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Spirit Games (Est. 1984) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 20 years sells Championship Formula Racing (CFR)

Championship Formula Racing (CFR)


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In 1971, the classic race game Speed Circuit was released by 3M Games. Now, just as cars constantly evolve, handle better, and go faster, Championship Formala Racing take the Speed Circuit chassis and improves on a classic racing game.

Floor the accelerator through the Curve Parabolica at Monza! Scream through the fast, narrow corners of Silverstone's Becketts and Stowe! YOU assess the track. YOU design the card. YOU control it all. Accelerate? Decelerate? Push your car past its limits.

Run races with up to 12 players or combine historical driver too! Can you beat racing legends?

Base Game Contents:

  • CFR Base Rule Book
  • CFR History Rule Book
  • Quick Start Rules
  • 12 Painted Cars
  • Die-Roll Cheat Sheet
  • 8 Speed Decks
  • 8 Driver Attribute Decks
  • 8 Tire Markers
  • 96 Wear Tokens
  • 8 Pit Markers
  • 128 Skill Markers
  • 8 Attribute Tokens
  • 2 Dice
  • 2 Racetracks

Reviews Review Game
By NickBleech From Northants in United Kingdom
Is this the best F1 racing boardgame ever? If not, it's pretty close. Having picked one of the 4 included tracks to race on (note to publisher: expansions please!) up to 8 players 'design' their cars in terms of their parameters (top speed, accel, decel, start speed, wear i.e. tyres, and driver skill). The trade off is that you have a net 2 point limit and by picking low values for one or some parameters you allow scope to pick higher values for the others - which then allows the car to be optimised to suit the track and your race strategy. Wear and skill parameters are points pools to spend to ameliorate race penalties, and are recorded via chunky cardboard chits - no written record or cubes sliding along status scales here. Then you all bid (simultaneous in the fist) for grid position by sacrificing some wear and/or skill chits: an optional rule (recommended) structures this in 2 'qualifying' rounds, the Q1 round to fill the back of the grid, the Q2 round for the remaining ('fastest') drivers to bid some extra chips to tussle for the front. Neat and nicely tense, especially with a full 8 player complement. The race mechanic itself is simple and again nicely tense -everyone sets their speed simultaneously within their cars' parameters then reveal. The turn is then resolved front to back of the field with ties resolved by lane closest to the 'inside' - which is clearly marked on the tracks. Of course there'd be no game nor indeed F1 racing if that was all, and it's the corners that count. As in other motor racing games safe speeds are marked, so the strategy is all around when to exceed these burning wear points or going for a chance dice roll with the risk spinning or crashing. You may also dice for going over accel / decel / top speed. These rolls are where the driver skill chits come in - you may toss in one or more chits before rolling to improve your odds of success. All this goes very quickly and the tension round the table builds superbly as the race progresses to often close finishes. Bringing in the Pitting rules and use of hard/soft tyres adds another layer of strategy to think about for the cost of a bit longer at the table. If this wasn't enough, there's more! More optional rules let you bring in Historic Drivers (again to publisher: more please!) whose cars are predesigned but during the race move using a very clever 'AI' mechanic which is a wonder to behold. Brilliant game.

Championship Formula Racing (CFR) by Board Game Geek Link for more Reviews

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45 minutes
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