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Spirit Games (Est. 1984) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 20 years sells ASL: Action Pack 12 Oktoberfest XXX

ASL: Action Pack 12 Oktoberfest XXX


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The ASLOK XXX pack is a celebration of the 30th running of ASL Oktoberfest in Greater Cleveland, Ohio. The pack spans the globe and nearly 13 years of small unit actions surrounding the World War II era, with scenarios brought to you by four Ohio designers who have been integral cogs in the ASLOK machine over the years. Can you master all ten battles?

Your early war adventure starts on the rocky peak of Changkufeng Hill in 1938. The Soviets have occupied the heights to enforce their interpretation of the border with China and Korea, but the Imperial Japanese Army begs to differ and sends 1,600 "human bullets" stealthily across the Tyumen River and up the slopes in the dead of night to enforce its claim. Which empire will triumph in this border war? Next, you find yourself in Poland in early September of 1939 as an all-infantry battle boils. Backed by artillery, the Poles are attacking a Slovakian infantry division in an attempt to reclaim a Polish town. Which paper tiger will prevail?

Space does not permit us to describe the actions throughout the crucial year of 1944 in Burma, Normandy, Peleliu, Holland, Hungary, or Aachen, so fast forward to the war's end. April 1945 sees you on the outskirts of Berlin as a dominant Soviet force supported by copious amounts of AFVs looks to secure the train station at Anhalter before racing to the Reichstag. Can you overcome the Germans on the outskirts of Berlin to gain a head start in the race to glory?

Finally, you find yourself back in the Far East on a hill in the dark of the night, but now it is 1951 in Korea where a small U.S. force must hold off three waves of North Koreans - riflemen, sub-machine gunners, and finally unarmed soldiers with orders to pick up the weapons of the fallen - all making a mad dash for Hill 902. The Americans call on artillery and .50-cals to hang on until their reinforcements can hopefully arrive. Can you master the complexities of the night and save the hill for the Americans?

Action Pack #12: ASL Oktoberfest XXX contains:

  • one 8" x 22" geomorphic mapboard (73)
  • ten ASL scenarios:
    • AP111 The Katanas Come Out At Night – 6 1/2 turns, 31 July 1938, Changkufeng Hill, near Lake Khasan, Russia
    • AP112 First Ally – 7 turns, 5 September 1939, Zabrzez, Poland
    • AP113 Maintaining the Box – 6 turns, 15 February 1944, Sinzweya, Burma
    • AP114 A Lion In The Field – 6 1/2 turns, 29 June 1944, Gavrus, France
    • AP115 Bats Outta Hell – 7 turns, 15 September 1944, Peleliu, Palau Islands
    • AP116 Mook Point – 6 1/2 turns, 25 September 1944, Mook, Holland
    • AP117 Second City – 7 turns, 11 October 1944, Debrecen, Hungary
    • AP118 Wise’s War – 6 1/2 turns, 13 October 1944, Aachen, Germany
    • AP119 Konev Cross – 6 1/2 turns, 27 April 1945, Anhalter, Berlin, Germany
    • AP120 Kingston of the Hill – 9 turns, 22 April 1951, Hill 902, near Hwachon Reservoir, North Korea

Designed for the aficionado, Action Pack #12: ASL Oktoberfest XXX is not a complete product and assumes the buyer owns the core Advanced Squad Leader game system.

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