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  Name Price In Stock
Kit: 911 GT £5.99 Yes
Kit: AH-64 Apache £7.99 No
Kit: Aircraft Carrier £11.99 Yes
Kit: Alarm Clock £8.99 Yes
Kit: American Motorcycle £4.99 Yes
Kit: Angel Fish £4.99 Yes
Kit: Apache £4.99 No
Kit: Apollo Lunar Module £7.99 Yes
Kit: Arc de Triumph £9.99 Yes
Kit: Avro Lancaster B.III (Special) The Dambusters £36.99 No
kit: Avro Vulcan B Mk2 XH558 £38.99 Yes
Kit: Bag of Coloured Matchsticks £2.99 Yes
Kit: Battery Drive Kit £8.99 Yes
Kit: Bell 206 £2.99 Yes
Kit: Bi-Plane £2.99 No
Kit: Big Ben £6.99 Yes
Kit: Big Ben £5.99 Yes
Kit: Black Pearl £7.99 Yes
Kit: Blue Whale £4.99 Yes
Kit: Boeing 747 £4.99 Yes
Kit: British S.E.5A £29.99 Yes
Kit: Bulldozer £4.99 Yes
Kit: Butterfly £3.99 Yes
Kit: Camel £3.99 Yes
Kit: Camper Van £7.99 No
Kit: Carousel £5.99 Yes
Kit: Carp £6.99 Yes
Kit: Cartoon Ducks £4.99 Yes
Kit: Cat £7.99 Yes
Kit: Chicken £3.99 Yes
Kit: Chinook £4.99 Yes
Kit: Concorde £4.99 Yes
Kit: Crab £4.99 Yes
Kit: Crocodile £3.99 No
Kit: Cross-Country Motorbike £3.99 Yes
Kit: Cruiser £9.99 Yes
Kit: Curlew £2.99 Yes
Kit: De Havilland Mosquito NF.Mk.II/FB.Mk.VI/FB.Mk.XVIII £12.99 No
Kit: Dining-Room Furniture £2.99 Yes
Kit: Dinosaur Set 0 £4.99 Yes
Kit: Dinosaur Set 2 £4.99 No
Kit: Dinosaur Set 3 £4.99 Yes
Kit: Dinosaur Set 4 £4.99 No
Kit: Dodge Viper SRT10 £16.99 Yes
Kit: Dog £4.99 Yes
Kit: Dolphin £4.99 Yes
Kit: Double-Decker Bus £5.99 Yes
Kit: Dragon £9.99 No
Kit: Dragon Boat £9.99 Yes
Kit: Dragonfly £5.99 No
Kit: Drum Set £7.99 No
Kit: Drums £4.99 Yes
Kit: Dump Truck £5.99 Yes
Kit: Dutch Windmill £7.50 Yes
Kit: Eagle £3.99 Yes
Kit: Eiffel Tower £6.99 No
Kit: Electic Lead Guitar £5.99 Yes
Kit: Elephant £6.99 Yes
Kit: Euro-Fighter £3.99 No
Kit: Excavator £5.99 Yes
Kit: Eye Anatomy £7.99 Yes
Kit: F-15 Eagle £3.99 No
Kit: F-16 Fighting Falcon £3.99 Yes
Kit: F-18 Hornet £4.99 Yes
Kit: F40 GT £5.99 Yes
Kit: Fantasy Villa £25.99 No
Kit: Farm £7.50 Yes
Kit: Fire Engine £4.99 Yes
Kit: Fire Engine and Ladder £11.99 Yes
Kit: Flamingo £3.99 Yes
Kit: Flat-bits Monkey £5.99 Yes
Kit: Focke-Wulf Fw190A-8 £5.99 Yes
Kit: Football Pen-Holder £2.99 Yes
Kit: Formula 1 £3.99 Yes
Kit: Frog £2.99 No
Kit: Furniture Set £8.99 Yes
Kit: Giraffe £3.99 Yes
Kit: Gloster Gladiator Mk I £8.99 No
Kit: Golden Hind £7.99 No
Kit: Gorilla £4.99 Yes
Kit: GR7 Harrier £4.99 Yes
Kit: Gramophone £4.99 Yes
Kit: Grand Piano £7.99 No
Kit: Grizzly Bear £4.99 Yes
Kit: Guitar £3.99 Yes
Kit: Guitarist £13.99 Yes
Kit: Hammer-Head Shark £4.99 Yes
Kit: Hannover CL.111a £5.99 Yes
Kit: Harp £2.99 Yes
Kit: Hawk £2.99 No
Kit: Hawker Hurricane MkI £5.99 No
Kit: Hawker Siddeley AV-8A Harrier £16.99 Yes
Kit: Heart Anatomy £7.99 Yes
Kit: Helicopter £2.99 Yes
Kit: Hippopotamus £4.99 No
Kit: HMS Prince of Wales £15.99 Yes
Kit: Horse £3.99 Yes
Kit: Horse-Riding Pen-Holder £2.99 Yes
Kit: Houses of Parliament £12.99 Yes
Kit: Human Skeleton £3.99 Yes
Kit: Human Skull £2.99 Yes
Kit: Igloo £4.99 Yes
Kit: Iron Man £16.99 Yes
Kit: Jaguar E-Type Starter Set £13.99 Yes
Kit: Jeep £4.99 Yes
Kit: Junk £7.99 No
Kit: Kangaroo £4.99 Yes
Kit: Kissing Couple £12.99 Yes
Kit: Knight Castle £9.99 Yes
Kit: Koala £2.99 No
Kit: Lancaster Bomber £9.99 Yes
Kit: Lancaster Bomber £5.99 Yes
Kit: Land Rover £6.99 Yes
Kit: Large Pterodactyl £15.99 Yes
Kit: Large Tyrannosaurus £15.99 Yes
