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Everyone's Favourite Goblins Are At It Again!

Players take on the role of lively goblin bodgers as they race around grabbing the parts they need to finish their outrageous contraptions. Getting that perfect part isn't easy, though, as the conveyor belt is constantly moving valuable parts out of reach. And if that's not enough to keep the goblins on their toes, they also have to deal with rivals scheming and tussling for parts. Be the first bodger to complete you contraption - or fuel the frenzy trying.

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By Oridyne From Staffs in United Kingdom

Another excellent game from the same stable as Infernal Contraption.. Players of Infernal will instantly recognise the style of the artwork which is excellent and extremely fun very much in keeping with the feel of the game. Players take on the role of Bodgers competing for parts to build their own machine which, unlike Infernal, consists of just a core and 4 plugs.

There is a small board which represents a hopper feeding onto a conveyor belt that ends in a rubbish hopper. There is a walkway going around this which is where are bodgers run to try and grab parts. Each Bodger has a hand of 3 cards on which is a number of buttons that affect either themselves or other bodgers or the parts in the machine. Also on these cards are fists which are used when bodgers tussle for parts (when they end their turn facing each other across the conveyor).

The basic game involves up to 4 players but there are 2 additional bodgers that can be added to enhance the chaos, these are controlled by all players in addition to their own bodger.

You play a card on your turn, you then choose how many (if any) of the buttons on that card you wish to press taking the appropriate action each time. Afterwards if you end up next to a machine part on the conveyor you can also press the button on that, however you can only use that button once on your turn.

This is a quick little game and you win by being the first to complete your machine, so player order can be very important in the end. The starting player is determined at the start by each player being dealt 3 action cards each and they total up the fists shown on the card. The player with the highest starts of as the "Foreman", each subsequent turn this is passed on in a clockwise direction.

It plays quickly, its immense fun and a welcome addition to my collection the rules are short and simple

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Spirit Games (Est. 1984, Lefglow Ltd) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 35 years

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