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Spirit Games (Est. 1984) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 20 years sells Caveman



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Caveman - Can Your Tribe Survive?

our prehistoric tribe is surrounded by danger on Volcano Island. Deadly dinosaurs roam the island, the volcano may erupt at any time and other tribes threaten your territory.

  • Can you win the game by becoming the dominant tribe?
  • Can you win the race to develop fire, spears or the wheel?
  • Can you get T-Rex to devour your opponents?
  • Or will someone else get Triceratops to trample your camp?

Reviews Review Game
By Oridyne From Staffs in United Kingdom

This is a really fun game with some very nice pieces.

Gameplay is fairly simple you have 4 Male & 4 Female Adults and 4 kids. Each player starts from a beach on the edge of the island. You pick up Volcano cards from the centre of the board and these have Green & Red sections. The green section allows you to move your people and the Red section either moves a Dinosaur around the island or a special event.

To get people onto your beach costs one move but you can only move 4 people onto the board this way, to get anymore on you have to breed your cavemena and produce cavekids. Once you have a cavekid you can roll a dice on subsequent turns to see if they mature or die.

In order to breed you need to have one of your adults on a food square or hunting. There are other resource squares on the board and these are placed randomly and can be changed throughout the game by the volcano cards.

Different Combinations of resources allow you to develop:

Furs - Which help your chances of cavekids surviving

camps - which prevent you being attacked in caves

fire - Which help your chances of cavekids surviving

wheel - Allows you to move one extra each turn

Spears - Which gives you an extra chance to hit in fights.

As the resources get changed or because of the way they are layed out you get a rush for all the good ones and fights often ensue. This game was fun to play and as the game progresses your strategy's have to adapt . There is a lot of repeatability in this and I would recommend this as a good family game.

Winning involves either getting all 8 Adults on the board, Developing all 5 enhancements or if the Volcano deck is exhausted being the furthest developed

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