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Spirit Games (Est. 1984) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 20 years sells Lebensraum: The War For Europe, 1941-1945

Lebensraum: The War For Europe, 1941-1945


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The winter of 1935 marked the beginning of the political phase of Hitler's expansion policy. It began with the plebiscite that returned the Saar to German hands. Austria and the Sudetenland fell in 1938, and Czechoslovakia was totally dismembered by 1939. As the Western powers finally awoke to the situation, Hitler unleashed the military phase of his plans. Poland was broken in 1939. Denmark, the Low Countries, and finally, France, fell in the 1940 campaigns. 1941 began with invasions of Yugoslavia and Greece. By mid 1941, Germany had expanded its control, through alliance, coercion, or occupation, to cover all of continental Europe except for friendly Spain, and neutral Switzerland. Where German boots trod, the German flag flew. Except in the East...

LEBENSRAUM! is a grand strategic, moderate complexity game of the war between Nazi Germany and the Allied Nations, starting with the German invasion of the USSR in late June of 1941, through to the final battles to Berlin in 1945. The game includes both East and West Fronts, and can be played in a number of small (3 to 13) turn historical scenarios starting with Barbarossa in the East and Italy in the West, or in campaigns for each front individually, or a combined East and West front campaign.

The game focuses on the Army group level, with players controlling subordinate armies as their main combat formations. Leadership is a major component of the game, with each player having a pool of named and rated leaders available. Airpower, naval support, partisans, production centers, and transportation networks are all featured. Turns are quarterly, with a map scale of 50 miles (80km) per hex.


  • Rules
  • 3 Maps (full size 50"x35")
  • 3 Countersheets
  • Player Aids
  • Dice

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