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Events and Regular Gaming Nights



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Events and Regular Gaming Nights

Monthly Gaming at the Shop 2nd Sunday of every month
By Sally
Important Note: The 2nd Sunday in July clashes with a Magic: The Gathering pre-release tournament, which can't be moved, so open gaming at the shop will be on the 3rd Sunday 15th July.

Starts at 12 noon 'til late.

We have plenty of tables for playing board games and card games, and a bit of wargames space too. New players welcome as well as our normal friendly regulars, and a large games library on site. The Burton Bridge Brewery is just over the road for those who want a pint with their game, tea and coffee are free at the shop and Aldi and Family Bargains are close by for those who want snacks.

Parking at the supermarket is still restricted on Sundays and the council car parks still charge, but there is plenty of legal on road parking and other good alternatives nearby, ask for advice.

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Date of post 15/ 06/ 2018

By Sally
We have roleplaying sessions on Thursday nights.

These are currently in a state of flux, but come along to see who is playing what.

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Date of post 12/ 06/ 2018

Raiders of the Game Cupboard XLIII
By Oridyne

The Forty Third event.

Saturday, Jun 23rd 2018, 10:00 am till 8:00 pm

A full day of gaming with plenty for everyone. New players are always welcome and the organisers are on hand to help you find a game.
To find us we are the ones with Name Badges and Raiders T-Shirts or hover near the Ticket Desk.
A wide variety of games are usually played at these events including Boardgames, Roleplaying Games, Card Games, Miniature Games and a host of others.

Sign in Desk for all games
Tea & Coffee Provided

Main Locations:
Raiders of the Games Cupboard - Games & Players area on the Forum
Big Bang Burger Bar Forum Event
Google+ Events Page

We also post the event details on these sites:
Boardgamegeek Guild
Spirit Games

The Address for the Event is:
Waterside Community Centre, Heath Road, Stapenhill, Burton on Trent, DE15 9LF

Event Fee: £3.00 (Accompanied Children under 16 Free)

Please note that whilst people leave their games out during the day it is only common courtesy to ask the owners if you can borrow a particular game. If you are not sure who owns it ask the organisers or ask for what is available from the Spirit Games Library
Whilst children our welcome attendees younger than 18 should be accompanied by a responsible parent or guardian.
None of the organisers are insured, qualified, certified or trained to be responsible for minors please bear this in mind when you plan your visit to the event.

Further details: www.raidersofthegamecupboard.co.uk or on the Forum. Future Dates for your Diary:
Day XLIII 23rd Jun 2018
Day XLIV 22nd Sep 2018
Day XLV 5th Jan 2019
Day XLVI 23rd Mar 2019
Day XLVII 22nd Jun 2019
Day XLVIII 28th Sep 2019
Opening Times for All Events 10am until 8pm

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Date of post 12/ 06/ 2018

DCI Magic Tournaments
By Sally
Magic: The Gathering at the shop
Friday night 6.30 start, FNM booster drafts £10.
Saturday Tournaments 11am (doors open 10.00) usually sealed deck £20
Sunday Tournaments 12 noon start (doors open 11.30) usually sealed deck £20
Launch League any time day or evening.

Friday 8th June Battlebond Launch Party draft £7 per player
Friday 15th June Booster Draft/Standard/Casual
Friday 22nd June Booster Draft/Standard/Casual
Friday 29th June Booster Draft/Standard/Casual

Friday 6th July Booster Draft/Standard/Casual
Saturday 7th July Core Set 2019 Pre-Release/Pre-Release Party
Sunday 8th July Core Set 2019 Pre-Release/Pre-Release Party
Friday 13th July Core Set 2019 Release/Casual
Saturday 14th July Core Set 2019 Draft Weekend
Friday 20th July Booster Draft/Standard/Casual
Friday 27th July Booster Draft/Standard/Casual

Friday 3rd August Booster Draft/Standard/Casual
Friday 10th August Booster Draft/Standard/Casual
Friday 17th August Booster Draft/Standard/Casual
Friday 24th August Booster Draft/Standard/Casual
Friday 21st August Booster Draft/Standard/Casual

Friday 7th September Booster Draft/Standard/Casual
Friday 14th September Booster Draft/Standard/Casual
Friday 21st September Booster Draft/Standard/Casual
Friday 28th September Booster Draft/Standard/Casual

Fridays start at 6.30pm
Saturday Tournaments at 11.00am
Sunday Tournaments at 12 noon.

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Date of post 08/ 06/ 2018





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If you have an event you want to publicise, log in and put it up here. Once approved it will remain up for 90 days and can be edited, renewed or removed as required. You can also put up Wants on the same basis, any resulting transactions are of course at your own risk.

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