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  Name Price In Stock
British Royal Navy Fleet £64.99 Yes
German Feldgendarme motorcycle team £10.00 Yes
German Kriegsmarine Fleet £64.99 Yes
Great British Icons: Police Box, Telephone Box and Post Box £12.00 Yes
Imperial Japanese Navy Fleet £64.99 Yes
Kriegsmarine S-boat Flotilla £17.99 No
Merchant Tanker £17.99 No
Orc Warband £18.00 Yes
Royal Navy Vosper MTB Flotilla £17.99 No
Skeleton Warriors £18.00 Yes
US Navy Fleet £64.99 Yes
US Navy PT Boat Flotilla £17.99 Yes
[102011001] Imperial Roman Veterans £18.00 Yes
[102612001] Tribesmen of Germania £25.00 Yes
[202016001] Landsknecht Pikemen £20.00 Yes
[202016002] Landsknechts with Zweihanders £16.00 Yes
[302014603] Married Zulu Regiment £18.00 Yes
[302014804] Unmarried Zulu Regiment £18.00 No
[405112002] Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind £23.00 Yes
[409913008] US Starter Army £90.00 Yes
[WG-401510001] Band of Brothers Bolt Action World War II Starter Set £60.00 No
[WG-402011009] British Airborne £26.00 No
[WG-402411107] British Airborne Jeep £18.00 No
[WG-CE-CHA-01] Celtic Chariot £12.00 Yes
[WG-TER-01] Ruined Hamlet £40.00 Yes
[WG-TER-02] Ruined Farmhouse £16.00 Yes
[WG-TER-38] Stone Walls £15.00 Yes
[WG-TER-39] Anti Tank Obstacles £10.00 No
[WG-TER-40] Stone Bridge £15.00 No
[WG7-FIW-23] Last of the Mohicans £12.00 No
[WG8-START-06] Blitzkrieg! German Starter Army £90.00 No
[WGB-AA-01] Screaming Eagles WWII US Airborne £20.00 No
[WGB-AI-02] Rangers lead the way! WWII US Rangers £25.00 No
[WGB-AI-04] Nisei: Go For Broke £25.00 No
[WGB-AI-05] Buffalo Soldiers £25.00 No
[WGB-AI-06] US Marines £25.00 Yes
[WGB-AI-501] M3A1 Half-Track £17.00 No
[WGB-AI-502] M4 Sherman Medium Tank £20.00 No
[WGB-BA-01] Red Devils WWII British Airborne £29.50 No
[WGB-BI-01] British Infantry £24.00 No
[WGB-BI-02] Chindits WWII British Indian Army Jungle Fighters £25.00 No
[WGB-BI-03] Commandos! £24.00 No
[WGB-BI-05] British Expeditionary Force: Early War British Infantry £29.50 Yes
[WGB-BI-06] Dad's Army Home Guard Platoon £40.00 No
[WGB-BI-25] Chindit Characters £6.00 No
[WGB-BI-27] Chindit Vickers and Crew £6.00 No
[WGB-BI-500] Universal Carrier £12.00 No
[WGB-BI-501] British Carrier Section £45.00 No
[WGB-BI-502] Sherman V Medium Tank £20.00 No
[WGB-BI-81 ]BEF 2 pounder anti-tank gun £12.00 No
[WGB-DECAL-01] Bolt Action Vehicle Decals: British £10.00 No
[WGB-DECAL-02] Bolt Action Vehicle Decals: German £10.00 No
[WGB-DECAL-03] Bolt Action Vehicle Decals: United States £10.00 Yes
[WGB-FJ-02] German Fallschirmjager £26.00 No
[WGB-JI-03] Special Landing Force
WWII Imperial Japanese Marines
£28.00 No
[WGB-LHR-04] German Heer Pioneer panzerschreck and flamethrower teams (1943-45) £6.00 No
[WGB-RI-02] Soviet Infantry £32.00 Yes
[WGB-RI-04] Soviet Infantry (Winter) £30.00 No
[WGB-RI-500] Russian T34/85 Medium Tank (1) £18.00 No
[WGB-SS-01] Waffen-SS WWII SS-Grenadiers £29.50 No
[WGB-START-14] Soviet Tank Platoon £50.00 Yes
[WGB-START-15] US Armoured Platoon (3) £50.00 No
[WGB-START-21] STUG III Zug (3) £50.00 No
[WGB-WM-01] German Infantry, WWII Late War £22.50 No
[WGB-WM-02] Blitzkrieg German Infantry
(WWII Early-War Germans )
£26.00 No
[WGB-WM-03] Last Levy: The Defence of Berlin
The Third Reich's Last Stand
£29.50 No
[WGB-WM-04] German Pioniers Boxed Set £28.00 No
[WGB-WM-09] German Grenadiers: WWII Late War German Infantry £26.00 No
[WGB-WM-110] SDKFZ 251-1D Hanomag WWII German half-track £18.00 No
[WGB-WM-138 ] Puma Sd.Kfz 234/2 Armoured Car £20.00 No
[WGB-WM-167]Panzer IV ausf D £20.00 No
[WGB-WM-168] Flammpanzer B2(f) £24.00 No
[WGB-WM-500] Sd.Kfz 251/1 Ausf C Hanomag £17.00 No
