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List Figures Catalogue by Size
fits DG125
fits DG50
fits F50
  Name Price In Stock
Aeronaut £4.00 Yes
Boilerplate Daniel £4.00 Yes
Clockwork Tiger £4.00 Yes
Count Rostov £4.00 Yes
Drumsturdy McGraw £4.00 Yes
Emilly Ladybird £4.00 Yes
Engineer £4.00 Yes
Herr Doktor £4.00 Yes
Jack Union £4.00 Yes
Lady M Steam Scout £4.00 Yes
Lynne Hardy £4.00 Yes
Major Beardance £4.00 Yes
Matron £4.00 Yes
MCPD Officer £4.00 Yes
Mechanicien de Vapeur £4.00 Yes
Mina D'Eath £4.00 Yes
Miss Von Trapp £4.00 Yes
Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer £4.00 Yes
Professor Elemental £4.00 Yes
Solomon Dalziel £4.00 Yes
Spy Mistress General £4.00 Yes
Steam Mascots £15.00 Yes
Sunday Driver £15.00 Yes
Terik £4.00 Yes
The Artful Doodler £4.00 Yes
The Commodore and Darwin £4.00 Yes
The Hendersons £4.00 Yes
The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing £14.00 Yes
Tiffin Mistress £4.00 Yes
Tonks £4.00 Yes
Victoria Sparks £4.00 Yes
Warmachine Two-Player Battle Box MKIII (2016) £68.00 No
[160020] Brotherhood: Starter Box £37.00 Yes
[160044] Dark Legion: Starter Box £37.00 Yes
[160075] Imperial: Wolfbanes Starter Box £37.00 Yes
[160228] Bauhaus: Max Steiner £6.00 Yes
[160662] Dark Legion: Necromutants £13.50 Yes
[161195] Mishima: Gigamek £35.00 Yes
[BB561] Tributaries £18.00 Yes
[BB579] Galactic Warzones: Desert Tower £18.00 Yes
[BB581] Galactic Warzones: Desert Walls £18.00 Yes
[MF001] Downtown Building £29.50 No
[MF002] The Tower £30.00 Yes
[MF003] Graveyard Set £15.00 No
[MF005] Downtown Walkway Set £16.99 No
[MF006] Train Station £30.00 Yes
[MF007] Train Halt £15.00 No
[MF008] Swamp Walkway Set £27.00 Yes
[MF009] Swamp Cottage £14.00 Yes
[MF010] Railway Prop Set £10.00 No
[MF020] Graveyard Set £22.00 Yes
[MF051] Suburb Props £12.50 Yes
[MF052] Undertaker Props £13.50 Yes
[PG6501] Palm Trees Style A (3) £7.99 Yes
[PIP 32118] Protectorate of Menoth Sovereign Tristan Durant Warcaster £12.00 No
[PIP 32127] Protectorate of Menoth Eye of Truth Character Warjack £50.00 Yes
[PIP22001] Protectorate of Menoth Battlegroup Box Set £27.50 Yes
[PIP24001] Khador Battlegroup Box Set £27.50 Yes
[PIP31025] Cygnar Centurion Heavy Warjack £18.00 Yes
[PIP31031] Cygnar Warcaster Captain Darius £25.00 Yes
[PIP31035] Cygnar Thunderhead Heavy Warjack £28.00 Yes
[PIP31041] Cygnar Epic Warcaster, Captain Allister Caine £10.50 No
[PIP31042] Cygnar Storm Lance Unit Box £30.00 Yes
[PIP31046] Cygnar Rangers £25.00 No
[PIP31052] Cygnar Warcaster Captain Jeremiah Kraye £12.00 Yes
[PIP31070] Cygnar Firefly Light Warjack (Plastic) £16.00 Yes
[PIP31075] Cygnar Minuteman Light Warjack £15.00 Yes
[PIP31085] Cygnar Lancer Light Warjack (Plastic) £12.00 Yes
[PIP31088] Cygnar Sentinel Light Warjack (Plastic) £15.00 Yes
[PIP31095] Cygnar Stormclad - Reliant Heavy Warjack £28.00 Yes
[PIP31103] Cygnar Epic Lord General Coleman Stryker £33.00 Yes
[PIP31106] Cygnar Sword Knights (10) £37.00 Yes
[PIP31110] Cygnar Trench Buster Ogrun Trencher £14.00 Yes
[PIP31121] Cygnar Battlegroup Starter Box (4) MKIII £28.50 Yes
[PIP31122] Cygnar Warcaster, Allison Jakes £11.50 No
[PIP31123] Cygnar Brickhouse Heavy Warjack £50.00 No
[PIP32023] Protectorate of Menoth Holy Zealot Monolith Bearer £8.50 No
[PIP32032] Protectorate of Menoth High Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza £8.50 No
[PIP32043] Protectorate of Menoth Warjack Dervish £12.00 Yes
[PIP32055] Protectorate of Menoth Vassal of Menoth £5.00 No
[PIP32057] Protectorate of Menoth Hierophant £7.00 Yes
[PIP32058] Protectorate of Menoth Exemplar Bastion Unit Plastic Kit (5) £36.00 Yes
[PIP32061] Protectorate of Menoth Plastic Heavy Warjack Kit £22.50 Yes
[PIP32065] Protectorate of Menoth Feora, Priestess of the Flame, Warcaster £7.50 Yes
[PIP32068] Protectorate of Menoth Vigilant Light Warjack (Plastic) £12.00 Yes
[PIP32070] Protectorate of Menoth Castigator - Reckonor - Sanctifier, Heavy Warjack (Plastic) £28.00 Yes
