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Bemused Playing Time:15-30 minutes Game Type:Bluffing Games Hand Management Take That! Card Games Negotiation Fantasy Manufacturer:Devious Weasel Games No. Players:4-6 Players Age:14 + £23.99 Yes
Duhr: The Lesser Houses Playing Time:30 minutes Game Type:Fantasy Take That! Bluffing Games Hand Management Card Games Variable Powers Negotiation Manufacturer:Devious Weasel Games No. Players:4-6 Players Age:14 + £23.99 Yes
Exodus: Paris Nouveau Playing Time:30-45 minutes Game Type:Bluffing Games Party Games Negotiation Deduction Card Games Manufacturer:Indie Boards and Cards No. Players:4-6 Players Designer:Martin Wallace Age:14 + £18.99 Yes
Get Adler! Playing Time:30 minutes Game Type:Memory Games Party Games Deduction Bluffing Games Hand Management Card Games Manufacturer:Caper Games No. Players:4-6 Players Reduced Items:Sale Items Age:10 + £10.00 Yes
Maki Stack Playing Time:15 minutes Game Type:Dexterity Real-time Party Games Manufacturer:Blue Orange No. Players:4-6 Players Designer:Jeff Lai Age:7 + £24.99 Yes
New Angeles Playing Time:2-4 hours Game Type:Bluffing Games Space/Sci-fi Area Control Manufacturer:Fantasy Flight No. Players:4-6 Players Designer:James Kniffen Age:14 + £52.99 Yes
Rebel Nox Playing Time:30 minutes Game Type:Deduction Trick Taking Hand Management Card Games Manufacturer:Aporta Games No. Players:4-6 Players Designer:Helge Meissner Anna Wermlund Kristian Amundsen Ostby Eilif Svensson Age:14 + £14.99 Yes
Shinobi Second Edition
(Shinobi Assassins)
Playing Time:15-20 minutes Game Type:Bluffing Games Card Games Deduction Manufacturer:Japanime Games GDM Games No. Players:4-6 Players Designer:Josep M. Allue
£11.99 Yes
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