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List War Game Rules by Era
17th Century
18th Century
19th Century
20th Century
American Civil War
Dark Ages
Near Future
  Name Price In Stock
1866 Grand Tactical Rules for the Second Italian War of Independence £29.99 No
1871 Grand Tactical Rules for the Franco-Prussian War £34.99 No
19th Century Principles of War 2nd Edition £10.00 No
19th Century Principles of War Army Lists £10.00 Yes
American Indians of the Southeast £9.99 Yes
Black Powder (Version 1) £30.00 Yes
Black Powder (Version 1): The Last Argument of Kings £18.00 Yes
Black Powder (Version 1): ZULU! £20.00 Yes
Black Powder Second Edition £30.00 Yes
Blucher £33.00 No
Blucher: Card Expansion Set - The Hundred Days £32.00 No
Blucher: Card Expansion Set - War to the Death £27.00 No
British Colours and Standards 1747-1881 (2) Infantry £11.99 Yes
British Forces in North America 1793-1815 £9.99 Yes
Congo £34.00 Yes
Dead Man's Hand £20.00 No
Down Under £12.00 Yes
Dracula's America: Forbidden Power £14.99 Yes
Dracula's America: Shadows of the West £19.99 Yes
Dystopian Wars Edition 1.1 Master Rulebook £14.99 Yes
Dystopian Wars Edition 2.0
Admiral Edition Core Rulebook
£19.00 Yes
Fighting Sail [Osprey Wargames 9] £11.99 Yes
First 01: Battle of Big Bethel £2.00 Yes
First 02: Battle of Carthage £2.00 Yes
First 03: Battle of Blackburn's Ford £2.00 Yes
First 04: Battle of Bull Run/Manassas £2.00 Yes
First 05: Battle of Wilson's Creek £2.00 Yes
First 06: Battle of Carnifex Ferry £2.00 Yes
First 07: Battle of Greenbrier River £2.00 Yes
First 08: Battle of Ball's Bluff £2.00 Yes
Fleets in Profile: The Battle of Trafalgar 1805 £12.99 Yes
Flint and Feather Cards £18.00 Yes
Flint and Feather Rules £35.00 Yes
Getty 1: The Fight for McPherson's Ridge £2.00 Yes
Getty 2: The Fight at Forney's Farm £2.00 Yes
Getty 3: Battle for Blocher's Knoll £2.00 Yes
Heroes, Villains and Fiends [Osprey Wargames 3A] £11.99 Yes
In Her Majesty's Name [Osprey Wargames 3] £11.99 Yes
Inkerman 1854: The Soldiers' Battle £14.99 Yes
Little Big Horn 1876: Custer's Last Stand £14.99 Yes
Seven 1: Battle of Mechanicsville/Beaver Dam Creek - Umpire £2.00 Yes
Sharp Practice 2nd Edition (with Cards) £30.00 Yes
Steampunk Soldiers
Uniforms and Weapons From The Age Of Steam
£16.99 Yes
Storm of Steel: Dystopian Wars Campaign Guide 2 £20.00 Yes
The Apaches £9.99 Yes
The Curse of Dead Man's Hand £15.00 No
The Gurkhas £11.99 Yes
The Journals of Victoria Hawkes £7.00 Yes
The Legend of Dead Man's Hand £15.00 Yes
The Men Who Would Be Kings [Osprey Wargames 16] £11.99 Yes
To Be Continued... by G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. £9.00 Yes
US Dragoons 1833-55 £9.99 Yes
VAL 62/1: Battle of Kernstown £2.00 Yes
VAL 62/2: Battle of McDowell £2.00 Yes
VAL 62/3: Battle of Front Royal £2.00 Yes
VAL 62/4: Battle of 1st Winchester £2.00 Yes
5% over £50
10% over £100

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