[PIP32073] Protectorate of Menoth Vessel of Judgment Battle Engine £65.00 Yes
[PIP32079] Protectorate of Menoth Scourge of Heresy Heavy Warjack Upgrade Kit £6.50 Yes
[PIP32081] Protectorate of Menoth Revenger Light Warjack (Plastic) £12.00 Yes
[PIP32083] Protectorate of Menoth Redeemer Light Warjack (Plastic) £15.00 Yes
[PIP32084] Protectorate of Menoth Repenter Light Warjack (Plastic) £15.00 Yes
[PIP32086] Protectorate of Menoth Thyra, Flame of Sorrow Warcaster £10.50 Yes
[PIP32095] Protectorate of Menoth Holy Zealots Unit (10) £30.00 Yes
[PIP32100] Protectorate of Menoth Unit, Deliverers (10) £28.00 Yes
[PIP32117] Protectorate of Menoth Battlegroup Starter Box (4) MKIII £28.50 No
[PIP32120] Protectorate of Menoth Avatar of Menoth Heavy Warjack £50.00 No
[PIP32126] Protectorate of Menoth Warcaster, Feora The Conquering Flame £30.00 Yes
[PIP32133] Protectorate of Menoth Repenter £100.01 No
[PIP33058] Khador Yuri The Axe £9.50 Yes
[PIP33060] Khador War Dog £6.50 Yes
[PIP33063] Khador Heavy Warjack (Plastic) £29.50 Yes
[PIP33067] Khador Man-O-War Bombardiers Unit (Plastic) £28.00 Yes
[PIP33073] Khador Demolisher, Devastator, Spriggan Heavy Warjack (Plastic) £28.00 Yes
[PIP33082] Khador Torch Heavy Warjack Upgrade Kit £6.50 Yes
[PIP33094] Khador Koldun Kommander Aleksandra Zerkova Greylord Warcaster £9.50 Yes
[PIP33100] Khador Assault Kommandos Unit £38.00 Yes
[PIP33103] Khador Kovnik Andrei Malakov £9.50 No
[PIP33106] Khador Berserker/Mad Dog/Rager Heavy Warjack (Plastic) £26.00 Yes
[PIP33109] Khador Conquest OR Victor Colossal Warjack £90.00 Yes
[PIP33116] Khador Extreme Destroyer Heavy Warjack £40.00 Yes
[PIP33118] Khador Battlegroup Starter Box (3) MKIII £28.50 No
[PIP33119] Kommander Andrei Malakov Warcaster £11.50 Yes
[PIP33121] Khador Behemoth Heavy Warjack £50.00 Yes
[PIP33122] Khador Greylord Forge Seer Man-O-War Solo £21.00 No
[PIP33123] Khador Winter Guard Artillary Kaptain Solo £10.50 No
[PIP33125] Assault Kommander Strakhov and Kommandos Warcaster Unit £19.00 Yes
[PIP34007] Cryx Nightwretches Bonejacks (2) £9.00 Yes
[PIP34021] Cryx Warcaster, Warwitch Deneghra £6.00 Yes
[PIP34039] Cryx Harrower Helljack £18.00 Yes
[PIP34050] Cryx Kraken Colossal £85.00 Yes
[PIP34054] Cryx Goreshade the Cursed Epic Warcaster £12.00 Yes
[PIP34066] Cryx Helljack (Plastic) £22.50 Yes
[PIP34070] Cryx Ripjaw (2) (Plastic) £12.00 Yes
[PIP34079] Cryx Bane Riders Cavalry Unit (Plastic) £45.00 Yes
[PIP34087] Cryx Deathripper Bonejacks (Plastic) £12.00 Yes
[PIP34089] Cryx Nightwretch Bonejacks (2) (Plastic) £13.00 Yes
[PIP34090] Cryx Defiler Bonejacks (2) (Plastic) £13.00 Yes
[PIP34093] Cryx Erebus Helljack Character Upgrade Kit £7.50 Yes
[PIP34098] Cryx Epic Wraith Witch Deneghra (2016 re-sculpt) £11.50 Yes
[PIP34105] Cryx Deneghra The Soul Weaver Epic Cavalry Battle Engine Warcaster £45.00 Yes
[PIP34115] Cryx Barathrum Helljack £38.00 Yes
[PIP34117] Cryx Kraken OR Sepulcher Colossal (Plastic) £75.00 Yes
[PIP34125] Cryx Corruptor OR Reaper OR Malice (1) Heavy Warjack Plastic Kit £33.00 Yes
[PIP34125] Cryx Slayerr OR Erberus (1) Heavy Warjack Plastic Kit £31.00 Yes
[PIP34127] Cryx Battlegroup Starter Box (4) MKIII £28.50 Yes
[PIP34129] Cryx Captain Aiakos Warcaster £14.00 Yes
[PIP34137] Cryx Kharybdis Heavy Warjack £49.00 Yes
[PIP35007] Retribution of Scyrah Heavy Myrmidon, Hydra, Manticore, Phoenix (Plastic) £21.00 Yes
[PIP35014] Retribution of Scyrah Mage Hunter Strike Force £29.00 No
[PIP35024] Retribution of Scyrah Destors £72.00 No
[PIP35043] Retribution of Scyrah Discordia Heavy Myrmidon Upgrade Kit £6.50 Yes
[PIP35050] Retribution of Scyrah Hyperion Colossal £85.00 Yes
[PIP35055] Retribution of Scyrah Chimera Light Myrmidon (Plastic) £14.00 Yes
[PIP35060] Retribution of Scyrah Houseguard Riflemen Unit (Plastic) £42.00 No
[PIP35061] Retribution of Scyrah Elara, Tyro of the Third Chamber £10.50 No
[PIP35065] Retribution of Scyrah Moros Character Light Myrmidon £18.00 Yes
[PIP35066] Retribution of Scyrah House Vyre Electromancers Unit £19.00 Yes
