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Spirit Games (Est. 1984) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 20 years sells No Retreat! Italian Front: 1943-45

No Retreat! Italian Front: 1943-45


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Following on the success of No Retreat! - where the Russian Front of World War II beckoned, and after taking the action to the African Front, and then to the French Front, game designer Carl Paradis now presents the fourth chapter in this game series, No Retreat! The Italian Front, 1943-45.

This game uses a mix of all the previous No Retreat! game concepts/systems, including some from the Solitaire module to depict this long and gruelling campaign with a minimum of fuss, and with the fastest possible playing time. Each turn represents one month, but not every Game Turn will see major action. So, during Frontline lulls there will be little combat. Frontline attrition will then take place, so these turns will pass by in a speedy manner. When a side decides to take the offensive, then that specific turn will see a series of weekly moves/combat/activations. The sea invasions will be shown in detail, including the German fortified positions, and the long set piece battles (like Cassino or Anzio) will be represented correctly without bogging down game play.

New Leader Cards will also make an appearance, giving players special abilities depending on which Leader is in command. The Classic Combat System of this series has been improved with more tactical options and battle results, making even the long historical set piece battles exciting to play.

The No Retreat! Event Card system has been improved, with icons indicating exactly when cards can be played, each allowing multiple possible effects - all the cards will be useful, even when the main card event cannot be used because of Strategic Initiative.

This New Edition features Three Campaign Games (Regular What if?, historical, and Mainland Italy), and Three quick playing Scenarios (1943 Operation Husky, 1944 Diadem, and 1945 Gothic Line), all using quality components like those found in the Deluxe Edition of Twilight Struggle.

In order to make the play surface easier to use, the long Italian peninsula is represented by a series of separate maps each showing a part of the battleground. As the frontline moves north or south, players will switch their play map to show the actual areas of operations, thus saving precious table space. It will also be possible under certain circumstances for players to actually change sides in a game (keeping their accumulated Victory Points) - thus both players will be able to get the chance to be on the Attacking side if they with. A three player (one German & two Allied players) option is also presented.

Could the Axis have delayed the Allies longer in Italy or even held their own for the duration? What if Rommel had been in command for the Axis or Montgomery for the Allies? Or Sicily completely bypassed altogether and Rome the Allies' first target?

The Italian Peninsula lies before you, and the fate of the Mediterranean Front is at stake. You must hold your ground at all costs, or push the enemy out of his impregnable Mountain fortresses, for there is No Retreat!

Game Contents:

  • One 17" x 22" two-sided map
  • Two 17" x 22" one-sided maps
  • 47 Event Cards and 8 Leader Cards
  • Sheet of 88 round markers and 24 hex markers
  • One sheet with 88 two-sided square units
  • Rulebook
  • Scenario Book
  • Player Aid Mat
  • Two 6-sided Dice

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