[WGB-WM-501] Panzergrenadier! £65.00 No
[WGB-WM-504] Panther Ausf. A £20.00 No
[WGB-WM-505] Panzer IV Ausf. F1/G/H £18.00 No
[WGB-WM-507] Sturmgeschutz (StuG III ausf G) or (StuH-42) £20.00 No
[WGB-WM-508] Tiger I Ausf. E £20.00 No
[WGC-BRI-01] Crimean War British Line Regiment £30.00 No
[WGH-CE-01] Celtic Warriors £22.00 Yes
[WGH-CE-03] Ancient British Warriors £25.00 Yes
[WGH-CE-04] Celtic Cavalry £22.00 Yes
[WGH-CE-07] Boadicea Triumphant £15.00 No
[WGH-CE-10] Dacian Nobles £25.00 No
[WGH-CE-ARC-1] Celtic Archers £10.00 No
[WGH-CE-JAV-1] Celtic Javlinmen £12.00 Yes
[WGH-GR-51] Greek Generials (Demosthenes and Theagenes) £5.00 Yes
[WGH-IR-01] Imperial Roman Legionaries £22.00 Yes
[WGH-IR-03] Imperial Roman Praetorian Guard £20.00 Yes
[WGH-IR-05] Imperial Roman Auxiliaries £20.00 Yes
[WGH-IR-06] Imperial Roman Testudo £25.00 No
[WGH-IR-07] Imperial Roman Auxiliary Cavalry £24.00 No
[WGH-IR-CIV-01] Roman Civilians £10.00 No
[WGH-IR-HEL-01] Unleash Hell £5.00 No
[WGH-IR-NAV-01] Roman Marines £12.00 No
[WGH-MC-01 Macedonian Phalangites £18.00 No
[WGN-BR-02] Waterloo British Line Infantry £19.00 Yes
[WGN-BR-03] Napoleonic Hanoverian Infantry £20.00 No
[WGN-BR-04] Chosen Men - British 95th Rifles £18.00 No
[WGN-BR-12] Waterloo British Line Infantry £16.00 No
[WGN-BR-31] British Royal Horse Artillery 6 Pounder Cannon £12.00 Yes
[WGN-BR-32] British Royal Horse Artillery 9 Pounder Cannon £12.00 Yes
[WGN-BR-47] KGL 2nd Light Battalion £10.00 No
[WGN-BRI-01] Peninsular War British Line Infantry £19.00 No
[WGN-BRI-21] Peninsular British Mounted Officers £6.00 No
[WGN-BRI-26] Peninsular British Line Infantry Command £10.00 No
[WGN-BRI-29] Waterloo British Line Infantry Command £10.00 Yes
[WGN-BRI-30] Waterloo British Mounted Infantry Officers £6.00 No
[WGN-FR-04] Late French Line Infantry £20.00 No
[WGN-FR-09] French Line Infantry £16.00 No
[WGN-FR-14] French Old Guard Grenadiers £28.00 Yes
[WGN-FR-29] Napolen's Berlin Carriage £32.00 Yes
[WGN-FR-34] Napoleonic French Engineers £10.00 No
[WGN-FR-45] Marshal Ney and Mounted French Brigade Officer £10.00 Yes
[WGN-FRA-02] Polish Vistula Legion £22.00 No
[WGN-NS-21] Napoleonic Nassau Light Infantry Firing £12.00 No
[WGN-PR-01] Prussian Landwehr £16.00 No
[WGP-01] Royalist Infantry £20.00 No
[WGP-02] Parliament Infantry £22.00 No
[WGP-03] Firelock Storming Party £12.00 No
[WGP-04] Scots Covenanters £22.50 No
[WGP-05] Royalist Cavalry £18.00 No
[WGP-06] Parliament Cavalry £18.00 No
[WGP-07] Dragoons £30.00 No
[WGP-08] Scots Lancers £22.00 No
[WGP-09] Cuirrasiers £25.00 No
[WGP-10] Montrose Irish £28.00 No
[WGP-11] Highland Clansmen £25.00 No
[WGP-12] Imperial Infantry £22.50 No
[WGP-13] Swedish Infantry £22.50 No
[WGP-14] Swedish Cavalry £24.00 No
[WGP-16] New Model Army £30.00 No
[WGP-ARM-01] ECW Armoured Pikemen £12.00 No
[WGP-CAS-01] Casualties £5.00 No
[WGP-CAS-02] Pike and Shotte Casualty Pack £10.00 No
[WGP-CHA-01] King Charles I £5.00 No
[WGP-CLU-01] Clubmen Militia £12.00 No
[WGP-CRO-01] Oliver Cromwell on horse £5.00 No
[WGP-MAC-01] Highlander Hero £2.00 No
[WGP-RUP-01] Prince Rupert £5.00 No
[WGP-TYW-01] Gustavus Adolphus £5.00 No
[WGR-AWI-05] Woodland Indians Tribe £16.00 No
[WGR-AWI-06] Colonial Militia Men £18.00 No
[WGZ-01] British Line Infantry £20.00 No
[WGZ-04] Natal Native Contingent £18.00 No
[WGZ-CAS-01] AZW British Casualty Markers £5.00 Yes
[WGZ-CAS-02] AZW Zulu Casualty Markers £5.00 No
5% over £50
10% over £100

These volume discounts are in addition to sale and special offer prices.

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"A lovely figure...."

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