[PIP35067] Retribution of Scyrah Soulles Voidtracer, Mage Hunter £7.50 Yes
[PIP35069] Retribution of Scyrah Dawnguard Invictors £52.00 No
[PIP35076] Retribution of Scyrah Elara, Death's Shadow £11.50 No
[PIP36001] Convergence of Cyriss Warcaster, Numen of Aerogenesis £11.50 Yes
[PIP36002] Convergence of Cyriss Cipher - Inverter - Monitor, Heavy Vector (Plastic) £25.00 Yes
[PIP36003] Convergence of Cyriss Clockwork Angels Unit (3) £16.00 Yes
[PIP36004] Convergence of Cyriss Axis, The Harmonic Enforcer Warcaster £18.00 Yes
[PIP36011] Convergence of Cyriss Reciprocators Unit Box Set £33.00 Yes
[PIP36016] Convergence of Cyriss Obstructors Unit (Plastic) £36.00 Yes
[PIP36021] Convergence of Cyriss Mitigator Light Vector (Plastic) £13.00 Yes
[PIP36022] Convergence of Cyriss Eradicators Unit (Plastic) £33.00 Yes
[PIP36024] Convergence of Galvanizer Light Vector £13.00 Yes
[PIP36029] Convergence of Cyriss Forge Master Syntherion Warcaster £18.00 Yes
[PIP36030] Convergence of Cyriss Prime Axiom Conflux (Plastic) £80.00 Yes
[PIP41014] Mercenary Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue £5.00 Yes
[PIP41027] Mercenary Croe's Cutthroats (2) £5.50 Yes
[PIP41054] Mercenary Privateer Bloody Bradigan £6.00 Yes
[PIP41057] Mercenary Heavy Warjack Freebooter £19.00 Yes
[PIP41085] Mercenary Heavy Warjack Mule, Nomad, Rover £28.00 No
[PIP41104] Mercenary Devil's Shadow Mutineers £18.00 Yes
[PIP41119] Mercenary Hammerfall Siege Crawler Rhlic Battle Engine £68.00 Yes
[PIP41124] Mercenary Captain Sam MacHorne and the Devil Dogs Character Unit £37.00 Yes
[PIP41126] Mercenaries Cognifex Cyphon
Cephalyx Warcaster
£16.50 Yes
[PIP41140] Mercenary Caine's Hellslingers Warcaster Unit £22.00 No
[PIP42006] Cryx Allies Drudge Mind Slaves (2) £6.00 No
[PIP71004] Trollbloods Light Warbeast Impaler £11.00 Yes
[PIP71010] Trollbloods Scattergunners Troops (2) £8.00 Yes
[PIP71016] Trollbloods Pyg Bushwhackers (2) £4.50 Yes
[PIP71022] Trollbloods Earthborn Dire Troll £28.00 Yes
[PIP71024] Trollbloods Light Warbeast Troll Bouncer £15.00 Yes
[PIP71029] Trollbloods Stone Scribe Chronicler £9.00 Yes
[PIP71049] Trollbloods Trollkin Sluggers Unit £30.00 Yes
[PIP71058] Trollbloods Dire Troll (Plastic) £22.50 Yes
[PIP71061] Trollbloods Storm Troll Light Warbeast (Plastic) £16.50 Yes
[PIP71064] Trollbloods Scattergunner Officer and Standard Unit Attachment £15.50 Yes
[PIP71066] Trollbloods Grissel Bloodsong, Fell Caller Trollkin Warlock £11.50 Yes
[PIP71067] Trollbloods Pyre Troll Light Warbeast (Plastic) £14.00 Yes
[PIP71069] Trollbloods Trollkin Champions Unit (Plastic) £33.00 Yes
[PIP71071] Trollbloods Troll Axer Light Warbeast (Plastic) £14.00 Yes
[PIP71072] Trollbloods Troll Bouncer Light Warbeast (Plastic) £14.00 Yes
[PIP71073] Trollbloods Light Warbeast Impaler (Plastic) £12.00 Yes
[PIP71076] Trollbloods Trolkin Sorcerer £16.50 Yes
[PIP71079] Trollbloods Kriel Warriors £40.00 Yes
[PIP71086] Trollbloods Dozer and Smigg Heavy Warbeast £36.00 Yes
[PIP71092] Trollbloods Dhunian Knot (3) £18.00 Yes
[PIP71093] Trollbloods Bushwhacker Officer and Mortar Unit Attachment £12.00 Yes
[PIP71094] Trollbloods Glacier King Gargantuan £85.00 Yes
[PIP71098] Trollbloods Extrme Dire Troll Mauler
(Heavy Warbeast)
£35.00 Yes
[PIP71099] Trollbloods Battlegroup Starter Box (4) MKIII £28.50 Yes
[PIP71100] Trollbloods Earthborn Dire Troll Heavy War Beast £24.00 Yes
[PIP71109] Trollbloods Northkin Bear Handler and Battle Bears Unit (3) £30.00 No
[PIP71117] Trollbloods Winter Witch Kolgrimer Stonetruth £16.50 No
[PIP72001] Circle Orboros Warpack £30.00 Yes
[PIP72010] Circle Orboros Wolves of Orboros Troops (2) £6.50 Yes
[PIP72026] Circle Orboros Reeves (6) £24.50 Yes
[PIP72027] Circle Orboros Reeves (2) £8.50 Yes
[PIP72063] Circle Orboros Gallows Grove (2) £16.50 Yes
[PIP72064] Circle Orboros Celestial Fulcrum Battle Engine £53.00 Yes
[PIP72067] Circle Orboros Woldwrath Gargantuan £85.00 Yes
[PIP72068] Circle Orboros Argus Light Warbeast (plastic) £11.00 Yes
