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Spirit Games (Est. 1984) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 20 years sells Thunder in the East

Thunder in the East


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Thunder in the East is the first volume of the Frank Chadwick's ETO series of strategic-level wargames covering all of World War II in Europe. Legendary game designer Frank Chadwick presents a "player's wargame," revealing the sweeping narrative of the Russian Front using familiar and comfortable systems writ large in scope. With its origins in his classic introductory wargame Battle for Moscow, players will harken back to how we discovered our wargame hobby - when the rules lived in the box for occasional rererence and we spent our time over the map having fun every single turn playing a great wargame.

In Thunder in the East, the epic war along the lines of the Russian Front resembles a vast knife fight of thrust-and-manoeuvre as both players vie to define, defend, and defy such lines wherever they materialize. The stratetic and ever-changing elements of time and space provide endless, evolving on-map puzzles that are every wargamer's catnip to solve.

Assembling deep research into smooth gameplay mechanics where historically concrete facts reign over abstract alternatives, designer Frank Chadwick has cleverly simulated the titanic Russo-German struggle, creating a true historical voyage of discovery; players will certainly leave the game table with a better understanding of this cataclysmic conflict. Narrative Event cards, selected by each player, undergird each side's military, economic, and political strateties, assisting (but not driving) gameplay; but player skill in the operational art of war is where the campaigns are won or lost. The war is ultimately decided on the map - unit-by-unit, manoeuvre-by-manoeuvre, battle-by-battle, and objective-by-objective in the best wargaming tradition.

Thunder in the East is a large game, grand in scope, covering a complex topic in an accessible way. Wargames that are smaller in scope see players carefully "drawing inside the lines" defined by the map edges and out-of-play areas. The large scope of Thunder in the East takes advantage of its bigness to erase those lines that limit your gameplay while always striving to keep things flowing quicky and easily using its simple Prepare-Move-Fight-Move turn sequence.

Include are six scenario start dates covering the decisive periods along the Eastern Front: Operation Barbarossa, Operation Typhoon, Case Blue, Operation Uranus, Operation Citadel, and Operation Bagration. Each sceanrio is a complete, stand-alone robust wargaming experience; even better, they are linkable at any scenario's starting or ending date to create continuous campaign gameplay complete with the economic underpinnngs of the Soviet economy and the grim realities of Soviet morale.


  • One 49" x 41" paper map (in 4 sections)
  • 13 sheets of 1,050+ game pieces
  • 16 Player Aid sheets and mats
  • 84 cards
  • 3 books (one Rulebook, one Scenario book, and one Reference book)
  • 2 Axis Black 6-sided dice for resolving battles
  • 2 Soviet Red 6-sided dice for resolving battles
  • 3 Custom 6-sided Close Support dice
  • 9 custom Gold 6-sided Supply dice for denoting supply sources and their ranges

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