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Another Digital Beer & Pretzels

April 17th and 18st 2021

We have decided to hold another Digital Beer & Pretzels this year. As the last one was such a success and everyone that turned up asked us to. We know many of you are already playing on line with your friends but Beer & Pretzels was always more than that - it was, and is, about coming together to meet new people with a common interest and playing games that you may not normally have a chance to play. It is also about the Beer & Pretzels but this year sorry, you will have to find your own.

So to help with people getting together and meeting to play games we are going to hold a Digital Beer & Pretzels on April 17th and 18st 2021. It will be run on the Spirit Games Discord server, using the page below to "advertise" (you will need to be logged in to do so) in advance for people to look for players, set up demos and run RPG sessions. There will be a general chat room on the day and also the ability to request rooms to play games in.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

The Pub (a text channel) is already open on the discord server to have a chat. On the day will will provide games rooms with both text and voice channels that can be used together to play games.

Players Wanted
Talisman Adventures RPG "Egg Hunt", Saturday and Sunday 7pm-10pm
This is the perfect introduction to the exciting and fast-moving Talisman Adventures RPG system from Pegasus Spiele - no prior knowledge is required, pre-rolled characters will be provided. Games will start at 7pm UK (UTC+1) on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th April. Can you outwit tricksy Goblinses? Defeat gruesome Ogres? Defy the terrible Wyrm? Avoid dropping Followers into the Chasm or being Turned into a Toad? Will you find The Egg? If you can answer Yes, No, Maybe, or Whut? to any of these questions,hesitate not and email me now to secure your seat at the table. Some form of microphone is all the equipment you will need, the game will be played over Discord: message me with any questions! Seats available: Saturday 5/5 Sunday 5/5 Group bookings welcome! (I may be able to arrange at a different time of your convenience for parties of 2 or more players)
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Date of post 28/ 03/ 2021




RPG Sessions

We are providing the means to get together with a time and date. We
hope you will provide the games as you many of you have done for
many years at the live Beer & Pretzels.

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