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Spirit Games (Est. 1984) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 20 years sells Totems of the Dead Players Guide

Totems of the Dead Players Guide


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Know, noble reader, that before you lies a savage new world of sword and sorcery like no other.

A terrible new age has dawned upon the untamed lands. The shining Age of the Ancestors is crumbing beneath a rising tide of blood and slaughter. Here lie the civilizations of the Untamed Lands, warring with their neighbours just to survive as their crops and game dwindle. The skadians with their dragon-prowed ships, the shenese with their wealth of silk and steel, the maztlani with their obsidian edged blades and the Tribal Confederacies with the snow crimson while Atlantean war parties ravage the eastern shores. Meanwhile the serpent folk lie coiled to strike the warring human nations.

Hither lies a land in need of heroes.

Gird yourself for adventure and harden your heart against nameless things lurking in shadow. Explore the cliff-side ruins of the ancient stone shapers and seek treasures in the abandoned monuments of the mound raiser. Face off against vile sorcerers, simian sasquatch, the impervious Uktena serpent and ravenous wendigo or beat back elder horrors reawakened from ages long past. Live, love, slay and celebrate each victory as though it may be your last.

In this the Players Guide to the Untamed Lands, you will find a wealth of information including:

  • A plethora of human cultures for you to play
  • New weapons and equipment
  • New edges including Legendary edges
  • A magic system fitting for the sword and sorcery genre
  • New arcane backgrounds such as the blood mage and rune caster
  • New setting rules
  • Reviews Review Game
    By Ryhopewood From Leicestershire in United Kingdom
    The Savage Worlds RPG is arguably one of the best systems for running classic swords and sorcery tales in the mode of Robert E. Howard's Conan the barbarian. It is good to see a number of settings come on to the market in the last couple of years that emulate the look and feel of the Conan tales. Totems of the Dead (TOTD) is not only one of the most original, it is also one of the best. The setting is split over two books. The Player's Guide and the GM's Guide and both are needed to play (along with the Savage Worlds core rules). The author of TOTD is Matthew Kaiser, a freelance writer who worked previously on True20 products for Green Ronin and also the Conan RPG for Mongoose Publishing. The latter link is important here. Towards the end of their Conan Licence, Mongoose Publishing tried to use their excellent source material with other RPG systems (the original Conan RPG worked with D&D 3rd edition and 3.5) and proposed conversions to both RuneQuest and Savage Worlds. Unfortunately for whatever reason these new source books never came out but Matthew Kaiser was involved in writing the Savage Worlds conversion. Now TOTD is not a Conan clone. Far from it. The tales of Robert Howard's barbarian took place in the mythical land of Hyboria, and drew heavily on the historical settings and cultures of Europe, the Middle East, India, and China. Matthew Kaiser weaves a similar magic over the North American continent, breathing life into a land based on Native American mythology. You have a fantastic canvas on which to base your own tales. Explore the harsh northern lands of mythical Canada as a pioneering Viking settler? Check. Fight against the brutal harsh blood magic of Aztecs? Check. Deal with the sorcerer kings from Atlantis? Check. And then there is the brooding malevolence of the spirit world from Native American mythology? Check. All this and more is effortlessly integrated into the Savage Worlds system. In particular, the magic and sorcery Arcane Backgrounds have been carefully put together to give you a rich tapestry of options including Alchemy, Blood Magic, Rune Casting, and Shamanism. The book itself is softcover, 160 pages, with a full colour cover and black and white interior. However, the interior art is stunning, and truly inspirational. Highly recommended!

    Totems of the Dead Players Guide by RPG Geek Link for more Reviews

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