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Spirit Games (Est. 1984) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 20 years sells Summit The Board Game

Summit The Board Game


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Overcome, Survive, Win.
Summit is an adventure game in which players attempt to ascend and descend a deadly mountain, working together, as rivals, or alone. It is a tile-laying, card-playing, dice-rolling survival game... and if the mountain doesn't kill you, your friends might! Will you survive on your wits or on your tricks?

Over 190 Unique Cards
Whether they affect you, the team or the mountain, the Events are nest avoided when possible.

Equip yourself, your team and maybe your Sherpa with anything that might give you the upper hand or better chance at survival.

During the competitive race, gain some points by sharing your supplies or helping out a fellow climber. Or lose some points by cutting their rope and pushing them back down the mountain.

Karma Cards will let you actively help or hinder your opponents. Just remember that your score on the Karma Track is based on how you play these "take that" cards.

Endless Replayability
Using tiles to build a new mountain every game, or after serious in-game Events, ensures you'll never climb the same mountain twice. Over 85 tiles in three different types of terrain (Neutral, Ice and Thin Air) will affect your strategy, for better or for worse!

Difficulty Settings
From Chill to Legendary, from Sunny Days to Double Black Diamonds, you can make your expedition as easy or as deadly as you like.

A Living Mountain
The Weather Die and the Event Die let the mountain take its turn to affect your supplies, your route and possibly your life.

Dual-Sided Board
The Competitive side scores the race at 4 checkpoints and your final position on the Karka Track. The cooperative/Solo side tracks the Time of Day and your individual Sherpa's supplies. Both sides track the weather, the difficulty and any items dropped on the mountain.

Dual-Layer Character Mats
Using innovative player stats and supply tracking, you decide how many supplies and items to carry - because the more you carry, the heavier you get... and the heavier you get, the slower you move.

Players will combine resource management with pressing their luck in order to find the route to victory lest they become part of the mountain's frozen landscape.

Play with 1-6 Custom Mountaineers
Representing countries from around the world, these brave men and women must plan carefully and use their individual strengths and abilities to survive the deadly Summit.

Clear Tracking
Over 50 Tokens, 6 unique Active Player Tokens and 6 Quick Reference Cards help to keep the expedition as orderly as possible.

From the severity of the Blizzards, to the Time of Day, from your postion on the mountain to your Karma level, everything is tracked in plain view so that teammates or rival climbers can assess the situation.

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