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Spirit Games (Est. 1984) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 20 years sells Screen of the Gods

Screen of the Gods


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What Awaits You Within...

The Legend of Yore main rulebook introduced the Known World, a place of magic and might, fading nobility and rising merchants, home to mortals and more than occasionally to gods as well. Now, take your first steps into the Known World. While you follow a path taken by many before you, it can end up leading anywhere you wish to go.

This product contains a GM's screen and an adventure packet. The GM's screen has all of the vital tables for the Legend of Yore collected for easy reference. A bonus pack of four adventures is included as well.

Within the booklet, you will find new capabilities and weaknesses for supernatural adversaries, and meet creatures that have heretofore never been seen in the Known World.

Four adventures await within this packet. Each adventure offers its own unique challenges for your players, as well as rewards for successfully overcoming the many hazards. Play each one as a single session, or play all four in succession as part of your own campaign.

Step into the Known World and let your legend begin!

The Abduction
The adventurers are called on by a powerful Randasquan merchant to rescue his youngest daughter, Angelica, from the highland baron who kidnapped her. But as the group pursues their quarry into the forested mountain fastness of southern Randasque, the question arises: does Angelica really want the adventurers to rescue her?

The White Ghost of Jancarre
A ghostly presence stalks the streets of the Sirkan capital, snatching lives away as if they never existed. Even the crack soldiers of the city watch have been unable to prevent the abductions. Now this spectre's chill touch lies upon thelife of one of the adventurers' friends, as her handsome son has been taken. Will the adventurers be next?

The Serpent's Eye
Deep in the Great Bog of the Hal River, legends tell of an artifact of great power that lies submerged, just waiting for a courageous group to find their way to it and claim it for their own. But also lying in wait for the unwary, it is said, is a guardian...

The Ragged Man
The restless spirit of a Grand Council sorcerer has charged the adventurers with avenging his murder at the hands of bandits. But as they leave the relative safety of a high mountain village to pursue their quest, the adventurers will find that the treacherous passes of Architane are home not only to bandits, but also to something far older, and far deadlier...

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