[PIP72073] Circle Orboros Razorwing Griffon Light Warbeast (Plastic) £14.00 Yes
[PIP72076] Circle Orboros Tharn Blood Pack Unit (6) (Plastic) £41.00 Yes
[PIP72087] Circle Orboros Kromac Champion of the Wurm Epic Tharn Warlock £21.00 Yes
[PIP72091] Circle Orboros Warlock Baldur the Stone Cleaver £9.50 Yes
[PIP72093] Circle Orboros Extreme Feral Warpwolf
Heavy Warbeast
£35.00 Yes
[PIP72095] Circle Ouroboros Ghetorix Warpwolf Heavy Warbeast £46.00 Yes
[PIP72103] Circle Orboros Wold Wight Light Warbeast £9.00 No
[PIP73008] Legion of Everblight Carnivean £21.00 Yes
[PIP73012] Legion of Everblight Blighted Swordsmen (2) £6.50 Yes
[PIP73015] Legion of Everblight Striders £16.50 Yes
[PIP73029] Legion of Everblight Scather Weapon Crew (3) £15.00 Yes
[PIP73030] Legion of Everblight Blighted Archer and Ammo Porter (2) £9.00 Yes
[PIP73044] Legion of Everblight Bethayne and Belphegor, Voice of Everyblight Warcasters £24.00 Yes
[PIP73046] Legion of Everblight Ravagore Heavy Warbeast £28.00 Yes
[PIP73055] Legion of Everblight Lylyth Herald (alt) £8.00 Yes
[PIP73064] Legion of Everblight Throne of Everblight Battle Engine £58.00 Yes
[PIP73070] Legion of Everblight Lylyth Reckoning of Everblight £38.50 Yes
[PIP73090] Legion of Everblight Grotesque Raiders OR Grotesque Banshees Unit £40.00 Yes
[PIP73091] Legion of Everblight Grotesque Assassin Blighted Nyss £13.00 Yes
[PIP73095] Legion of Everblight Extreme Carnivean Heavy Warbeast £45.00 Yes
[PIP74001] Skorne Warpack £30.00 Yes
[PIP74002] Skorne Warlock Archdomina Makeda £6.50 Yes
[PIP74004] Skorne Cyclops Light Warbeast £9.00 Yes
[PIP74005] Skorne Basilisk Drake Light Warbeast £8.00 Yes
[PIP74008] Skorne Titan Gladiator Heavy Warbeast £18.00 Yes
[PIP74030] Skorne Venator Catapult Crew (3) £18.00 Yes
[PIP74033] Skorne Karax (2) £9.00 Yes
[PIP74041] Skorne Bloodrunner Master Tormentor £6.50 Yes
[PIP74052] Skorne Venator Flayer Cannon Crew (2) £16.50 Yes
[PIP74053] Skorne Tyrant Vorkesh Cetrati Character Unit Attachment £13.00 Yes
[PIP74055] Skorne Master Tormentor Morghoul (alt) £7.50 Yes
[PIP74060] Skorne Cyclops Raider (1) (Plastic) £14.00 Yes
[PIP74066] Skorne Mammoth Gargantuan £85.00 Yes
[PIP74067] Skorne Cyclops Brute Light Warbeast (Plastic) £14.00 Yes
[PIP74068] Skorne Cyclops Savage Light Warbeast (Plastic) £12.00 Yes
[PIP74075] Skorne Reptile Hound Lesser Warbeasts (2) £11.50 Yes
[PIP74076] Skorne Despoiler Character Heavy Warbeast £43.00 Yes
[PIP74081] Skorne Tyrant Zaadesh £9.50 Yes
[PIP74083] Skorne Aradus Soldier - Aradus Sentinel Heavy Warbeast £24.00 Yes
[PIP74085] Skorne Paingiver Beast Handlers Unit £19.00 No
[PIP74089] Skorne Legends of Halaak £21.00 Yes
[PIP74090] Skorne Extoller Advocate £9.50 Yes
[PIP74093] Skorne Extreme Titan Gladiator Heavy Warbeast £41.00 Yes
[PIP74095] Skorne Battlegroup Starter Box (4) MKIII £28.50 Yes
[PIP74099] Skorne Lord Tryant Zaadesh Praetorian Warlock £13.00 Yes
[PIP75001] Minions Totem Hunter £9.50 Yes
[PIP75011] Minions Gudrun The Wanderer £11.50 Yes
[PIP75012] Minions Farrow Bone Grinders (4) £14.50 Yes
[PIP75024] Minions Ironback Spitter Heavy Warbeast £28.00 No
[PIP75026] Minions Croak Hunter £7.50 Yes
[PIP75028] Minions Dr Arkadius Farrow Warlock £7.50 Yes
[PIP75044] Minions Midas, Farrow Bone Grinder Warlock £11.50 Yes
[PIP75046] Minions Gatorman Bokor and Bog Trog Swamp Shamblers Unit £45.00 Yes
[PIP75048] Minions Gatorman Posse Unit £39.00 No
[PIP75054] Minions Sacral Vault Gatorman Battle Engine £70.00 Yes
[PIP75057] Minions Bog Trog Ambushers Unit £31.50 Yes
[PIP75060] Minions Farrow Brigand Warlord Unit Attachment £9.50 Yes
[PIP75061] Minions Croak Raiders £40.00 Yes
[PIP75064] Minions Gun Boar Farrow Light Warbeast (plastic) £15.00 Yes
[PIP75065] Minions Lynus Wesselbaum and Edrea Lloryrr (2) £13.00 Yes
[PIP75069] Minions Bog Troll Trawler £12.00 Yes
[PIP75071] Minions Battle Boar Farrow Light Warbeast (plastic) £15.00 Yes
[PIP75072] Minions Splatter Boar Farrow Light Warbeast (plastic) £15.00 Yes
