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Beer & Pretzels

27th Beer & Pretzels Games Weekend, 21st and 22nd May 2016
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27th Beer & Pretzels Games Weekend, 21st and 22nd May 2016

Make a note of the dates in your diary, and book time off work as necessary!

Free board games library, miniatures games, CCGs, and RPGs.
The usual good food and beer on site, close to the railway station and assorted car parks.

Advance tickets: £5 per day, £9 for both days.
On the door: £7 per day, £12 for both days.

Venue: Town Hall, Burton on Trent. DE14 2EB.

Major updates for B & P 2016

Firstly, The Return of the Parking Permits, streets ahead of any 50's B movie in its scariness. But so long as the permits are carefully filled in and correctly displayed, there is indeed free parking in the Town Hall car park, now re-instated since the college that they were flogging it off to has gone bust before even opening, allegedly. The entrance and exit are once again on Waterloo Street. The permits can be picked up at the ticket desk or in advance from Spirit Games, we will post them out with tickets if required but due to ever-rising postal costs are happier to have them collected on the door.

Next, the bad news – due to the Town Hall hire charges being increased by 250% next year, this is likely to be the last B&P. We are looking for an alternative venue but have found nothing suitable yet.

But there is also good news – the bar provider is much more beer-friendly, and things are looking promising for having a mini beer festival based on beers from local breweries, as we did at the very first B&P all those years ago. Lead beer provider is the Golden Duck Brewery of Appleby Magna, just down the road.

Teetotallers are still very welcome! Tea, coffee and soft drinks will be equally available.

The heart of the event is of course the playing of board and card games, with role-playing and wargaming playing strong supporting roles. John Martin will be running his participation game on Sunday, a 28mm North Africa wargame, and we expect X-Wing, Warmachine and Malifaux players to be looking for opponents. Role-playing has been on the up here recently; a Hackmaster scenario is planned to run over the whole weekend, with pre-generated characters so that players can drop in and out as they please, and as usual there will be the RPG Recruiting Area for anyone else with a scenario to run. We have various tournament prizes and promotional bits looking for good homes, so impromptu Splendor and Cash 'n' Guns tournaments are likely to spring up, among others. Not too much organisation – we have got by without it so far, now would be a strange time to start.

We have increased the price on the door this year, but kept the advanced price the same as usual, to encourage early ticket sales. With a new bar provider, getting the estimate of numbers right is particularly desirable, if we order too much beer and I have to drink all the surplus myself it could lead to tears.

Cheers! Phil

Websites and Telephone Numbers for B&B's on map below

Wellington Arms: 01283 564274

Roebuck Hotel: 01283 511213 or email: theroebuckinn@gmail.com

Grail Court Hotel: 01283 741155

Three Queens Hotel: 01283 523800

Travelodge: 01283 563035


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