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Spirit Games (Est. 1984) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 20 years sells Serenissima



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Control the Greatest Fleets of the 15th Century Your Galleys are teeming with crew and cargo as you sail the Mediterranean seas. Your sole purpose is to control the most prosperous trade routes and amass the most riches. How will you ensure that your strategy will allow you to fill your warehouses with a veritable fortune in gold, precious stones and spices?


  • 1 game board
  • 15 galleys
  • 1 sheet of stickers
  • 5 dice
  • 120 sailor tokens
  • 1 black token and 1 white token
  • 24 galley cubes
  • 14 wood cubes
  • 12 stone cubes
  • 12 marble cubes
  • 12 wine cups
  • 10 gold cubes
  • 10 spice cubes
  • 19 port cards
  • 5 dodge cards
  • 4 game help cards
  • 4 closed cards
  • 5 fort tokens
  • 5 basilica tokens
  • 54 coins
  • 1 rulebook

Reviews Review Game
By polydor From Lancashire in United Kingdom

Like the previous reviewer, I would whole-heartedly recommend this game, even if you own the previous manifestation. There has been much argument over the map graphics of the two; the earlier is much brighter and strongly coloured, the new map more muted, but with larger sea areas which is very helpful.

Though the aim of the game is identical to amass the most points and the mechanics similar: buy goods and trade them in other ports, gain control of ports and fill them with goods, the rules have made huge changes.

First of all aggression will probably only be successful, if all players are engaging in battle. This is partly because, the dice rolling is much more luck dependent and you lose a battle dice for every sea area that you travel before entering combat. The tactic of loading up your galley with a full crew, darting across the Mediterranean and sinking your opponent can rarely now be achieved.And what galleys!! Gone are those wobbly black ships that regularly tipped over spilling crew and goods across the board. Now we have sturdy brown, oared galleys of total stability. Sadly you can no longer capture an enemy galley, so those attractive flags to show ownership have gone [but so has the fiddly job of swopping those flags around]. Even more important to game play is that each galley is numbered and players operate a single galley at a time.

So, instead of taking your turn and moving all galleys, you now activate your galley and perform its whole action in number order. To me this is the major innovation and makes the game so different and so much more interactive. There is far less downtime as a result and a much more dynamic interplay.

In fact, everything about the new rules seems designed to speed play. Most important in this has been the removal of the haggling over selling prices that slowed the game. As a result I find this a much more balanced game with far less likelihood of finding yourself so weakened early on that you remain an onlooker at the feast, playing out your turns for the sake of the other players.

A great achievement - buy it.

By Pureteenlard From Staffordshire in England
"Renaissance trading and conflict around the mediterranean"

This game is truly excellent. Buy it.

Why? Because it's beautiful to look at, challenging to play and, above all, damn good fun.
Players take on the roles of mediterranean powers in the 15th century - Venice, Genoa, Spain and the Ottoman Turks - in a quest to make their empires as wealthy and prosperous as possible. With a few men, a galley and a capital city you set out to capture towns and trade goods. Moving trade goods (gold, wood, iron, spices, textiles and gemstones)in your galley is vital in the early phases of the game so that towns can be fortified, men recruited and more galleys built.
And talking of galleys (ships with oars . . .) they can only carry five items including crew. This makes for some interesting tactical choices. A ship full of cargo is poorly defended and moves slowly. A fast, well defended ship carries very little cargo. You pays your money and takes your choice . . .
The game is played over a fixed number of turns which vary depending on how many people are playing (the fewer people the more game turns)and the games victory conditions are based on how many towns a player holds and how prosperous those towns are. Prosperity is measured by how full a town's warehouse is as well as by how much cash the player holds. More tactical choices emerge as the game moves into the final turns since you need to spend money to capture towns from the opposition and yet you need that money to buy goods to make your towns prosper. Decisions . . . decisions . . . And the opposition is trying to do you in as well, of course.

All in all an excellent game that demands subtlety and, at times, utter ruthlessness (I ravaged the empire of a 12 year old girl the last time we played. Cruel but rewarding. I won! Yay! But her mum didn't talk to me for the rest of the day because I promised her that I wouldn't take her capital) but which is easy to learn after a couple of game turns. Highly recommended!

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