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Three Days of Gettysburg

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If you own the original, award winning, 1995 edition of Three Days of Gettysburg, or if you have the upgrade kit, you can continue playing with no problems. This Special Reprint Edition of Three Days of Gettysburg does not break any new ground, for the original classic game still stands the test of time quite well. But if, however, your original copy is showing some wear and tear, or if you want an edition where the updated graphics outshine the original (and that is saying a lot), or you simply missed purchasing the first edition of this classic game, then this Special Reprint Edition is just for you!

70.00 The six counter sheets contain all of the original and replacement counters needed to play the game. Not only has Rodger MacGowan revised and upgraded his original counter graphics, but newer sources and additional original documents have been consulted to change some unit strengths and morale levels to more historic levels.

The three map sheets in this reprint have been re-done with Mark Simonitch's graphic skills to not only look excellent, but also to do away with some minor map errata from the original, first edition.

Game Features include:
* A revised Command System, using Maximum Effectiveness to portray the strengths and vicissitudes of battlefield command
* Seven scenarios, from microcosm 1-mappers to the full 3-day battle
* Brigadiers rated with Action Profiles so that, when on their own, Garnett recklessly charge everyone in sight, seeking to regain lost honour? Will a cautious Stannard sit and watch? Or will an unreliable Iverson hit the bottle instead of the front line?
* Artillery Barrage, simplified Ammo rules, special rules for green units, and an optional Fatigue Rules that really places an emphasis on careful unit usage
* A remarkably simple Shock Table that features Continuous Attack: you can roll up the enemy's flank in one massive charge

* Six full-colour Counter sheets
* Three full-colour 22" x 34" Map sheets
* One 11" x 17" Player Aid Card
* System Rules book
* Scenario Booklet
* One 10-sided die

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