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  Name Price In Stock
Blast Template £6.00 Yes
British Command £6.00 No
British Para Command £5.00 No
Gamer's Grass Beige XL tuft £4.00 No
Gamer's Grass Dry 6mm tuft £3.50 No
Gamer's Grass Dry Green 6mm tuft £3.50 Yes
Gamer's Grass Green Shrub £4.50 No
Gamer's Grass Jungle XL tuft £4.00 No
Gamer's Grass Light Brown tuft £3.50 No
Gamer's Grass Light Green 6mm tuft £3.50 No
Gamer's Grass Light Green XL tuft £4.00 No
Gamer's Grass Mixed Green tuft £3.50 No
Gamer's Grass Moss 2mm Pads £3.50 No
Gamer's Grass Olive Shrub £4.50 No
Gamer's Grass Shrub Red Flowers £5.00 Yes
Gamer's Grass Shrub White Flowers £5.00 Yes
Gamer's Grass Strong Green 6mm tuft £3.50 Yes
Gamer's Grass Strong Green XL tuft £4.00 Yes
Gamer's Grass Yellow Flowers £5.00 Yes
German Command £6.00 No
German Waffen SS Command £7.00 No
The Chicago Way Agent Casualties £4.00 Yes
The Chicago Way Cadillac V-8 Town Sedan £20.00 No
The Chicago Way Ford Model TT £20.00 Yes
The Chicago Way Gangster Casualties £4.00 Yes
The Chicago Way Gangsters £20.00 Yes
The Chicago Way Moonshiners £20.00 Yes
The Chicago Way Moonshiners Casualties £4.00 Yes
The Chicago Way Nash Lafayette £20.00 Yes
The Chicago Way Police £20.00 Yes
The Chicago Way Police Casualties £4.00 Yes
The Chicago Way Prohibition Agents £20.00 No
US Command £6.00 No
[28S-DMH-A01] Horse Hitches and Sign Posts £5.00 Yes
[28S-DMH-A05] Sub Base B and Boardwalk £9.00 Yes
[BL100] Belgian Officers and NCOs £7.20 No
[CDMH010] Hearse £18.00 Yes
[CDMH011] A Murder of Crows £4.00 No
[CDMH014] Haunted Bear £8.00 Yes
[CDMH016] Corpse Carrion £5.00 Yes
[CDMH017] Dread Wolves £6.00 Yes
[CDMH666] The Ungodly Horde £80.00 Yes
[DMGH-7TH] Cavalry £20.00 Yes
[DMGH-COW] Cowboys £20.00 Yes
[DMGH-OUT] Outlaws £20.00 No
[DMGH-PIN] Pinkertons £20.00 No
[DMH-BLG] Baggage Under Tarp Large £5.00 No
[DMH-BMED] Baggage Under Tarp Medium £3.00 Yes
[DMH-CIV-RGN] Rogans Bar Civilian Set £5.00 Yes
[DMH-CIV-UND] Undertakers Civilian Set £5.00 No
[DMH-DH] Dead Horses £4.00 Yes
[DMH-MARK] Dead Man's Hand Markers £8.00 Yes
[DMH-PRS] Prisoner Wagon £18.00 Yes
[DMH-RH] Riderless Horses £6.00 No
[DMHG-BAN] Banditos £20.00 Yes
[DMHG-BSH] Bushrangers £20.00 Yes
[DMHG-CIT] Citizens £20.00 Yes
[DMHG-DES] Desperados £20.00 Yes
[DMHG-LAW] Lawmen £20.00 Yes
[DMHG-NED] Kelly Gang £20.00 No
[DMHG-REN] Renegades £20.00 Yes
[DMHG-STA] State Police £20.00 No
[DMHR-EFG] Ely Fergus £3.50 No
[DMHR-JBG] John Bridges £3.50 No
[DMHR-JON] Jonathon Pain £3.50 No
[DMHR-ROY] Roy Magnum £3.50 No
[DMHR-WLD] Wild Bill - Special Character and Cards £4.00 Yes
[GB1003] British Infantry Section Blister £11.00 No
[GBI001] British and Canadian Infantry Platoon Box £28.00 No
[GBI002] British/Canadian Infantry Rifle Section £11.00 No
[GBI003] British/Canadian Machine Gun Team £6.00 No
[GBI004] British/Canadian Mortar Team £6.00 No
[GBI005] British/Canadian PIAT Team £5.00 No
[GBI006] British/Canadian Sniper Team £2.50 No
[GBP001] British Airborne Platoon Box £26.00 Yes
[GBP002] British Para Rifle Section £11.00 No
[GBP003] British Para Vickers Team £5.00 No
[GBP004] British Para 3" Mortar Team £6.00 No
[GBP005] British Para PIAT Team £5.00 Yes
[GBP006] British Para Snipers and 2" Mortar £5.00 No
[HEER001] German Grenadier Platoon Box £28.00 No
[HEER002] German Grenadier Squad £11.00 No
[HEER003] German Static MG team £6.00 No
[HEER004] German 8cm Mortar Team £6.00 No
[HEER005] German Panzerjager Teams £5.00 No
[HEER006] German Sniper Team £2.50 No
[Order1] Order Counters and Tokens £8.00 Yes
[PZG001] German Panzergrenadier Platoon Box £28.00 No
[PZG002] German Panzergrenadier Squad £12.00 No
[SOV002] Soviet Infantry Squad £10.00 No
[SOV003] Soviet HMG Team £6.00 No
[SOV004] Soviet Mortar Team £6.00 No
[SOVCOM] Soviet Infantry Command £5.00 No
[SVR001] Soviet Infantry Platoon Box £24.00 No
[USI001] US Infantry Platoon Box £32.00 No
[USI002] US Infantry Squad £13.00 No
[USI003] US .30 cal Machine Gun Team £7.00 No
[USI004] US 60mm Mortar Team £6.00 No
[USI005] US Bazooka Team £5.00 No
[USI006] US Sniper Team £2.50 No
[USR001] US Rangers Platoon Box £30.00 No
[USR002] US Ranger Squad £13.00 No
[USRCOM] US Ranger Command £7.00 No
[WSS001] German Waffen SS Platoon £28.00 No
[WSS002] German Waffen SS Panzergrenadier Squad £12.00 No
[WSS004] German Waffen SS Mortar Team £6.00 No
5% over £50
10% over £100

These volume discounts are in addition to sale and special offer prices.

Most Recent Reviews

[RMA497] ECW Royalist
JoshPayne from Warwickshire United Kingdom said
"A lovely ready-made army from Essex Miniatures...."

[02316] Brom The Barbarian
okult.teknology from England United Kingdom said
"A lovely figure...."

[WGF-HG004] Saxon Fyrd
Mousaka from Derbyshire United Kingdom said
"This also a good bargain...."

[WGF-HG003] Saxon Thegns
Mousaka from Derbyshire United Kingdom said
"This a good bargain...."

[FFG004] Foot Sergeants
Mousaka from Derbyshire United Kingdom said
"This is a great box...."

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