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Beer & Pretzels

Beer & Pretzels 2014
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Beer & Pretzels 2013
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Beer & Pretzels 2012
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Beer & Pretzels 2014

25th Beer & Pretzels Games Weekend
17/18th May 2014
Burton Town Hall

The usual good food and beer, plentiful free parking, and 2 minutes walk from the station. Free board games library, miniatures game, ccgs and RPGs.

Tickets and parking permits in advance:
Weekend Ticket £9
Saturday Tickets £5
Sunday Tickets £5

On the door:
Weekend Ticket £10
Day Tickets £6

Beer & Pretzels is the games weekend which we have run for the past 25 years, it is almost entirely about playing games - board games, card games, role-playing games and miniatures games, although there is also a Bring and Buy, (profits in aid of the RNLI), and the occasional small manufacturer demonstrating a new game may have stock to sell. Playing space is guaranteed, there are several hundred games available to borrow from the free Games library, many people bring their own favourites and make good use of the Players Wanted signs handed out as required, and there are participation wargames too.

Opening times are 10.00am - 10.00pm Saturday and 10.00am - 7.00pm Sunday, with hot and cold food and drink, including, of course, good beer, available on site. The railway station is two minutes walk away, and there is ample free parking, but it is ESSENTIAL to collect a free parking permit from the Help Desk before using the Town Hall car park. There are lots of good pubs and restaurants nearby, and several B&B's within reasonable staggering distance.

A picture speaks a thousand words, so have a look at previous years on the left of this page - you'll get the idea. And for updates on how this year's is developing read on.

B&P 25 is starting to take shape, the beer is once again Doom Bar and Worthington Red Shield, and we will be keeping a careful eye on the bar provider to ensure that reserves are brought in BEFORE it runs out. We have been stockpiling pretzels for the usual free hand-out.

But arguably the games are as important as the beer! John Martin's annual participation game is the Charge of the Light Brigade on Saturday, with Lord of the Rings expected on Sunday. The Cannock Club are planning D&D3.5/Pathfinder and Barbarians of Lemura, there will also be a European Regional Highlander CCG tournament if there is sufficient interest, with a rejuvenated L5R CCG expected to feature too. More news to follow...


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