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Spirit Games (Est. 1984) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 20 years sells Caprice Corporate Book 1

Caprice Corporate Book 1


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Clayre Gessiyum watched the Peregrine swoop down on its target, its quad turbofans screaming as it maneuvered hard to align its weapons with the zigzagging Battle Frame. Beams of coherent light stabbed down from the VTOL, made visible by the thin pall of smoke that engulfed the demonstration area, and the walker shuddered as its onboard systems registered critical damage. A volley of rockets were its reply but the Peregrine pilot held his nerve, side-slipping and dodging at the last moment. The VTOL swept in again, pounding the target before once more dancing away.

Gessiyum glanced across at her companions in the visitor's gallery. The gathered CEF officers showed a range of emotions. Some looked shocked with the ease with which the Gallot-built machine pounded their latest toy, while others chattered excitedly, already planning what they would do with the machine. The corporate representatives were more subdued but, she could tell, no less intrigued.

Back on the field the Caprician flyer had finished off the CEF walker and was circling its downed prey. Gessiyum glanced back at the gallery and for a moment her eyes locked with those of Lothan Muir, the Hakkar representative. The canyon hawk imagery wasn't lost on him either.

"So shall it be." She whispered.

The CEF occupies Caprice, but the Corporations that dominate the planet's affairs continue to manipulate events, seeking new ways of making money and increasing their influence. As their factories produce weapons of war for the occupiers, the corporations look for ways to profit from the situation. Some work hand in hand with the invaders, while others only give the impression of doing so. Behind the scenes, many seek ways to throw off the yolk of Earther oppression and seize the future for themselves.

An air of hard work, determination and loyalty conceals naked ambition and a ruthlessness, a cold heart willing to do - and say - anything in the quest for profit. This sourcebook includes:
* A complete history of the corporations of Caprice
* Information on Caprice's unique government and the role of corporations
* Full write-ups for six prominent corporations
* Sample campaign set-ups
* New character archetypes, equipment and vehicles

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