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  Name Price In Stock
Anglo-Danish Dice £12.00 No
Fatigue Markers: 'f' Design £6.50 No
Fatigue Markers: Kite Shields £6.50 No
Fatigue Markers: Raven Design £6.50 No
Fatigue Markers: Round Shields £6.50 No
Jugula Familia One: Equipment Set £5.50 No
Jugula Gladiator: Hoplomachus £5.50 No
Jugula Gladiator: Murmillo £5.50 No
Jugula Gladiator: Retiarus £5.50 No
Jugula Gladiator: Velites £5.50 No
Jugula: Familia One £25.00 Yes
Norman Dice £12.00 No
Saga Measuring Stick £8.50 No
Scots Dice £10.00 No
Teutonic Dice £12.00 Yes
Viking Dice £12.00 No
Welsh Dice £12.00 No
[4SAGA07] Christian Factions Fatigue Markers £6.50 Yes
[4SAGA08] Muslim Factions Fatigue Markers £6.50 Yes
[AoMSB01] The Undead Legions Warband £58.00 Yes
[GBP01] Viking Hirdmen £22.00 No
[GBP02] Saxon Theigns £22.00 No
[GBP03] Dark Age Warriors £22.00 Yes
[GBP04] Arab Spearmen and Archers £22.00 No
[GBP07] Viking Starter Warband (4 points) £22.00 No
[GBP08] Anglo Dane or Anglo Saxon Starter Warband £22.00 No
[GBP09] Late Roman Infantry £22.00 Yes
[GBP16] Dark Age Cavalry £22.00 No
[GBP18] Late Roman Heavy Cavalry £22.00 No
[GBP19] Age of Crusades - Saracens Starter Warband £35.00 Yes
[LBMS SAGA001] Welsh Banner and Shields £4.50 Yes
[LBMS SAGA010] Irish Banner and Shields £4.50 No
[LBMS SAGA011] Breton Banner and Shields £4.50 No
[SAGA1] Anglo-Danish Warband £33.00 No
[SAGA2] Norman Warband £51.50 No
[SAGA3] Viking Warband £33.00 No
[SAGA4] Welsh Warband £44.00 No
[SCD01a] Mounted Crusader Warlord £4.00 Yes
[SCD01b] Crusader Warlord on Foot (Small Axe, Shield) £2.50 No
[SCD01c] Crusader Warlord on Foot (Two Handed Axe, Slung Shield) £2.50 No
[SCD02] Mounted Crusader Knights (Hearthguard (4)) £13.00 No
[SCD03] Crusader Knights on Foot (Hearthguard (4)) £6.00 No
[SCD04] Crusader Knights on Foot (Hearthguard (4))
Double Handed Axes
£6.00 No
[SCD05] Crusader Sergeants on Foot ( Warriors (8)) £12.00 No
[SCD06] Crusader Sergeants on Foot (Warriors (8))
£12.00 Yes
[SCD07] Crusader Sergeants on Foot (Warriors (8))
£12.00 No
[SCD08] Mounted Crusader Sergeants (1 point) £26.00 No
[SCD09] Crusading Pilgrims (Levy (12)) £18.00 No
[SDG-CRU] Christian Dice £12.00 Yes
[SDG-ILM] Muslim Dice £12.00 Yes
[SDOW01] Fanatical Pilgrims / Monks (Christian Warband (12)) £18.00 No
[SDOW02] Dogs of War: Turcopoles (1 point) £26.00 Yes
[SDOW03] Dogs of War: Turcomen (1 point) £26.00 Yes
[SDOW04] Naffatum (Muslim Warbands (4)) £6.00 Yes
[SDOW05] Daylami (Muslim Warband (8)) £12.00 Yes
[SF01a] Carolingian Mounted Warlord £4.00 No
[SF02] Carolingian Mounted Hearthguard £13.00 Yes
[SF05] Carolingian Warriors £12.00 No
[SF07] Carolingian Levy (Javelins) £18.00 Yes
[SFH01] Jarl Sigvaldi and 3 Jomsvikings (inc. Fixed Warlord) £8.00 No
[SFH02] Flemish Mercenaries £12.00 No
[SFH03] Egil Skallagrimson £3.50 No
[SFH04] Sons of Death (8) £12.00 No
[SFH05] Steppe Nomads (8) £26.00 Yes
[SFH06a] Wandering Bard A £2.50 No
[SFH06b] Wandering Bard B £2.50 No
[SFH06c] Wandering Bard £4.00 No
[SFH07] Angry Monks £18.00 No
[SGWB-ANG-SAX] Anglo Saxon Warband Starter £44.00 No
[SGWB-CRU-FT] Crusader Foot Warband (4 points) £33.00 Yes
[SGWB-CRU-MIX] Crusader Warband (4 Points) £46.00 Yes
[SGWB-ERA-RUS] Era of Princes Rus Warband Starter £51.50 No
[SGWB-FNK] Carolingian Frank Warband Starter £42.00 Yes
[SGWB-IRI] Irish Warband Starter £33.00 No
[SGWB-JVK] Jomsviking Warband Starter £33.00 No
[SGWB-NGL] Norse Gael Warband Starter £33.00 No
[SGWB-PGN-RUS] Pagan Rus Warband Starter £38.50 Yes
[SGWB-SCT] Scots Warband Starter £33.00 No
[SGWB-SKR] Skraelings £50.00 No
