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  Name Price In Stock
[10AC5] Complete homestead comprising of timber farmhouse, out building, chicken coop, 4 hayricks, 10 pieces o £8.10 Yes
[10A] Five different Grave stones (metal) £1.70 Yes
[10D5] Caltro fortification 120mm wide 70mm deep £5.50 Yes
[10E5] Dutch timber post windmill £7.50 Yes
[10M5] Peasants house in timber frame with shiplap roof £3.30 Yes
[10R/300] Oil storage tanks £2.70 Yes
[11AC5] Loose gabions - 10 per pack £1.70 Yes
[11B5] 3-4 man slit trench £2.20 Yes
[11B] Advanced first aid post/two man bivouac £2.00 Yes
[11M5] Two small 'A' hovels with thatched roof £2.30 Yes
[11TA] Low corner damaged £0.75 Yes
[12A5] Wooden trough (metal) £0.75 Yes
[12AC5] Two log cabins-1 with shingle roof, 1 with sod roof £5.80 Yes
[12B5] Chemical/oil storage tank. Goes well with 5B5 £4.20 Yes
[12D5] Hazel hurdle fence (8 pieces per pack total length 310mm) £1.60 Yes
[12SP5] Wayside cross (metal) £0.75 Yes
[13AC5] Log signal/observation post £1.80 Yes
[13A] Wooden trough (metal) £1.50 Yes
[13B5] European Church with detachable spire £11.75 Yes
[13D5] Covered hay store £2.40 Yes
[13D] Stone arched gate for placing on wall walkway £2.90 Yes
[15TA] Two Chairs (metal) £1.30 Yes
[16AC5] Two corner strips of gabions each 55mm long £2.20 Yes
[16TA] Stool and Bench (metal) £1.30 Yes
[17A5] Corner for High Brick wall, 4 per pack £2.50 Yes
[17AC5] 'Robinson House' from Bull Run. Home of a free black farmer £5.75 Yes
[17E5] Arched gateway with dove cote (La Haye Sainte) £2.50 Yes
[18A5] Pillory and stocks (metal) £1.00 Yes
[18AC5] 'Henry House' semi ruined state (Bull Run) £5.90 Yes
[19AC5] 'Stone House' (bull run) served as a hospital during both battles £5.90 Yes
[19E5] 'La Belle Alliance' Inn 1815 (La Haye Sainte) £7.50 Yes
[1AC5] Farmhouse two storey weatherboarded with verandah and attached outhouse £5.75 Yes
[1B5] Pair of two storey half rendered 'blitzed' shops £8.40 Yes
[1B] Anti tank gun position £2.00 Yes
[1E/300] Double span river bridge (300mm total length 25mm road width). Also suitable for 1/200. £5.00 Yes
[1E/305] Extra section for 1E/300 (60mm long 25mm wide) £1.30 Yes
[1E5] Pantiled town house with ornate gable ends £4.50 Yes
[1F5] Single storey oblong house £3.00 Yes
[1M/300] Tactical Air by NATO and allied countries, craft Dispersal Vunerabiliy shelter £5.50 Yes
[1M5] Manor house in stone with tiled roof £7.20 Yes
[1R5] Peasants log cabin with thatched roof £3.60 Yes
[1S5] Merchants house-timber with single storey and two storey parts, tiled roof, barred windows, shuttered do £4.60 Yes
[1Z5] Large circular chiefs hut (Zulu) £2.50 Yes
[20/200] Ruined version of above £5.20 Yes
[20AC5] Innes House from Marye's Heights Fredricksburg £5.90 Yes
[20E5] Gardeners House with detachable roof £14.00 Yes
[21A5] Low ballustrade wall with pillar x 2 pieces 98mm each £2.50 Yes
[21AC5] Two Indian Teepees £2.00 Yes
[21AC] Stockade/Pallisade corner section 50mm high 45mm long £1.10 Yes
[21E5] Cowshed/Stable Block £8.20 Yes
[22A5] Low ballustrade wall x 2 pieces 88mm each length £2.50 Yes
[23/200] Hayricks European style 4 per pack £1.60 Yes
[23A5] Low ballustrade corner with pillar 60mm x 60mm £1.20 Yes
[24E5] Farmers House £7.10 Yes
[25B] Two continental style Telegraph poles with cross trees £2.00 Yes
[25E5] Cowshed West Side £8.60 Yes
[26E5] Great Barn £13.00 Yes
[27AC] Sheriffs Office £8.50 Yes
[27E5] Open Fronted Cartshed £7.10 Yes
[29A] Baskets/Barrels of asssorted fruit £1.50 Yes
[2AC5] Log cabin single storey with stone chimney £2.90 Yes
[2A] Broken brick walls section £1.10 Yes
[2B5] Pair of three storey brick shops with one detachable roof £8.60 Yes
[2B] Small bunker/machine gun position/command post £2.00 Yes
[2D] Hurdle fence (hazel) 4 per pack £1.75 Yes
[2E/300] Detached house £2.20 Yes
[2E5] Bay windowed house with ornate gable ends £4.50 Yes
[2F5] Two storey house with stairs £4.50 Yes
[2M/300] Middle East Airforce hardened aircraft shelter as used in the Gulf War £8.00 Yes
