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Spirit Games (Est. 1984) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 20 years sells La Bataille de Ligny Second Edition

La Bataille de Ligny Second Edition


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La Bataille de Ligny is the first in a series of four games detailing the climactic moments of Napoleon's last 100 Days as Emperor of France. This edition pits Napoleon against Blucher and his Prussian Army of the Lower Rhine. Even though he would outnumber the French in this battle, Blucher's troops are woefully unprepared for the struggle they are about to engage in. Napoleon, on the other hand, has culled the best of the troops France has to offer for this campaign. Ligny is this a classic match up of quality versus quantity. But regardless of which side you are playing, it takes skill to manage your forces, whether it be to overcome overwhelming odds, or to prevent what seems to be a numerical advantage from cascading into rout as the result of and unexpected reverse.

Les Batailles dans L'eg L'empereur Napoleon Ier, Volume No. V

La Bataille de Ligny details the terrible battle that ensued on June 16th on the banks of Ligny Creek. Up to 3 players control the Prussian forces commanded by Feldmarschall, Prinz Lebrecht von Blucher, while another 3 or 4 players command such French personages as Marshal Grouchy, Generals Vandamme and Gerard, or Napoleon himself. Every battalion of infantry, squadron of cavalry, or battery of artillery that was present at the battle is included...and at their command. Using the award-winning La Bataille rules, first pioneered by The Marshal Enterprises Household in the 1970s, La Bataille de Ligny Contents Include:

  • Standard rules (now in their 5th Edition)
  • Special Rules containing 4 scenarios and historical commentary
  • 4 34" x 22" full-colour period style maps*
  • Over 1000 full-colour 1/22 counters (5 sheets)
  • 2 full-colour Organisational Displays
  • Multiple cardstock Charts and Tables for play
  • Two six-sided dice

*Four 34" x 22" period maps combine to form a massive 68" x 44" play area (that match up with La Bataille des Quatre Bras so that players can join both games into one grand experience – ownership of Quatre Bras is necessary.)

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