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List Books by Author
Alfred Sheinwold
Andrial Cardarelle
Anjali Banerjee
Ardath Mayhar
Arnold Marks
Bill Slavicsek
Brian Thomsen
Bruce R Cordell
Candice Ransom
Carl Bowen
Carl Sargent
Caroline Spector
Charles Ryan
Cherith Baldry
Cho Chikun
Chris Pierson
Christie Golden
Christopher Rowe
Chrys Cymri
Clayton Emery
Cory J Herndon
Dan Parkinson
Dan Willis
Darlene D Bolesny
Dave Gross
David McIntee
David Parlett
DB Pritchard
Denise R Graham
Dixie Lee McKeone
DL Garfinkle
Don Bassingthwaite
Douglas Niles
Douglas W Clark
Ed Gentry
Ed Greenwood
Ed Stark
Edward Frankland
Elaine Bergstrom
Eric Griffin
Erik Scott de Bie
Esther M Friesner
FD Graves
Frank Buttler
George Guthridge
Gherbod Fleming
Greg Farshtey
Greg Gorden
Greg Stolze
GW Tirpa
Harlan Ellison
Harold Bakst
J du C Vere Molyneux
Jacqueline Harrod
Jak Koke
James Lovegrove
James Swallow
James Wyatt
Janet Berliner
Jean Hugard
Jean Rabe
Jeff Sampson
Jenna Helland
JJ Crimmins
Joh Goff
John Betancourt
John Fairnairn
John Grubber
Kerry Daniel Roberts
Kimberley Pauley
L. Dean James
Lana Perez
Laurell K Hamilton
LD Harkrader
Linda Bick
Linda Bootherstone
Lisa Smedman
Lisa Trutkoff Trumbauer
Lucien Soulban
Lynn Abbey
Marc Gascoigne
Margaret Weis
Mark Anthony
Mark Sehestedt
Marsheila Rockwell
Mary H. Herbert
Matt Forbeck
Matthew Ward
Mel Odom
Mervyn Charles
Michael Howard
Michael Moorcock
Monte Cook
Morris Simon
Murray Chandler
Murray J.D. Leeder
Nancy A Collins
Nancy Varian Berberick
Nicholas Pollota
Nigel Findley
Nyx Smith
Parker DeWolf
Paul B Thompson
Paul Kidd
Paul Mendelson
Paul S. Kemp
Peter Archer
Philip Athans
RA Salvatore
Rachel Plummer
Richard A. Knaak
Richard Baker
Richard Kalich
Richard Lee Byers
Robert N. Charrette
Robert Silverberg
Roger E. Moore
Roland Green
Ron Fortier
Rosemary Jones
Roxanne Longstreet
Ru Emerson
Ryan Hughes
Scott Ciencin
Scott McGough
Shane Lacy Hensley
Sheila Anne Barry
Simon Buttler
Stan Brown
Stephen D. Sullivan
Thomas M. Reid
Thorarinn Gunnarsson
Tiffany Trent
Tim Waggoner
Timothy Sanders
Tom Dowd
Tracy Hickman
Troy Denning
Vance Moore
Victor Milan
Voronica Whitney-Robinson
Will McDermott
William A. Moss
William Browning Spencer

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