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Spirit Games (Est. 1984) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 20 years sells Stone Age

Stone Age


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The times were hard indeed. Our ancestors worked with their legs and backs straining against wooden plows in the stony earth. Of course, progress did not stop with the wooden plow. People always searched for better tools and more productive plants to make their work more effective.

In Stone Age, the players live in this time, just as our ancestors did. They collect wood, break stone and wash their gold from the river. They trade freely, expand their village, and so achieve new levels of civilization.

That is exciting and interesting. With a balance of luck and planning, the players compete for food in this pre-historic time.

Risk and grow as your ancestors did. Only then the victory ring sings to you!


  • 1 game board
  • 4 player boards
  • 58 wooden resources
  • 40 wooden figures
  • 8 wooden markers
  • 53 supply tiles
  • 28 building tiles
  • 18 tool tiles
  • 1 start player figure
  • 36 civilization cards
  • 7 dice
  • 1 leather dice cup
  • 1 rule booklet

For 2-4 Players

Reviews Review Game
By Nerotu From West Midlands in United Kingdom
This is a great worker placement game. So many options to take on your turn such as go up the food track, make a baby, buy a card, build a building etc. Its a great Euro worker placement game. The artwork is lovely and the components are great. Hopefully this will start seeing the gaming table a lot more then it has. I have not played it as a 2 player so I'm looking forward to see how it differs from a 4/5 player game.

By SplendorFan From Burton in
Stone age is a fantastic game and an excellent introduction to worker placement. It is a classic Euro game that I think deserves it's place in the Boardgame Geek Top 100 games. The game components are fabulous, and I love the artwork on the boards in particular, they look beautiful and draw people into the game. Players take turns to place their 5 tribesmen at various different points on the board that allow them to do different things - whether collecting resources in order to buy cards and huts, or whether they wish to generate more tribe members, collect tools to manipulate dice rolls, collect agriculture bonuses or hunt for food. When collecting resources, dice are rolled equal to the amount of workers placed, and the results are then divided by a factor which relates to the resource required. Certain resources are more difficult to get and therefore require a greater number in order to get a resource. Resources are used to buy huts which earn immediate points in the game, or they can buy civilisation cards, which give an immediate bonus, but also points at the end of the game. These cards can be somewhat confusing or an 'overload' for new players initially, but a few examples and explanations generally clarifies things during the game. I find Stone Age to be an excellent game and am always open to a game whenever I get the chance. The dice rolling doesn't bother me at all as it only comes into play when gathering resources and can be mitigated by using more dice, and using the tools to manipulate the dice rolls to hopefully get what you need. There are different strategies to pursue in the game, such as tribe size, and the civilisation cards offer plenty of variety in end game scoring. Top game, give it a try!

By MrsEvilSoupdragon From West Midlands in United Kingdom
This is a great game. I love the theme, the artwork on the board is lovely. I find that it is an addictive game. I haven't had this game for very long a matter of weeks but it has been played a number of times since its purchase. I especially like to play it after being at work all day its a nice lighter game to bring to the table. As with all worker placement games, on your turn you will have to make decisions as to where to go, from all the options available, and like all worker placement games you will want to do all the options!! You need to balance what you do. You need to feed all the workers you have. So best not to make too many new workers early on, you can make a new worker, you can choose to go up on the food production line (so you need less food each turn, gain wood, stone, clay or gold, make a tool, buy a card, or build a building, or go hunting for food. It's a simple game, but there are many tactics you can use. I also love the artwork and the pieces that come with the game. It's a fun Euro medium weight game. Easy to learn but takes a bit longer to master. I have enjoyed it as a two player game but think plays better with 3 -4.

By Oridyne From Staffs in United Kingdom

This is a very beautiful game, the board, the pieces, the cards are extremely good quality and the artwork is superb. It has a fantastic theme and setting reflected well in the gameplay. Each turn players allocate their initial supply of people onto various areas on the board to try and collect resources, build (and gain Victory Points), collect cards, gain tools, forage for food or increase your bank of people.

Each area has limited space for people except for the forage field which has unlimited capacity. For each person you have in a resource area (Food,Wood, Brick, Stone, Gold) you roll 1 dice, each resource has a point cost you spend the points rolled to buy the resource. Starting with the first player you place your people in these areas, however you can only place people in one area at a time and you can not increase them on further turns. Play rotates around the players until all the people have been placed, then starting with the first player you resolve the action for each set of people. The order you do them in is your choice and you will find that doing them in the right order helps you improve your options during this part. After each player has completed this you then have to pay 1 piece of food for every person you have, if you do not have enough you pay the difference in resources if that is still not enough you lose points.

Cards you collect give you bonuses, some immediate, some for collecting enough different types and others give special Victory points based on what you have built, the number of people etc. A very popular area is the one that increases your food production (so you start getting food for free) however there is only one space there so its usually the first or second player that ends up taking this.

I really enjoyed this game and will look forward to playing it again real soon. I lost completely but still enjoyed the game and will now have a better idea of what to do for future sessions.

This would make a worthwhile addition to anyone's collection.

By Hopuk From Lancs in United Kingdom
You begin with a tribe of 5 meeples and each turn you send these out to collect tools, food, harvest or 4 different resources or even mate! Each area has a limited number of spaces that the tribes can go to, so planning what you need each turn is vital.

When all players have placed their tribesmen around the board, each player than sees what resources they bring in that turn by rolling a die for each tribesman in that area. For example, to collect would, you send 2 tribesman so roll 2 dice. The number rolled is then divided by 3 and thats how many resources you collect. The divider is different for each resource from 2 for food to 6 for gold. Tools let you modify the die roll. Each round ends with you having to feed your tribe, 1 food per tribesman.

Resources are used to gain buildings and collect civilisation cards by simply handing in the right resources to pay for it.

This is a good fun game of resource management and is playable in around an hour.

Stone Age by Board Game Geek Link for more Reviews

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