Kit: Large Velociraptor £15.99 Yes
Kit: Lighthouse £5.99 Yes
Kit: Lion £7.99 Yes
Kit: Lion Fish £4.99 Yes
Kit: Little Elephant £4.99 Yes
Kit: Living-Room Furniture £2.99 Yes
Kit: Lobster £4.99 Yes
Kit: Locomotive £3.99 Yes
Kit: Lorry £5.99 Yes
Kit: Manta Ray £2.99 Yes
Kit: Mars Rover £7.99 No
Kit: Medieval Knight £7.99 Yes
Kit: Meerkat £3.99 No
Kit: Messerschmitt Bf 109 £4.99 Yes
Kit: Messerschmitt Bf109E-4 £5.99 No
Kit: MG TC £4.99 Yes
Kit: Model T Ford £7.99 No
Kit: Monkey £3.99 Yes
Kit: Mouse £2.99 No
Kit: North American P-51D Mustang £6.99 No
Kit: Ocean Motion £12.99 Yes
Kit: Optimus Prime £10.99 Yes
Kit: Owl £4.99 No
Kit: P-51 Mustang £5.99 Yes
Kit: Panda £4.99 Yes
Kit: Parrot £4.99 Yes
Kit: Peacock £3.99 Yes
Kit: Pendulum Clock £9.99 No
Kit: Penguins £2.99 No
Kit: Phoenix £6.99 Yes
Kit: Phone Box £3.99 Yes
Kit: Piano £4.99 Yes
Kit: Pig £4.99 Yes
Kit: Pirate Ship £10.99 Yes
Kit: Polar Bear £4.99 No
Kit: Princess Castle £6.99 Yes
Kit: Pterodactyl £2.99 No
Kit: Rabbit £3.99 No
Kit: Racing Motorbike £5.99 Yes
Kit: Rhinoceros £4.99 Yes
Kit: Sailing Ship £9.99 Yes
Kit: Satelite £4.99 Yes
Kit: Saxophone £4.99 Yes
Kit: Scorpion £4.99 Yes
Kit: Scorpion £5.99 Yes
Kit: Seal £4.99 Yes
Kit: Shark £4.99 Yes
Kit: Sherman Tank £6.99 Yes
Kit: Snake £2.99 Yes
Kit: Sopwith TF.1 Camel Trench Fighter £9.99 No
Kit: Space Shuttle £4.99 No
Kit: Sphinx £6.99 Yes
Kit: Spitfire £4.99 Yes
Kit: Squirrel £2.99 Yes
Kit: Stag £3.99 No
Kit: Star Trek Klingon Bird-of-Prey £10.99 No
Kit: Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 £10.99 No
Kit: Star Wars At-At £10.99 No
Kit: Star Wars AT-ST £10.99 No
Kit: Star Wars Darth Vader's TIE Fighter £10.99 Yes
Kit: Star Wars Destroyer Droid £10.99 Yes
Kit: Star Wars Imperial Shuttle £10.99 Yes
Kit: Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer £10.99 Yes
Kit: Star Wars Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle £10.99 Yes
Kit: Star Wars Millennium Falcon £10.99 Yes
Kit: Star Wars Poe Dameron's X-Wing Fighter £10.99 Yes
Kit: Star Wars R2-D2 £10.99 No
Kit: Star Wars Slave 1 £10.99 Yes
Kit: Star Wars Snowspeeder £10.99 Yes
Kit: Star Wars Special Forces Tie Fighter £10.99 No
Kit: Star Wars TIE Fighter £10.99 No
Kit: Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter £10.99 Yes
Kit: Statue of Liberty £6.99 Yes
Kit: Steam Locomotive £10.99 Yes
Kit: Stegosaurus £2.99 No
Kit: Stephenson's Rocket £4.99 No
Kit: Submarine £4.99 Yes
Kit: Supermarine Spitfire Mk1a £5.99 No
Kit: Swan £2.99 Yes
Kit: T-34 £6.99 Yes
Kit: T-34 Tank £7.99 No
Kit: Taj Mahal £9.99 Yes
Kit: Tank £8.99 Yes
Kit: Tarantula £4.99 Yes
Kit: Templar Knight £7.99 Yes
Kit: Temple of Heaven £11.99 Yes
Kit: The Pelican £12.99 Yes
Kit: The Timbercroc £8.99 Yes
Kit: Tiger £7.99 No
Kit: Tiger Mk1 £7.99 Yes
Kit: Titanic £7.99 Yes
Kit: Tower Bridge £8.99 Yes
Kit: Tower Bridge £7.99 No
Kit: Tractor £3.99 No
Kit: Tram £4.99 Yes
Kit: Trumpet £4.99 Yes
Kit: Turtle £4.99 Yes
Kit: Twin Otter £2.99 Yes
Kit: Typhoon (Quick Build) £12.99 Yes
Kit: Vespa £4.99 Yes
Kit: Violin £2.99 Yes
Kit: VW Beetle £4.99 Yes
Kit: White Knight £7.99 No
Kit: Wind Turbine £4.99 No
Kit: Windmill £8.99 Yes
Kit: Wolf £3.99 Yes
Kit: Yacht £6.99 Yes
Kit: Zoo £7.50 Yes
5% over £50
10% over £100

These volume discounts are in addition to sale and special offer prices.

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