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Spirit Games (Est. 1984) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 20 years sells Black Fleet

Black Fleet


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Lead your fleet of ships to accumulate doubloons and pay the ransom for the Governor's daughter!

In Black Fleet, each turn puts you in control of three ships, each of which perform different actions to win money:

Your merchant ship is loaded with valuable goods and is sailing toward a port where it can exchange its cargo for well-earned doubloons! But will it escape the pirates?
Meanwhile, your pirate ship is trying to intercept your opponents' merchants and seize their goods. If successful, your pirate will bury this ill-gotten cargo on one of the treasure islands - but only if it can avoid the navy ships, controlled by all players, which want to sink the pirates in return for a large bounty!

Spend your doubloons to develop your fleet with new abilities allowing you to speed up your ships, attack from further away, or move through islands!

Play fortune cards to surprise your opponents and combine them with your development cards to make devastating attacks...

When your fleet is fully developed, pay the ransom for the Governor's daughter and claim victory!

Reviews Review Game
By Nerotu From West Midlands in United Kingdom
A game that plays 3 or 4 players. You are the captain of your fleet and you need to turn over 5 cards before the other captains do so. Yarghhhhh Each player has a hand of five cards all ranging different costs (lowest is 5 and highest is 20 or 10 if you wangt a shorter game). In order to get your doubloons you must pick goods from a port and deliver them to another port. Sounds easy right? Well your oponnents obviously want to sink you. Each player starts off with two movements card and one fortune cards. They must play a movement card. The moves are your merchant ship, your privateer ship and the navy ship. The merchant is where you move you ship from one port to another in hope you drop 3 goods off (ship only has room for three goods). Your privateer ship is aiming to get to you opponents merchant ship to steal a good and the navy ship is there to protect your merchant and hoping to sink enemy privateers. Each port only allows select goods and the prices can vary from port to port. At the end of your turn you can choose to pay to turn one of your cards over. The cards have special abilities once they are purchased and turned over (all special abilities are different on each card. Once one of the players turns over the 20 or 10 card that's the end of the game. A great cut throat game which can be enjoyed by all the family. Simplistic rules, I do love the components for this game especially the small ships and the board is big too.

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