[SGWB-SRC] Saracen Warband (4 points) £59.00 Yes
[SGWB-STR] Strathclyde Warband Starter £65.00 No
[SH01a] Norse Gael Warlord £2.50 No
[SH01b] Norse Gael Warlord (Dane Axe) £2.50 No
[SH02] Norse Gael (Hearthguards) £6.00 No
[SH03] Norse Gael Hearthguards (Dane Axes) £6.00 No
[SH04] Norse Gael Warriors £12.00 No
[SH05] Norse Gael Warriors (Dane Axes) £12.00 No
[SH06] Norse Gael Levy £18.00 Yes
[SHCA01] Godfrey de Bouillon (Crusader Hero) £7.00 Yes
[SHCA04] The Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon £26.00 No
[SHVA03] Harold and His Brothers £10.00 No
[SHVA04] William The Bastard £6.00 Yes
[SHVA06] Gunnar Hamundarson £3.50 No
[SHVA08] Maredudd ap Owain (Welsh Hero) £3.50 No
[SHVA09] Hereward The Wake £3.50 No
[SHVA10] MacBeth £3.50 No
[SHVA14] Young Harald Hardradda, Captain of the Varangian Guard £3.50 No
[SI01a] Irish Warlord £2.50 No
[SI01b] Irish Warlord with Dane Axe £2.50 No
[SI01c] Irish Mounted Warlord £4.00 No
[SI01d] Irish Mounted Warlord £4.00 No
[SI02] Irish Curaidh (Hearthguard Champions) £3.50 Yes
[SI03] Irish Mounted Curaidh (Hearthguard Champions) £7.00 No
[SI04] Irish Fianna (Hearthguard) £6.00 Yes
[SI05] Irish Fianna (Dane Axes) (Hearthguard) £6.00 Yes
[SI06] Irish Fianna (Hearthguard Mounted) £13.00 No
[SI07] Irish Bonnachts (Warriors) £12.00 Yes
[SI08] Irish Dogs and Handler (Warriors) £12.00 No
[SI09] Irish Kerns (Levy) (Javelins) £18.00 No
[SP01] Era of the Princes Warlord £4.00 No
[SP02] Era of the Princes Druzhina (Hearthguard) (4) £13.00 No
[SP03] Era of the Princes Militia (Warriors) (8) £12.00 No
[SP04] Era of the Princes Militia Bowmen (Levy) £18.00 No
[SP05] Black Hoods (12) £26.00 Yes
[SR01] Pagan Rus Warlord £2.50 Yes
[SR02] Pagan Rus Varjazi (Hearthguard) (4) £6.00 Yes
[SR03] Pagan Rus Militia (Warriors) (8) £12.00 Yes
[SR04] Pagan Rus Levy (12) £18.00 Yes
[SSB22SM] The Shieldmaiden Warband £38.00 Yes
[SSM01] Shieldmaiden Warlord £3.00 Yes
[SSM02] Shieldmaiden Hearthguard (4) £7.00 Yes
[SSM03] Shieldmaiden Berserkers (4) £7.00 Yes
[SSM04] Shieldmaiden Warriors (8) £14.00 Yes
[SSN01a] Saracen Mounted Warlord (Unarmoured) £4.00 Yes
[SSN01b] Saracen Mounted Warlord (Armoured) £4.00 No
[SSN02] Saracen Gholams Mounted (Hearthguard (4))
£13.00 Yes
[SSN03] Saracen Gholams Mounted (Hearthguard (4)) £13.00 Yes
[SSN04] Saracen Warriors on Foot (8) £12.00 Yes
[SSN05] Mounted Saracen Warriors (1 point) £26.00 Yes
[SSN06] Mounted Saracen Warriors with Bows (1 point) £26.00 No
[SSN07] Saracen Levey with Bows (12) £18.00 Yes
[SST04] Steppe Tribes Levy £18.00 Yes
[ST01a] Strathclyde Mounted Warlord £4.00 No
[ST01b] Strathclyde Mounted Warlord £4.00 No
[ST02] Strathclyde Mounted Teulu (Hearthguard) £13.00 No
[SUD01] Undead Legion Warlord £4.25 Yes
[SUD02] Undead Legion Hearthguard (4) £7.00 Yes
[SUD03] Undead Legion Hearthguard /w Great Weapons (4) £7.00 Yes
[SUD04] Undead Legion Warriors (8) £14.00 Yes
[SUD05] Undead Legion Mindless (12) £21.00 Yes
[SWZ01] Sorcerer A £4.25 Yes
[SWZ02] Sorcerer B £4.25 Yes
[SX01a] Anglo Saxon Warlord a £2.50 No
[SX01b] Anglo Saxon Warlord b £2.50 No
[SX02] Anglo Saxon Theigns (Hearthguard) £6.00 No
[SX03] Anglo Saxon Coerls (Warriors) £12.00 Yes
[SX04] Anglo Saxon Geburs - Spears and Shield (Levy) £18.00 No
[SX05] Anglo Saxon Geburs - Slings (Levy) £18.00 No
[SX06] Anglo Saxon Geburs - Bows (Levy) £18.00 No
[SZ11/SV08] Varangian Guard £5.50 No
[SZ12/SV09] Varangian Guard (Axes) £5.50 No
5% over £50
10% over £100

These volume discounts are in addition to sale and special offer prices.

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