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Spirit Games (Est. 1984) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 20 years sells Murder Mystery Case #1: Death Wears White...

Murder Mystery Case #1: Death Wears White...


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Murder Mystery Case #1

Nurse in tears:
"Someone's murdered a great doctor!"

From our special correspondent: "Nothing short of a terrible tragedy shook Detroit's Brighton Hospital's emergency ward. A tragedy the likes of which we see too often in our community. Dr. Remoret, praised by all for his humane qualities and professionalism, and who, beyond being a renowned surgeon, was a man who had decided to spread Good around him, was shot in the heart of this hospital, which he so loved. What a waste and a paradox that a man's life ends in its prime, as he is about to perform the greatest surgery of his life!

Indeed, at approximately 10pm last night, the law-abiding surgeon was found dead, coldly murdered by a stone-hearted assassin as he was about to operate on a young patient whose pregnancy was undergoing unforeseen complications. All of the hospital's staff is affected by the pointless death, and police have thus far failed to find a suspect and a motive. We hope that this horrible assassination will be punished and that the monster responsible for this atrocity is caught and gets his due.

And what if you were the culprit?

Welcome to the world of Murder Mysteries. You like dark affairs, somewhat twisted plots, mystery, uncertain motives and bulletproof alibis? Stop being nothing more than a spectator - this time, you're the one leading the investigation! Put aside an evening call up a bunch of friends, hand out the roles and the action can begin. A bloody crime was committed, and the assassin is among the guests present tonight... unless you're the killer! This box contains all the elements you need to spend a fun evening trying to solve a murder - the rules of the game (easy to learn), the roles to hand out (meaty), the plot's description (undoubtedly twisted) and many clues to hand out to the players (classy).

This box contains:

  • 1 booklet for the organizer
  • 1 booklet for the players
  • 9 roles
  • 2 game aid sheets
  • 1 clue booklet
  • 25 full colour clues to be handed out
  • 1 tattoo sheet
  • 2 pictures of bullets

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Murder Mystery Case #1: Death Wears White... by Board Game Geek Link for more Reviews

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