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Go With the Flow Pirate Edition


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A ship loaded with treasure has been wrecked near your island. Whirlpools, storms and sharks lie amongst the changing currents between your island and the wreck. Instruct your pirates to build rafts and salvage treasure from the wreck or steal it by attacking other player's rafts!

The players who collects the most treasure chests is the winner.

Reviews Review Game
By Oridyne From Staffs in United Kingdom

The components for this game are very nice, wooden player pieces and the tiles have simple but effective artwork, as well as being well made.

The players compete to collect treasure from the central island and be the pirates with the most at the end of the game. Players can also steal treasure from other pirates as they attempt to sail it back to their own island on the edge of the board.

On your turn you either train a new pirate onto your island, build a raft or set sail, you move orthogonally from your island turning one tile at a time. The tiles will reveal a tide or one of several special tiles, your choice is either to go with the flow and turn over the tile your are moved to or spend a coin to Steer which is to turn the tile 90deg or weigh anchor if the flow is not where you want to go. On your next turn you can navigate away from your tile in the direction you choose.

Several tiles have whirlpools, sharks, Storms all of which have different effects on your boat and/or pirates. If you make it to the treasure island then you collect a treasure and on your next turn set off back to your island hoping to avoid fighting any other pirates on the way. You can also leave a pirate on treasure island which allows you to push an unmanned boat towards your island, hopefully, or construct a boat directly on treasure island.

I really enjoyed this, it is a fun little game that plays quite quickly as well as being quite tricky as you start with a small amount of money which does not get replaced so spending it needs to be done wisely.

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