[PIP75073] Minions Bog Trog Mist Speaker £9.50 Yes
[PIP75084] Minions Blindwater Army Box £175.00 No
[PIP76007] Grymkin Skin and Moans Heavy Warbeast £28.00 No
[PIP76012] Grymkin Crabbit Lesser Warbeast (2) £11.50 Yes
[PIP76012] Grymkin The Child Warlock £28.00 Yes
[PIP76013] Grymkin Hollowmen and Lantern Man Unit and Command Attachment £41.00 Yes
[PIP76022] Grymkin Glimmer Imp Solo £7.50 Yes
[PIP76023] Cask Imp Solo (2) £10.50 Yes
[PIP76026] Grymkin Lady Karianna Rose Solo £9.50 Yes
[PIP76027] Grymkin Death Knell Battle Engine £70.00 Yes
[PIP81001] Bridge Troll £9.00 Yes
[PIP81005] Hyls Lyoros Elven Fighter of Ios £3.50 Yes
[PIP81016] Gulgrenvogulugken Gul Gobber Rogue £3.50 Yes
[PIP81021] Master Tunnard Gildon - Cygnaran Wizard £3.50 Yes
[PIP81040] Father Dumas - Witchfire Trilogy £4.00 Yes
[PIP81042] Vahn Oberen - Witchfire Trilogy £4.00 Yes
[PIP81043] Curator and Discerning Beast - Nonokrion Infernal £4.00 Yes
[PIP81044] Umbral Warrior - Infernal Umbral Reaver £4.00 Yes
[PIP81045] Umbral Assassin - Infernal Umbral Reaver £4.00 Yes
[PIP81046] Umbral Sorcerer - Infernal Umbral Reaver £4.00 Yes
[PIP91147] Grymkin Token Set £12.50 Yes
[PIP93210] Grymkin Paint Set £17.50 No
[SGSS01]Science Fiction Starter Set £76.99 Yes
[WRZ-BRD-7] Brotherhood: Troopers £13.50 Yes
[WRZ-BRD-9] Cybertronic: Enchanced Machinators £13.50 Yes
[WRZ-CYB-17] Cybertronic: Vince Diamond £14.99 Yes
[WRZ-CYB-7] Cybertronic: Chasseurs £13.50 Yes
[WYR0001] Weapons - Modern £4.00 Yes
[WYR0002] Weapons - Fantasy £4.00 Yes
[WYR0024] Bayou Accessories £6.50 No
[WYR0027] Morgue Bases 40mm £8.00 No
[WYR0028] Morgue Base 50mm £6.50 No
[WYR0029] Morgue Base Accessories £8.00 Yes
[WYR0031] Orphanage 40mm Bases £9.00 Yes
[WYR0032] Orphanage 50mm Base £6.50 Yes
[WYR0035] Ghost Town 40mm Bases £8.00 Yes
[WYR0036] Ghost Town 50mm Bases £6.50 Yes
[WYR0037] Ghost Town Accessories £8.00 No
[WYR0038] Driftwood Docks 30mm Bases £8.00 Yes
[WYR0039] Driftwood Docks 40mm Bases £8.00 Yes
[WYR0040] Driftwood Docks 50mm Bases £6.50 Yes
[WYR0041] Driftwood Docks Accessories £8.00 Yes
[WYR09001] Accessories M2E Lamps £10.00 Yes
[WYR1009] The Guild: Death Marshals £13.50 No
[WYR1021] The Guild: Governor's Proxy £5.00 Yes
[WYR1025] The Guild: Guild Guard Captain £6.50 Yes
[WYR1026] The Guild: Lawyer £6.00 Yes
[WYR1027] The Guild: Lucius £6.00 Yes
[WYR1031] The Guild: Drill Sergeant £6.00 Yes
[WYR1034] The Guild: Elite Division - Lucius £25.00 Yes
[WYR1035] The Guild: Constructs of Order - C. Hoffman £24.00 No
[WYR1037] The Guild: Mechanical Attendant £6.00 No
[WYR1042] The Guild: Perdita Avatar of Revelation £27.00 Yes
[WYR1046] The Guild: Hoffman, Avatar of Amalgamation £27.00 Yes
[WYR1051] The Guild: Pale Rider £22.00 No
[WYR1053] The Guild: The Executioner (Alt) £8.00 Yes
[WYR1059] The Guild: Pathfinder and Clockwork Traps £12.50 Yes
[WYR2009] The Ressurectionists: Flesh Construct £6.50 No
[WYR20101] Guild M2E Lady Justice Crew Box Set - The Guild's Judgement £30.00 No
[WYR20102] Guild M2E Sonnia Crew Box Set - The Torch and the Blade £31.99 Yes
[WYR20103] Guild M2E Perdita Crew Box Set - The Latigo Posse £30.00 No
[WYR20104] Guild M2E Death Marshalls £17.00 Yes
[WYR20105] Guild M2E Witchling Stalkers £11.50 Yes
[WYR20106] Guild M2E Guild Guard (2) £12.00 Yes
[WYR20107] Guild M2E C. Hoffman Crew Box Set - Of Metal And Flesh £31.50 Yes
[WYR20109] Guild M2E Governor's Proxy £7.00 Yes
[WYR20110] Guild M2E Lone Marshal £22.00 Yes
[WYR20111] Guild M2E Austringers £14.00 No
[WYR20112] Guild M2E Executioners £11.50 No
[WYR20116] Guild M2E Guild Riflemen £14.00 No
[WYR20118] Guild M2E Abuela Ortega £11.00 Yes
[WYR20119] Guild M2E Ryle £7.00 No
[WYR20120] Guild M2E Pale Rider £24.00 Yes
[WYR20122] Guild M2E Brutal Effigy £7.50 No
[WYR20123] Guild M2E Guild Hounds £14.00 No
[WYR20126] Guild M2E Pistoleros de Latigo £14.00 Yes
[WYR20128] Guild M2E Master Queeg £8.00 No
[WYR20129] Guild M2E Sanctioned Spellcaster (3) £15.00 Yes
