted plants and tape-worms.
* Detailed analysis of Magic-Users and Hack.
* Rules for casting in unusual or difficult conditions.
* Spell component substitution rules and a complete listing of spell components from Hacklopedia of Beasts monsters.
* An analysis of the theory and uses of ley lines including a discussion of the three theoretical ley lines.
* Rules on spell copyrights, spellwar, spell licenses and spell hacking.
* And much, much more!!

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The Spellslinger's Guide to Wurld Domination: Crushing Empires for Fun and Profit (4th Ed) by RPG Geek Link for more Reviews

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