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Whats New for the last 21 days

  Name Price In Stock
Buffy the Vampire Slayer roleplaying game Hardback £10.00 Yes
Starships Hardback £30.00 Yes
Ghostbuster International Box Set £50.00 Yes
Stormbringer: Dark Fantasy Roleplaying Softback £25.00 Yes
Runequest 2nd Edition Hardback £40.00 Yes
Vampire: The Masquerade Hardback £30.00 Yes
Guns! guns! guns! Softback £10.00 Yes
Knights Adventurous Softback £10.00 Yes
Solid Hardback £10.00 Yes
Nephilim Occult Roleplaying Softback £15.00 Yes
Terra Incognita £10.00 Yes
Dragonlance Chronicles Vol 2: Dragons of Winter Night £2.50 Yes
Dragonlance Chronicles Vol 3: Dragons of Spring Dawning £2.50 Yes
Dragonlance Tales Vol 2: Kender, Gully Dwarves and Gnomes £2.50 Yes
Dragonlance Tales Vol 3: Love and War £2.50 Yes
Dark Ages: Mage Hardback £12.00 Yes
Vampire: The Masquerade Hardback £20.00 Yes
Mummy: The Resurrection Hardback £10.00 Yes
Don't Look Back £12.00 Yes
Ghost Stories Hardback £6.00 Yes
Werewolf: The Foresaken Hardback £10.00 Yes
Monsters Third Edition Hardback £10.00 Yes
Murphy's World Softback £10.00 Yes
Pendragon Softback £30.00 Yes
Advanced Runequest Third Edition Hardback £10.00 Yes
Runequest Third Edition Hardback £10.00 Yes
Runequest Third Edition Hardback £5.00 No
Runequest Third Edition Softback £6.00 Yes
Runequest 2nd Edition Softback £8.00 Yes
Star Wars The Roleplaying Game Hardback £10.00 Yes
Star Wars Roleplaying Game Revised Core Rulebook Hardback £20.00 Yes
Star Wars Trilogy Sourcebook Special Edition Hardback £20.00 Yes
The Jedi Companion Hardback £40.00 Yes
Star Wars Sourcebook Hardback £6.00 No
Episode I: The Phantom Menace Movie Storybook Softback £2.00 Yes
Incredible Cross-Sections Hardback £2.00 No
Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG Hardback £12.00 Yes
Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG Hardback £10.00 Yes
Star Trek Encyclopedia Hardback £6.00 Yes
Star Trek The Roleplaying Game Deluxe Second Edition Box Set £25.00 Yes
Players' Guide Hardback £10.00 Yes
Prime Directive Softback £10.00 Yes
The D6 System Softback £20.00 Yes
Feng Shui Hardback £6.00 Yes
Golden Comeback Softback £8.00 Yes
Arrowflight: The Edge of Fantasy Softback £8.00 Yes
In Nomine Softback £8.00 Yes
Champions New Millennium Softback £10.00 Yes
Teenagers from Outerspace Softback £10.00 Yes
Terror Counterterror Softback £5.00 Yes
Abomination Codex Softback £10.00 Yes
d20 Menace Manual Hardback £10.00 Yes
The Hologram's Handbook Softback £5.00 Yes
The Price of Freedom Hardback £6.00 Yes
The Worlds of the Federation Softback £2.00 Yes
Star Charts Softback £12.00 Yes
The Making of Star Trek Deep Space Nine Softback £2.00 Yes
Technical Manual Softback £2.00 Yes
Technical Manual Softback £10.00 Yes
Blueprints £30.00 Yes
Sengoku Revised Edition Softback £12.00 Yes
d20 Urban Arcana Hardback £10.00 Yes
d20 Modern Core Rulebook Hardback £10.00 Yes
d20 Weapons Locker Hardback £10.00 Yes
Brave New World RPG Hardback £10.00 Yes
Defiants Softback £6.00 Yes
Delta Prime Softback £10.00 Yes
Power Shield £6.00 Yes
Ravaged Planet Hardback £6.00 Yes
Lightsaber Dueling Pack £5.00 Yes
Star Wars RPG Saga Edition Revised Core Rulebook £20.00 Yes
Aeon Limited Edition £10.00 Yes
Witchcraft Hardback £25.00 Yes
GURPS 3rd Edition: Psionics Softback £5.00 Yes
Arabian Nights 3rd Edition Softback £8.00 Yes
GURPS 2nd Edition: Ultra-Tech Revised Softback £5.00 Yes
GURPS 2nd Edition: Space Softback £5.00 Yes
GURPS 3rd Edition: Compendium I Character Creation Softback £8.00 Yes
GURPS 3rd Edition Revised Basic Set Softback £8.00 Yes
Cybergeneration 2nd Edition Softback £10.00 Yes
5% over £50
10% over £100

These volume discounts are in addition to sale and special offer prices.

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