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Spirit Games (Est. 1984) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 20 years sells Advanced Bestiary

Advanced Bestiary


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Bring on the Monsters!

Awaiting you between the covers of the Advanced Bestiary are over 100 new templates that put the power back into yur hands! With concepts ranging from the apocalyptic four corsemen to the bizarre id ooze and stone idol, this book offers unprecedented flexibility for campaigns of any style. These templates canbe combined with monsters from any other source to create an endless variety of new cratures, making every monster book you already own even more valueble. In additin, to enhance this book's usefulness, each template includes a sample creature, showing ways to overlay templates on a variety of creatures, while giving monster stats ready to play right out of the book. Used by itself, or in conjunction with Green Ronin's Advanced Player's Manual and the Advanced Gamemaster's Guide, your games will never be the same. Inside the Advanced Bestiary you will find:

* Extensive guidlines for applyin gtemplates to any creature in the d20 system
* Over 100 new templates with CR modifiers ranging from -4 to +6
* Dozens of new templates applicable for player character use
* Templates within templates, with variations among existing templates like the devil bound, demon possessed, and metal clad creatures
* Templates to create all your favourite undead, from ghouls and mummies to their more powerful varieties like drad morghs and dread wratih sovereigns
* Sample cratures for every template with CRs ranging from 1.2 to 24
* Beautiful illustrations by top artists like Julian Allen, Kent Burles, Mike Vilardi, Kev Crossley, Toren "Macbin" Atkinson, Tyler Walpole, Ilya Astakhan, Caleb Cleveland, and Britt Martin
* Each tempalte identified by complexity level to enhance the books utility for times when you need a template in a hurry
* The ability to surprise your players with an assortment of terrifying foes

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