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Spirit Games (Est. 1984) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 20 years sells Fireborn Gamemaster

Fireborn Gamemaster's Handbook


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Magic has awoken in modern London, drawing both supernatural beings and mortal men there to vie for power and knowledge. Some of the combatants in that conflict are older than mankind itself, and their heritages stretch back to a mythic age of vast empires, mighty creatures, and powerful magic. You are the players' guide to both worlds.

In Fireborn, the players are legendary dragons from a lost mythic age, reborn in modern times in human form. As the Game Master, you have the tools to show them a modern London that has been remade by magic or a mythic age the likes of which they've never imagined. You may lead the characters on a journey of self-discovery, pit them against evil foes, confront them with intriging mysteries, or send them screaming into the depths of their worst nightmares. The heroes of the past have awoken to carry on the fight, and the world is yours to bring them. Will the scions usher in a new age of magic and light, or will mankind's arrogance bring the world to ruin by fire and flood, as it did at the end of the mythic age?

* The modern age is set in a London to which magic has returned. It is a world of uneasy mystery, incredible depth, and countless possibilities. The players may engage in high-action combat, guns blazing and claws flashing, beneath the streets of the city; or they may become desperate investigators up against overwhelming odds and ancient evil.
* The mythic age spans thousands of years in which the human race grew, thrived, and finally fell to their own misuse of magic. Epochs, detailed accounts of specific times and locations, allow you to use the setting material to create a cohesive history or to branch off into the unrecorded tomes and cultures of the mythic age.
* Contains advice on how to use Fireborn's unique flashback play style and how to run campaigns exactly the way you envision them.
* Includes dozens of characters and creatures presented to be used as friends or foes in your Fireborn campaign.

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