[WYR20129] Guild M2E Twisted Alternatives: The Tortoise and the Hare £30.00 Yes
[WYR20131] Guild M2E Brutal Emissary £33.00 Yes
[WYR20132] Guild M2E The Pen is Mightier than the Sword £38.00 Yes
[WYR20134] Guild M2E Death Marshal Recruiters £16.00 Yes
[WYR2014] Resurrectionists: Body Thieves - McMourning £21.50 No
[WYR20201] Resurrectionist M2E Seamus Crew Box Set - Shadows of Redchapel £26.00 No
[WYR20202] Resurrectionist M2E Nicodem Crew Box Set - Open Graves £30.00 Yes
[WYR20203] Resurrectionist M2E McMourning Crew Box Set - Body of Evidence £30.00 Yes
[WYR20205] Resurrectionist M2E Punk Zombies £14.00 Yes
[WYR20207] Resurrectionist M2E Molly Crew Box Set - Take Back the Night £30.00 No
[WYR20208] Resurrectionist M2E Nurses £9.00 No
[WYR20209] Resurrectionist M2E Graveyard Spirit £7.50 Yes
[WYR2020] The Resurrectionists: Nurses £9.00 Yes
[WYR20210] Resurrectionist M2E Bete Noire £7.00 No
[WYR20211] Resurrectionist M2E Canine Remains £11.50 No
[WYR20212] Resurrectionist M2E Crooked Men £14.00 Yes
[WYR20214] Resurrectionist M2E Flesh Construct (with victim) £9.50 No
[WYR20216] Resurrectionist M2E The Hanged £9.50 No
[WYR20221] Resurrectionist M2E Ashigaru £13.50 Yes
[WYR20222] Resurrectionist M2E Rogue Necromancy £22.00 Yes
[WYR20224] Resurrectionist M2E Dead Rider £23.00 No
[WYR20225] Resurrectionist M2E Carrion Effigy £7.50 Yes
[WYR20226] Resurrectionist M2E Gaki £14.00 No
[WYR20227] Resurrectionist M2E Shikome (2) £12.00 No
[WYR20228] Resurrectionist M2E Datsue Ba and Seishin £20.00 No
[WYR20229] Resurrectionist M2E The Drowned £13.00 Yes
[WYR20230] Resurrectionist M2E Dead Doxies £12.50 No
[WYR20232] Resurrectionist M2E Jaakuna Ubume £12.50 No
[WYR20235] Resurrectionist M2E Anna Lovelace £8.00 No
[WYR20236] Resurrectionist M2E The Forgotten Marshal £8.50 Yes
[WYR20238] Resurrectionist M2E Carrion Emissary £30.00 Yes
[WYR20243] Resurrectionist M2E Archie £12.50 Yes
[WYR20244] Resurrectionist M2E Poison Gamin £16.00 Yes
[WYR2024] Resurrectionists: Grave Spirit £5.00 Yes
[WYR2028] Resurrectionists: Ikiryo £6.00 Yes
[WYR20301] Arcanist M2E Ramos Crew Box Set - The M and SU £33.00 Yes
[WYR20302] Arcanist M2E Marcus Crew Box Set - Claw and Fang £33.00 Yes
[WYR20303] Arcanist M2E Rasputina Crew Box Set - Children of December £27.00 No
[WYR20307] Arcanist M2E Ice Gamin £9.00 No
[WYR20309] Arcanist M2E Cojo £13.50 Yes
[WYR20310] Arcanist M2E Essence of Power £7.50 No
[WYR20311] Arcanist M2E December Acolytes £14.00 No
[WYR20313] Arcanist M2E Hoarcat Pride £11.00 Yes
[WYR20314] Arcanist M2E Molemen £14.00 No
[WYR20315] Arcanist M2E Razorspine Rattler £11.50 Yes
[WYR20316] Arcanist M2E Sabertooth Cerberus £11.50 Yes
[WYR20317] Arcanist M2E Arachnid Swarm £6.50 No
[WYR20318] Arcanist M2E Colette Crew Box Set - Smoke and Mirrors £34.99 No
[WYR20321] Arcanist M2E Fire Gamin £14.00 Yes
[WYR20322] Arcanist M2E Toni Ironsides Crew Box Set - Troubleshooters £30.00 Yes
[WYR20323] Arcanist M2E Oxfordian Mages £15.00 No
[WYR20325] Arcanist M2E Performers and Mannequins £16.00 No
[WYR20326] Arcanist M2E Coryphee £12.00 No
[WYR20327] Arcanist M2E Arcane Effigy £7.50 Yes
[WYR20328] Arcanist M2E Gunsmiths (2) £12.99 No
[WYR20329] Arcanist M2E Angelica £7.50 Yes
[WYR20330] Arcanist M2E Blessed of December £12.00 Yes
[WYR20331] Arcanist M2E Slate Ridge Mauler £12.00 No
[WYR20332] Arcanist M2E Snow Storm £22.00 Yes
[WYR20333] Arcanist M2E Silent Ones (2) £12.00 No
[WYR20339] Arcanist M2E Wind Gamin (3) £15.00 Yes
[WYR20340] Arcanist M2E The Scorpius £11.50 No
[WYR20341] Arcanist M2E Ice Dancers (2) £12.50 No
[WYR20342] Arcanist M2E Arcane Emisary £30.00 Yes
[WYR20343] Arcanist M2E Beacon of knowledge £38.00 No
[WYR20345] Arcanist M2E Shastar Vidiya Guards (3) £15.00 No
[WYR20401] Neverborn M2E Lilith Crew Box Set - Mother of Monsters £30.00 No
[WYR20402] Neverborn M2E Pandora Crew Box Set - No Shelter Here £30.00 No
[WYR20403] Neverborn M2E Zoraida Crew Box Set - The Swamp Hag £33.00 No
[WYR20404] Neverborn M2E Nephilim £25.00 No
