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Spirit Games (Est. 1984) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 20 years sells Mystic Forces RPG

Mystic Forces RPG


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You are Shinkai, gifted with the ability to control the five Mystic Forces with which you can learn the art of conjuring to do battle with your enemies. Roast your opponents with searing balls of fire, stagger the fiercest of opponents with fiery bolts of lightning summon raging storms, and much more.

It is now the year 600 AA and the struggle to reclaim Oryathar from the grip of the Shadow is in full flight. Kings of all lands are pouring their resources into the restoration of the Defenders of the Light and their once mighty fort cities. The forces of the Light are still greatly outnumbered, but with the rebirth of the Shinkai events are bound to change.

Choose among five unique races; the small and nible Brightling who are able to communicate telepathically and sense even the most subtle magical energies. The stout and durable Grak who possess unrivaled willpower and a powerful physique to back it up. The agile, long-armed Loremek whose agility is unparalleled. The cat-eyed Valkin who is capable of seeing in total darkness. The massive Warlum whose physical endurance and stone-like skin makes them truly formidable warriors.

Learn the art of enchantment and harness the powers of the Mystic Forces to create your own magical items or transform yourself into a DragonKnight; a truly powerful dragon-like creature capable of flying and performing lethal breath attacks.

The land may yet fall to the Shadow, but not without a fight, not as long as you, Shinkai, still retain hope. You have been born to come forth and reclaim the lands from the Shadow and restore the true name of the Defenders of the Light! You have the ability to stand against the Shadow and to see that the Light prevails once more! But be careful, for the influence of the forces of evil are great, and you too could fall into the hands of the SHADOW!

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