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Spirit Games (Est. 1984) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 20 years sells Betrayal at House on the Hill 2nd Edition

Betrayal at House on the Hill 2nd Edition


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Face Your Terror as it Builds - Tile by Tile

Take a deep breath before you enter. It might be your last

Your fear will grow with each tile you place as you investigate a house filled with dreadful monsters and deadly secrets. As you brave your way through each unique room, you and the other explorers must rely on each other to survive the horrors that await. But beware: The house will turn one of you against the rest. It will take all of your strengths and skills to defeat the traitor and escape the Betrayal at House on the Hill.

With 50 fiendish scenarios (including seven new haunts) and dozens of danger-filled rooms, you'll return to the house again and again - as often as you dare - and never face the same game twice.


  • 1 Rulebook
  • 2 Haunt Books (Traitor's Tome and Secrets of Survival)
  • 44 Room Tiles
  • 1 Entrance Hall/Foyer/Grand Staircase tile
  • 6 Prepainted Plastic Explorer Figures
  • 6 Two-Sided Character Cards
  • 30 Plastic Clips
  • 8 Dice
  • 1 Turn/Damage Track
  • 80 Cards (Event, Item, Omen) - includes 5 new item cards
  • 149 Tokens

Reviews Review Game
By Degeneratemoo From STAFFS in United Kingdom
Betrayal at House on the Hill is a horror themed house exploration game with a twist, one of you will become a traitor and turns on the others at some point during the game. You will play one of 5 adventurers (from a total of 10 different characters) each with their own stats as detailed on their character card. There are 4 stats which take the form of physical and mental. You are often required to roll dice against these stats D&D style. Using your pre-painted characters you explore the house which is revealed tile by tile as you move through doorways. On the tiles there might be one of three different symbols, item, event or omen. If the room tile shows one of these symbols, you pick up the corresponding card. Item cards are, as you would imagine, items that you can pick up and use. The range of items available is very diverse and there is usually a good description of the item too. Event cards are situations that happen in that room i.e. the roof falls in, you get attacked by a tentacle etc. Most of the events involve rolling against the stats your character has and most of the events have a horror/suspense type theme. The Omen cards are the biggies. These are usually an object that you carry with you (i.e. a book) but can also be a companion that travels the house with you. The thing with the omen cards is every time one is drawn a haunt roll must take place. You roll 6 dice and if the total rolled is less that the number of cards on the board the haunt begins. The dice are blank on some sides so it is possible to roll zero and it is possible to start the haunt on the very first omen card. The haunt is where things change (the twist). With the game you get two 'tomes' the survivors tome and the traitors tome. When the haunt role fails the haunt begins and using a grid in the front of the book you determine which of the 50 individual haunts you are going to play. That means there are 50 different scenarios you can play in this game so there is plenty of re playability. As part of determining the haunt you will play you will also reveal who is the traitor amongst the group. The traitor then leaves the room and reads the traitors tome whilst the survivors read their respective tome. This details the scenario you will play and for each side, what you have to do to win and what the set up is. Both sides will know roughly what is going on but neither will know the whole story. This is where things get complicated. The game comes with a mass of tokens and straight out of the box I would say it would be frustrating at least to play. Most people who have this game create their own storage solution to separate the tiles into groups, without this you will be hunting through all the tiles to find the one 'zombie' tile etc, not a good way to keep momentum going. I used a hobby storage box from hobbycraft, I cut the original insert from the game and it fits perfectly underneath whilst keeping the spaces for the cards and tiles to sit. The traitor and the survivors tome will tell you which tokens to get and the set up to do. When that is done you both set about achieving your specific goal (usually the traitors is to kill everyone else). Again this may involve exploration of the house to find specific objects or combat with the monsters that usually appear on the haunt. My group (pretty much non-gamers) struggled with the extra rules when the haunt began but they really enjoyed the exploration part. We did get through and on the whole they enjoyed it but there is a lot for the non-gamer to take in, especially in the haunt set up. The component quality is excellent, there was a batch of the game that had bent house tiles but that has since be rectified and my copy is fine. Would definitely recommend.

Betrayal at House on the Hill 2nd Edition by Board Game Geek Link for more Reviews

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Avalon Hill
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Spirit Games (Est. 1984, Lefglow Ltd) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 35 years

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