[WYR20407] Neverborn M2E Terror Tots £11.00 Yes
[WYR20408] Neverborn M2E Dreamer Crew Box Set - Hide and Seek £33.00 No
[WYR2040] Resurrectioninst: Necrotic Machine £8.00 Yes
[WYR20410] Neverborn M2E Primordial Magic £7.50 No
[WYR20411] Neverborn M2E Teddy £12.00 Yes
[WYR20412] Neverborn M2E Doppelganger £7.50 No
[WYR20413] Neverborn M2E Waldgeist £12.00 No
[WYR20414] Neverborn M2E Sorrows £11.50 No
[WYR20415] Neverborn M2E Silurids £15.00 No
[WYR20416] Neverborn M2E Mr Graves £7.50 Yes
[WYR20419] Neverborn M2E The Carver £12.00 No
[WYR2041] Ressurectionists: Horrors - Molly £22.50 No
[WYR20420] Neverborn M2E Nekima £16.00 No
[WYR20423] Neverborn M2E Mysterious Effigy £7.50 No
[WYR20424] Neverborn M2E Hooded Ridder £23.00 No
[WYR20425] Neverborn M2E Iggy £7.50 Yes
[WYR20426] Neverborn M2E Tuco £7.50 No
[WYR20427] Neverborn M2E Black Blood Shamans £12.50 No
[WYR20428] Neverborn M2E Insidious Madnesses (3) £15.00 No
[WYR20429] Neverborn M2E Lelu and Lilitu £12.50 No
[WYR20431] Neverborn M2E Corrupted Hounds (4) £17.00 Yes
[WYR20432] Neverborn M2E Changelings (3) £15.00 No
[WYR20433] Neverborn M2E Bunraku (3) £15.00 No
[WYR20434] Neverborn M2E Mysterious Emissary £30.00 No
[WYR2043] Resurrectionists: Nicodem, Avatar of Decay £27.00 Yes
[WYR2046] Resurrectionists: Kirai, Avatar of Vengeance £18.00 No
[WYR2048] Resurrectionists: Simulacrum 29 McMourning Avatar £22.00 No
[WYR2049] Resurrectionists: Crooligans (3) £11.00 Yes
[WYR20501] Outcast M2E Viktorias Crew Box Set - Hired Swords £28.00 No
[WYR20502] Outcast M2E Von Schill Crew Box Set - Hired Guns £33.00 No
[WYR20503] Outcast M2E Hamelin Crew Box Set - The Plague Cometh £33.00 Yes
[WYR20505] Outcast M2E Ronin £14.00 No
[WYR20507] Outcast M2E Hannah: Chief Freikorps Archivist £22.00 No
[WYR20508] Outcast M2E Malifaux Child £7.50 No
[WYR20509] Outcast M2E Bishop £7.00 No
[WYR20510] Outcast M2E Convict Gunslinger £10.99 No
[WYR20511] Outcast M2E Desperate Mercenaries £11.50 No
[WYR20512] Outcast M2E Hans £7.00 No
[WYR20513] Outcast M2E Johan £7.00 No
[WYR20514] Neverborn M2E Killjoy £11.50 Yes
[WYR20517] Outcast M2E Freikorps Strongarm £11.50 No
[WYR20520] Outcast M2E Herald of Obliteration (includes promo graveyard spirit) £30.00 No
[WYR20523] Outcast M2E Void Wretches £14.00 Yes
[WYR20524] Outcast M2E Hodgepodge Effigy £7.50 Yes
[WYR20525] Outcast M2E Jack Daw Crew Box Set - Guilty as Charged £33.00 No
[WYR20526] Outcast M2E The Guilty £16.00 Yes
[WYR20527] Outcast M2E Sue £7.50 No
[WYR20528] Outcast M2E Ashes and Dust £22.50 Yes
[WYR20529] Outcast M2E Scion of the Void £8.00 Yes
[WYR20530] Outcast M2E Big Jake £8.00 No
[WYR20531] Outcast M2E The Winged Plague (3) £15.00 Yes
[WYR20532] Outcast M2E Hodgepodge Emissary £30.00 Yes
[WYR2058] Resurrectionists: McMourning Alt £6.50 Yes
[WYR20601] Gremlin M2E Som'er Crew Box Set - The Bayou Boss £30.00 No
[WYR20602] Gremlin M2E Ophelia Crew Box Set - The Kin £33.00 No
[WYR20603] Gremlin M2E Whiskey Golem £23.00 Yes
[WYR20605] Gremlin M2E Bayou Gremlins £15.00 Yes
[WYR20606] Gremlin M2E Hog Whisperer £11.50 Yes
[WYR20607] Gremlin M2E Pigapult £20.00 No
[WYR20608] Gremlin M2E Piglets (3) £12.50 No
[WYR20609] Gremlin M2E Slop Haulers £10.50 No
[WYR20610] Gremlin M2E War Pig £12.50 Yes
[WYR20615] Gremlin M2E Brewmaster Crew Box Set - Closing Time £30.00 Yes
[WYR20617] Gremlin M2E Merris LaCriox £10.50 No
[WYR20618] Gremlin M2E Lucky Effigy £7.50 Yes
[WYR20619] Gremlin M2E Ulix Crew Box Set - Hog Wild £30.00 No
[WYR20620] Gremlin M2E Wild Boars £14.00 No
[WYR20621] Gremlin M2E Wong Crew Box Set - Explosive Solutions £30.00 Yes
[WYR20622] Gremlin M2E Lightning Bugs £14.00 Yes
[WYR20623] Gremlin M2E Mah Tucket Crew Box Set - The Bushwhackers £30.00 Yes
[WYR20624] Gremlin M2E Bayou Bushwhackers £14.00 No
[WYR20625] Gremlin M2E Sammy LaCroix £8.00 No
[WYR20627] Gremlin M2E Bayou Gators £16.00 No
[WYR20629] M2E Gremlin Old Cranky £8.00 No
[WYR20631] Gremlin M2E Sparks £8.00 Yes
[WYR20632] Gremlin M2E Survivors (3) £15.00 Yes
