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Spirit Games (Est. 1984) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 20 years sells Hacklopedia of Beasts (5th Ed)

Hacklopedia of Beasts (5th Ed)


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Greytar's Dangerous Denizens of Tellene

The tome you hold in your hands is a copy of the highly sought after 'Dangerous Denizens of Tellene' - a traveller's field guide of sorts to the various animals and monstrosities known to inhabit the world. It is often referred to as the Takavil Kamelikar, or 'Slayer's Guide', though some refer to it as the Hacklopedia of Beasts. Greytar the Gentle (formerly the Chief of Scribes at the Royal Library in P'Bapar but now on extended sabbatical at Frandor's Keep far on the borderlands of the realm) originally penned the work.

He spent endless years compiling this manual. Initially conceived as little more than a useful reference catalogue to facilitate his dilettantish magical research and a means of assembling his disordered collection of notes on the subject, once amalgamated into the initial bound journal he realized both what he held and what it could become. This framework was admirably suited for recording much more than esoteric uses for various creature parts.

As fate would have it, Greytar's work was interrupted by the call of adventure. Former associates had located the reclusive mage and, after several bottles of Orlurian brandy, convinced him to accompany them on a quixotic trek through the Legasa Peaks in search of a fabled treasure. Though the quest would prove a disappointment to most of the troupe, Greytar's knack for observation served him well as he dutifully recorded the unique tactics employed by each creature they encountered, annotated notes as to perceived strengths and weaknesses as well as remarking on the location and terrain in which they had encountered the beasts. After returning to civilization, he struck upon enlisting the talents of an artist to illustrate the savage monsters he had witnessed. The addition of these sketches to his growing treatise added a welcome visual element to the book and would prove to be valuable in popularizing it outside of academic circles.

As time worn on, it became clear that one man alone was incapable of compiling the breadth of information Greytar envisioned this work containing. He thus settled upon enlisting the aid of contributors. The mage sought those whose experience was dissimilar from his own so as to provide as broad a perspective as possible. He was fortunate to have the acquaintance of an experienced bounty hunter who, though semi-literate, provided a verbal account of many creatures Greytar would scarcely have dared to approach. Much of this supplemental data though was gleaned from the journals and diaries of adventurous souls he never met in person. Where possible he exercised due diligence seeking to corroborate these observations but sadly the old sage candidly admitted that this could not always be done.

Although originally written for an academic audience, copies of Greytar's Dangerous Denizens eventually made their way into the hands of military commanders, caravan masters, hunters, adventurers and others who all recognized the value of this work. In so doing, it has become an object in high demand by those who crave the knowledge it contains.

Over the years various authors have added to the work; some improving upon its offering - others introducing factual errors and blurring the lines with common folklore and unsubstantiated claims. As such, there are dozens of variations of the book in circulation. Many copies, which undoubtedly served as field guides, have hand written notes it the margins.

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By EvilGinger From Stafordshire in United Kingdom
A solid tome with really lovely production values again it contains rather fewer creature listings than you might expect but it covers each in considerable detail allowing a GM to fit each into his campaign in a way where it seems to be a natural fit not something cast in the players paths as something to fight & kill ten move on. The monsters included cover the whole range of challenges as far as I can see especially given the viciousness of the combat system & each feels unique even those like goblins orcs etc which we have met before in so many other systems. An appendix covers rules for leaders of monster groups further allowing the GM for whom this book is intended to shape their encounters to properly challenge the players.

Hacklopedia of Beasts (5th Ed) by RPG Geek Link for more Reviews

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