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Spirit Games (Est. 1984) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 20 years sells Space Alert

Space Alert


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Space Alert is a team survival game. Players take on the role of a crew of space explorers sent out through hyperspace to survey a dangerous sector of the Galaxy.

The pace of the game is set by 10-minute soundtracks on included CDs (or by scenario cards, if you don't have a CD player). During these 10 minutes, the crew must defend the ship while it scans the enemy sector. If they succeed, the ship brings back valuable data. If they fail... it is time to train a new crew.

Players do not compete against each other. Instead, they work together against the challenge presented by the game. The difficulty of this challenge can be chosen by the players themselves. Completing the most difficult missions requires close teamwork.


  • 1 Spaceship Board
  • 10 Action Boards in 5 colours
  • 7 Trajectory Boards
  • 1 Mission Steps Board
  • 10 plastic figures
  • 55+ blocks in 5 colours
  • 1 blue and 3 green cylinders
  • 90 Action Cards
  • 6 Heroic Action Cards
  • 55 Threat Cards
  • 16 Scenario Cards
  • 18 damage tiles
  • 26 internal threat tokens
  • 16 numbered tokens
  • 2 CDs with 16 soundtracks
  • 1 ship's log
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 "How to Become a Space Explorer" handbook

Reviews Review Game
By SplendorFan From Burton in
Awesome real-time co-operative programmable movement game that sees players as a team of space cadets aboard a ship that is coming under attack, and they have to work together to survive! This is quite a big expansive game with lots of components in the box, but essentially the players need to move around the ship by programming their movements with their hand of cards. Players will need to communicate and co-ordinate their movements and actions to man defences and lasers and move energy around the ship, so that all the shields and lasers are functioning. Wave after wave of enemies will approach the ship and players will need to time their programmed actions correctly so that enemies are destroyed and the ship survives the round! Threats are mainly external, but they can also infiltrate the ship and internal defences will need to be deployed! the game comes with a timed soundtrack with verbal commands that signify events and threats that the players have to respond to. This can make the game an intense but also rich experience. The game is quite difficult and if played with all of the game elements present in can be overwhelming, but the game can be scaled back by choosing a more 'entry level' mission for beginner players. To be honest though, the more advanced missions are more interesting and players will have a blast coordinating their efforts to use all the ships functions in order to tackle those threats. The programming aspect of the game takes some getting used to with timings etc, but there is nothing more satisfying than launching the rockets at the right time to take out an incoming threat! This game is amazing fun and represents a real challenge that gamers should really enjoy. This game is way better than Robo Rally in my opinion, which is another programmable movement game. Give it a try!

Space Alert by Board Game Geek Link for more Reviews

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30 minutes
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1-5 Players
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