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Spirit Games (Est. 1984) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 20 years sells ASLComp: Omaha West (Ziplock)

ASLComp: Omaha West (Ziplock)


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Landing just east of Vierville, the survivors of B Company, 116th Infantry, struggled up the bluffs, then moved inland. The men had seen the carnage on the beach. Lieutenant Taylor said "I guess that makes me company commander." Sergeant Pearce said "This is probably all of Baker Company." Taylor and his men carefully picked their way inland. A burst of enemy fire from behind a hedgerow halted them just shy of a large farm complex. The American soldiers closed with their adversaries, engaging in a brisk firefight with rifles and grenades. One grenade, hurled a long distance, glanced off the helmet of an enemy soldier. The German leapt from his hide shouting "kamerad!" In a matter of moments two dozen more Germans emerged from behind the hedgerow, hands in the air. The brief fight was over at the cost of three wounded Americans.

ASLComp Omaha West is the new edition of CH's ASLComp variant that tells the story of the D-Day landing at Omaha Beach with incredible detail. The linking game maps stretch six feet across and depict Omaha Beach at a scale of 40-meters per hex. The detail is rich: every farmhouse, road and draw from Vierville to St. Laurent are provided as well as each German Stutzpunkt.

The game cartography takes the American landing from Dog Green to Easy Green, with the Dog White and Dog Red landing beaches in between. As for depth, you will be battling almost a mile inland before YOU, the die-hard ASLer, can consider your lodgement in Normandy secure. German players will have something to say about all this as they attempt to coordinate fire from Strong Points Wn71 through Wn66.

A complete beach-landing presentation is provided, taking the ASLer personally through a historical experience akin to the first 20-minutes of the seminal film Saving Private Ryan with the difference being their personal involvement in the action. Will YOUR leaders rally the men off the beach? There will only be two kinds of men on this beach, those that are dead and those that are going to be dead and you will need to summon all your personal willpower and intellect to see your men off the beach and into the hinterland of Normandy.

In keeping with the CH ASLComp variant approach, you will receive a stack of small, fast-playing scenarios to get you on the giant map right away. But this is also a monster game that will include a super-sized supply of over 1000 counters, all you need to play a giant, full-map landing scenario!

You will also receive a new variant Special Rules booklet, and four play aids that detail the location of every German soldier, weapon and casemate - using all new research. You also receive ten play aids providing an LC by LC presentation of the first wave as it appears in play.

In Each Copy of Omaha West you get:

  • A set of over 1150 variant BONUS colour-die cut counters needed to play the included scenarios. Just bring your own marker and emplacement counter and ASLRB.
  • Three 24" x 36" linking mapsheets stretching Six Feet long on heavyweight stock.
  • 16 action-packed scenarios.
  • Scenario #16 is a monster invasion scenario that depicts the first wave landing with 14 play aids!
  • 3 linking colour maps.
  • 12 page variant Special Rules booklet.
  • 10 116th Regimental Combat Team Landing Play Aid Cards.
  • 4 German Resistance Nest Play Aid Cards
  • 3 Destroyer Cards to trim out.
  • 6 sheets of colour die cut counters (over 1000+ counters!).

Omaha West is NOT a complete game. You'll need the ASLRB and markers + emplacement counters + German and American '?' counters + an interest in the Battle of Normandy during World War II. This is an ASLComp VARIANT game.

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