[WYR20633] Gremlin M2E Mechanized Porkchop £14.00 No
[WYR20634] Gremlin M2E Lucky Emissary £30.00 Yes
[WYR20637] Gremlin M2E Akaname £16.00 Yes
[WYR20701] Ten Thunders M2E Misaki Crew Box Set - The Thunder £30.00 No
[WYR20705] Ten Thunders M2E Dawn Serpent £11.50 Yes
[WYR20706] Ten Thunders M2E Fuhatsu £20.00 Yes
[WYR20707] Ten Thunders M2E Monks of Low River £15.00 Yes
[WYR20708] Ten Thunders M2E Samurai £15.00 Yes
[WYR20709] Ten Thunders M2E Katanaka Snipers £12.50 No
[WYR20710] Ten Thunders M2E Shadow Effigy £7.50 Yes
[WYR20711] Ten Thunders M2E Shenlong Crew Box Set - Temple of the Dawn £30.00 No
[WYR20712] Ten Thunders M2E Monks of High River £14.00 No
[WYR20713] Ten Thunders M2E Lone Swordsman £7.50 Yes
[WYR20714] Ten Thunders M2E Komainu £12.00 Yes
[WYR20715] Ten Thunders M2E Tengu (3) £15.00 No
[WYR20719] Ten Thunders M2E Wandering River Monks (3) £15.00 Yes
[WYR20720] Ten Thunders M2E Obsidian Oni £18.00 Yes
[WYR20722] Ten Thunders M2E Shadow Emissary £30.00 No
[WYR20723] Ten Thunders M2E Asami Crew Box Set - An Oni's Wrath £38.00 No
[WYR20903] Malifaux 2E Starter Set £42.99 No
[WYR20904] M2E The Crossroads Seven Story Encounter and Adventure Box £38.00 No
[WYR20905] M2E Creative Taxidermy Story Encounter and Adventure Box £29.00 No
[WYR21043] Outcast M2E Aionus Special 10 Years Edition £10.00 No
[WYR23012] Arcanist M2E Electric Creation £7.50 No
[WYR3007] The Arcanists: Sabertooth Cerberus £6.50 No
[WYR3011] The Arcanists: Ice Gamin (3) £9.00 Yes
[WYR3027] The Arcanists: Performer and Mannequin 2 £9.00 Yes
[WYR3035] The Arcanists: Mobile Toolkit £6.00 Yes
[WYR3044] The Arcanists: Marcus Beastmaster (Alt) £6.50 Yes
[WYR3045] The Arcanists: Marcus Avatar of Instinct £18.00 Yes
[WYR3049] The Arcanists: Fire Gamin (3) £11.00 Yes
[WYR3051] The Arcanists: Steampunk Arachnid Swarm (alt) £6.00 No
[WYR3053] The Arcanists: Rail Golem £21.00 Yes
[WYR3058] The Arcanists: Metal Gamin (3) £12.50 Yes
[WYR3059] The Arcanists: Willie, The Demolistionist £9.50 Yes
[WYR4006] The Neverborn: Mature Nephilim £10.00 Yes
[WYR40106] South Wales Borderers £34.99 Yes
[WYR4017] The Neverborn: Young Nephilim £10.00 Yes
[WYR40254] ECB Black Ops £34.99 No
[WYR4034] The Neverborn: Daydreams £9.00 Yes
[WYR4040] The Neverborn: Marionettes £10.00 Yes
[WYR4041] The Neverborn: Wicked Dolls £10.00 Yes
[WYR4043] The Neverborn: Pandora Avatar of Insanity £24.50 No
[WYR4044] The Neverborn: Zoraida The Hag (alt) £6.50 Yes
[WYR4045] The Neverborn: Zoraida, Avatar of Fate £22.50 Yes
[WYR4049] The Neverborn: Lilith, Avatar of Nature's Malevolence £22.50 Yes
[WYR4054] The Neverborn: Spawn Mother £22.50 Yes
[WYR5006] The Outcasts: Hamelin £6.50 Yes
[WYR5015] The Outcasts: Warpig £9.00 Yes
[WYR5026] The Outcasts: Giant Mosquito £5.00 No
[WYR5027] The Outcasts: Student of Conflict £5.00 Yes
[WYR5028] The Outcasts: Malifaux Child £5.00 Yes
[WYR5033] The Outcasts: Pere Ravage £6.50 Yes
[WYR5043] The Outcasts: Freikorpsmann (2) £10.00 Yes
[WYR5049] The Outcasts: Hamelin The Plagued £6.00 Yes
[WYR5050] The Outcasts: The Stolen £12.00 Yes
[WYR5051] The Outcasts: Nix, the Bull Terrier £6.50 Yes
[WYR5053] The Outcasts: Obedient Wretch £6.00 No
[WYR5054] The Outcasts: Desperate Mercenary 1 £6.00 Yes
[WYR5056] The Outcasts: Pigapult £27.00 No
[WYR5058] The Outcasts: Ashes and Dust £27.00 Yes
[WYR5060] The Outcasts: Som'er and Peaches, Avatars of Indulgence £27.00 Yes
[WYR5062] The Outcasts: Viktorias, Avatar of Slaughter £17.50 No
[WYR5064] The Outcasts: Leveticus, Avatar of Entropy £20.50 Yes
[WYR5071] The Outcasts: Lenny £9.00 No
[WYR5081] The Outcasts: Gracie £10.00 Yes
[WYRCP001] Imps (3) £8.00 Yes
[WYRCP002] Apperitions (3) £9.00 Yes
[WYRCP003] Living Impaired (3) £9.00 Yes
[WYRCP004] Dire Mushrooms £9.00 Yes
[WYRCP005] The Dwead Piwate Wuppwecht £4.00 No
[WYRCP006] Donna, Cauldron Witch £5.50 Yes
[WYRWS020] Wyrdscapes Makeshift Defences £42.99 Yes
5% over £50
10% over £100

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