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Spirit Games (Est. 1984) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 20 years sells The Quintessential Psion

The Quintessential Psion


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The world of the psion is a strange and wondrous place. Where others see magic or spirits, the psion is aware of the flows of thoughts and ideas. Able to exert tremendous control over himself and others, the psion is a master of mental energy and a creature who studies a much differnet type of science than the members of other professoins. By drawing upon his internal energies, the psion frees himself from a dependence on the mystical flow of magic or the vagaries of fickle gods on high. But this power has its limits as well and experienced psions learn to control the way in which they expend their energy to better deal with the challenges they face.

Unlike the arcane or divine spellcaster, the psion depends only on himself and the psionic energy produced within his mind. This gives him a great deal of flexibility, allowing him to call upon any power he knows and can fuel. Unlike even the flexible sorcerer, the psion is not limited to a specific number or type of powers he can use each day - it is all in how he manages the resource of his mind and the choices he makes at the spur of the moment. Within the pages of this book, you will find new ways to expand and enhance the power of psionics, providing the psion with new options and augmentations for his existing abilities.

Inside you will find:

Character Concepts
The Prestige Psion
Tricks of the Trade
Psion Feats
Tools of the Trade
Psion Powers
Altered States
Echoes and Fragments
Psionic Accord
Symbiotes of the Mind
Memetic Parasites
Crystal Palaces

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Spirit Games (Est. 1984, Lefglow Ltd) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 35 years

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