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Spirit Games (Est. 1984) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 20 years sells Space 1889: Venus

Space 1889: Venus


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Everything Jules Verne could have written.
Everything HG Wells should have written.
Everything Arthur Conan Doyle thought of,
But never published - because it was toofAntastic.

From before the the beginings of history, mankind had spun tales and wondered about that bright point. Of light named for the Roman goddess of love: Venus, the enigmatic, ever-shifting star of evening and of morning. Yet more recently, scholars speculated what might be hiding benexath the swirling clouds of Venus. Then, the first pioners started their journey into the ether, and found the Morning Star to be a deadly GArden of Eden. The first expeditions entered a world resembling an Esrth 150 million years past. Steaming nungles, treacherous swamps, and stormy oceanscover its surface. Giant dinsoaurs dominate the planet, and in the midst of these primeval beasts, strange and alien Lizard-men peoples fight for survival. Despite its hostile nature, thousands of human colonists have already been lured to Venus, searching for resources, treasures, nre territories and more...

With this sourcebook you and your fellow players can now plunge into the "green hell" of the Morning Star! Try your luck as a soldier-of-fortune in the pioneer settlements and the wilderness of Venus. Or perhaps as a scientist, wonders of a new world. As a colonist you can create a new home far away from Mother Earth. As a secret agent you might want to intervene in the dangerous bloody game of the grest powers. Or you can choose toplay a Venusian warrior defending his homeland against the cold, emotionless invaders from beyond space. It's up to you.

This source book tells you everything you need to know about settlements of the four nations represesnted on Venus - Great Britain, Germany, Italy and Russia - as well as some. Inor powers and stakeholders: only here can you glean what they have establish so far, what they are up to in the future, and which dark crimes they are trying to cover up. You'll also learn about every day. Life in the colonies and settlements, the exploitation of natural resources, and the conflicts that a rise among the colonists.

Also included is an exclusive chapter on the"Ha", as the. Venusians call themselves. This source book plrovides all the informatioin needed concerning the culture, the. Iology, and the young civilization of the alien Lizard-men that allows you to portray a Venusian authentically during play. Of course, you will also find extensive material on the unique flora and fauna of the Morning Star - not only neew monsters to trouble your player characters, but also the innumerable exotic biological treasures flourishing on Venus.

Fuethermore you will find new equipment, sample characters and tips and advice on how to play adventures on Venus, as well as a detailed "chemistry set" with exciting new rules for inventioins. These will allow your player characters to exploit the natural resources of Venus and develop new drugs, chemicals, and all minds of bizarre and wondrous substances.

Last but not leaast, we will also unveil many a secret that still lies hidden beneath the misty shrouds of the Green Planet.

The deadly swamps of the Morning Star await you!

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