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Spirit Games (Est. 1984) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 20 years sells ASL: Action Pack 11 29 Let

ASL: Action Pack 11 29 Let's Go!


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29 LET'S GO!
BREBEREN, GERMANY, 4 OCTOBER 1944: The overstretched 175th Infantry Regiment had finally crossed Saeffler Creek and was now being relieved by the 113th Cavalry Squadron when the Germans, in Major General Charles Gerhardt's perculiar vernacular. started to display "a little enthusiasm" in the form of a counterattack from three sides, led by a formidable Panther tank. Despite being hit by several bazooka rounds, the Panther churned down the main street with impunity, silencing American strong points. The aggressive German infantry followed behind, rounding up dozens of dazed American prisoners. It was into this inferno that the reinforcements of the "Red Horse Cavalry" entered. With nothing more powerful than its armoured cars and some attached Stuarts, the Cavalry slowed the German advance, but could not stop it. The Americans were forced to withdraw back across the bridge for which they had earlier fought so hard...

The 29th Infantry Division was a National Guard division filled out by draftees, mostly from Maryland and Virginia. Its three infantry regiments traced their roots back to before the American War of Independence and through the American Civil War, leading to the 29th being called the"Blue and Gray Division."

The 29th participated in the campaign in Northwest Europe from D-Day to VE-Day, and suffered over 20,000 battle casualties (the second-most of any U.S. division in the war) as it fought from Omaha Beach through the bocage to St. Lô and Vire, then taking Brest, onto the Siegfried Line, crossing the Roer, through the Ruhr, and to the Elbe—commanded the entire time by Major General Charles H. Gerhardt, one of the ETO’s more controversial generals.

This Action Pack showcases ten of the varied, intense actions that the 29th Infantry Division engaged in from D-Day to October 1944. The two boards and the included overlays should have lots of use for actions throughout Northwest Europe.

Action Pack #11: 29 Let’s Go! contains:

  • two 8˝ × 22˝ geomorphic mapboards (71, 72)
  • one sheet of overlays
  • ten ASL scenarios featuring the new maps:
    • AP101 When I Call Roll – 6½ turns, 6 June 1944, Dog Green Beach, Vierville-sur-Mer, France
    • AP102 Better Late Than Never – 7 turns, 8 June 1944, Pointe-du-Hoc, France
    • AP103 That Damn Bridge – 6½ turns, 8 June 1944, Grandcamp-les-Bains, France
    • AP104 Linkup – 6½ turns, 9 June 1944, Auville-sur-la-Vey, France
    • AP105 Cota’s Last Stand? – 6 turns, 12 June 1944, Montmartin-sur-Graignes, France
    • AP106 Helluva Patrol Leader – 6 turns, 12 June 1944, Montmartin-sur-Graignes, France
    • AP107 Better Fields of Fire – 6 turns, 8 September 1944, Fort Penfield, France
    • AP108 Yes Sir! – 5½ turns, 8 September 1944, Kerrognant, France
    • AP109 Not Bad For A Lone Croc – 7½ turns, 14 September 1944, Fort Montbarey, France
    • AP110 Display Of Enthusiasm – 6½ turns, 4 October 1944, Breberen, Germany
    Designed for the aficionado, Action Pack #11: 29 Let's Go! is not a complete product and assumes the buyer owns the core Advanced Squad Leader game system.

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    ASL: Action Pack 11 29 Let's Go! by Board Game Geek Link for more Reviews

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