[2R5] Villagers house with ornate windows, brick chimney and thatched roof £3.60 Yes
[2Z5] Two smaller thatched huts (Zulu) £2.50 Yes
[30A] Low balustrade walls 75mm long (2 per pack) £2.20 Yes
[30E5] Stable West Side £6.80 Yes
[31A] Low balustrade walls with pillar to form gateway (2 per pack) £3.20 Yes
[31E5] Covered Well £3.20 Yes
[32AC] Two wedge tents base size 38mm x 40mm height 28mm £3.00 Yes
[32A] Low balustrade wall corner sections (2 per pack) £2.20 Yes
[32BA] M/G Observatioin bunker with detachable roof £5.80 Yes
[32B] Damaged Machine Gun/Observation bunker with detachable roof £5.80 Yes
[33AC] Campfire set comprising 2 wedge tents and burned out house £6.00 Yes
[35AC] Grand Hotel £35.50 Yes
[3A5] 10 assorted grave stones (metal) £1.50 Yes
[3C/300] Barn with gambrel roof £2.90 Yes
[3E/300] Church with spire £2.70 Yes
[3F/200] Sphinx on plinth 65mm long, 25mm wide, 45mm high £4.00 Yes
[3M5] Stable block in timber with thatched roof £3.75 Yes
[3R/300] Greek orthodox church with 'onion' dome £3.50 Yes
[3R5] Timber barn with thatched roof £4.90 Yes
[3TA] High brick corner 20mm high 40mm long (2 per pack) £1.00 Yes
[4AC5] Army tents-10 2 man wedge tents (only wedge tents left) £2.00 Yes
[4D] Covered hay store £6.50 Yes
[4TA] High brick wall damaged 20mm high 80mm long (2 per pack) £1.00 Yes
[5A] Farm gate and posts (metal) £1.50 Yes
[5B5] Industrial building, with two detachable roofs 145mm x 160mm £14.90 Yes
[5B] Circular sandbagged support weapon emplacement £3.20 Yes
[5E5] Coach house with dove cote £3.70 Yes
[5F5] House in ruined state £4.90 Yes
[5M5] Watermill of half timber with thatched roof £5.75 Yes
[5SA1] Village fence of tree trunks roped together and landscaped 4 per pack £2.50 Yes
[5SA3] Village gate with personal door and timbered arch £1.60 Yes
[5TA] High brick/Low brick connecting piece, this connect the two different height walls together £0.60 Yes
[6AC5] Stone wall-4 pieces per pack 100mm long £2.50 Yes
[6B5] Factory chimney with small building attached £7.70 Yes
[6B] Barbed wire sections-2 pieces 50mm long per pack £2.50 Yes
[6D5] Caltrop fortification 40mm wide 70mm deep £1.90 Yes
[6E/300] Town Hall £3.00 Yes
[6E5] Guildhall double fronted with stepped gable ends £6.00 Yes
[6R/300] Detached town house £2.20 Yes
[6S5] Old house-rendered house with single and two storey parts tiled and paved yard £5.50 Yes
[6TA] Low brick wall 12mm high 80mm long (2 per pack) £0.75 Yes
[7AC5] Stone wall corners-4 per pack each 50mm long £2.50 Yes
[7AC] American style haystacks - 2 per pack £4.45 Yes
[7B5] A pair of wooden buildings with corrugated roofs £4.20 Yes
[7D5] Caltrop fortification corner section £2.60 Yes
[7E5] Merchants house with outside staircase £6.00 Yes
[7M5] Yeomans house of half timber with thatched roof £4.90 Yes
[7R/300] Railway station £3.50 Yes
[8AC5] Lutheran church from the battle of Sharpsburg £5.90 Yes
[8A] Corner hedge section £1.10 Yes
[8D5] Caltrop Gateway section includin caltrops for defence £5.60 Yes
[8E5] Towered gate house with side town house £6.00 Yes
[8M5] Bailiffs house, stone walls, half timbered with tiled roof £5.75 Yes
[8T] Old country Farmhouse, in true rustic style with stone chimney and attic windows £10.10 Yes
[9A5] Humped back stone bridge 100mm long, 25mm road width £3.95 Yes
[9AC] Stone corner wall £1.10 Yes
[9A] Farm gate and posts hinged (metal) £1.50 Yes
[9B5] Ruined version of 6B5 factory chimney £7.70 Yes
[9D5] Caltrop fortification 80mm wide 70mm deep £3.60 Yes
[9E/300] Gun emplacements 4 per pack £2.00 Yes
[9E5] Three storey tavern with carriage access £6.90 Yes
[9M5] Peasants 'A' frame with thatched roof £3.75 Yes
[C01a] Hay Load £3.00 Yes
[C01b] Blank insert to cover wagon wheel arches £0.80 Yes
[C29] Tom and Jerry £0.60 Yes
[H38] Sudanese thatched hut £5.20 Yes
[H73A] Ruined roof section for farmers House £4.10 Yes
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10% over £100

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