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Spirit Games (Est. 1984) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 20 years sells Prince of Darkness

Prince of Darkness


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Under the ice, ancient things are waking

Glisson is the countries of Ellesland. Trapped between its sinister neighbours to the south in Ereworn and the ice-pack beyond the Mountains of Brack to the north, it is an unquiet place where the old ways are crashing head-on into the new.

Outside the walls of Glissom City, the old ways hold. Reivers raid rural settlements, killing and pillaging, making honest trade impossible.

Beyond their forts lie forests populated by elves, ruins left by the Selentine Empire a thousand years ago, and the mountains with their strange inhabitants. And in the north people still talk of the ancient Fomorians and their glass towers, and abandoned cities under the ice.

It is a wild land, in need of strong leadership. But King Durindar has been seen only twice in two years. With the heir to the throne a reckless adventurer, many are saying that it is time for a change in Glissom. And a change is coming.

PRINCE OF DARKNESS combines source-material on the frozen northern kingdom of Glissom with a thrilling campaign in seven parts.

Caught up in a scheme to steal the throne of Glissom, the adventurers must journey from the city northwards into the Mountains of Brack, to prevent a ritual that will awaken an ancient evil of hideous, world-changing power.

Along the way they will befriend the true heir to the kingdom, and encounter Reivers, vampires, giants, forgotten gods, and bizarre monsters of many forms. Finally they must locate the Lost City of Nem, where the Darkness Elementalists conduct their most secret rites, and descend into its frozen depths to confront what lies below the ice.

PRINCE OF DARKNESS is designed for a party of DRAGON WARRIORS characters of ranks 5-7.

With great new artwork from Jon Hodgson and Scott Neil, and maps and hand-outs by Andy Law.

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