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Spirit Games (Est. 1984) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 20 years sells PitchCar Mini

PitchCar Mini


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PitchCar (formerly Carabande) is at the same time a game of skill and a car race. This game is made of wood and is composed of 16 track parts, 10 curves and 6 straight lines, which allows you to build about ten different 2.5 meter long tracks. Build your track, choose a car and pitch it along the track! Take the best path, be smart and you'll be a champion. PitchCar is family-friendly and will please players of all ages.

PitchCar Mini is a smaller-sized version of the classic PitchCar game.

Reviews Review Game
By cwilliams1808 From Derbyshire in UK
When people talk about a 'fun family game' they usually mean the horrors of monopoly feuds, or of endless 'boggle' or 'scrabble' marathons...but this is truly the best 'family friendly' game I have ever played. It's like Formula 1 crossed with air hockey...or like a victorian era scalextric set! Anyone can play this game, it's beautifully made, ridiculously easy to play and a total hoot. One word of warning: The 'cars' tend to fly pretty far if flicked off the track too vigorously, but cats seem to be good at finding them.

By Yersinia From Derbyshire in England
I got strange looks when i presented this game to my mates but they were soon converted. It looks like a kids toy in the box, nice black wooden jigsaw sections of track and bendy red plastic bumpers which slot into a groove in the track. Eight coloured wooden disks for cars, a sheet of rules and track layouts and some stickers and thats your lot. The rules... flick your car down the track, let every one else flick theirs and flick your car again, couldnt be simpler! It takes about 2 mins to set up, 30 seconds to learn and a couple of laps to get your flicking really warmed up. The tracks mostly fit on a coffee table, anywhere you could set up a boardgame is enough space but it must be flat or the track wont sit right and cars will ping off when they hit a join in the track. Loads of fun, a bit of skill and technique and quick games make it an ideal choice for a light break in a boardgame session or a fun half hour with the kids.

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