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Spirit Games (Est. 1984) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 20 years sells Fresco



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The bishop awaits high-ranking visitors. The country's most renowned fresco painters are hired to make the magnificent cathedral's ceiling painting shine like new.

Who will have such a skilful planning that they will gain the most victory points at the end of the game?

With the 3 included expansion modules, which can be combined with the basic game as you wish, Fresco offers a constantly new game experience even to frequent players.

  • 1st Module: The Portraits
  • 2nd Module: The bishop's request
  • 3rd Module: Special blend colours
  • Reviews Review Game
    By Oridyne From Staffs in United Kingdom

    I was undecided as to whether to buy this game but I am very glad I did. This game is extremely well made, the components and artwork are superb suiting the theme well and it is a delight to play. The main board is double sided one side is for 3 players the other for 4 players this seems to be a trend with newer games and it works very nicely.

    You each play a master painter with a team of Apprentices whose task is to help restore the Cathedral and its Alter. Having not played board games all that long I can not comment on whether the mechanics in this game are anything new but they are certainly used well and fit right into the central theme of the game. There is plenty of things to think about on your turn and various actions you can take. The turn order for actions is determined by the players choosing what time to wake up, this selection is done in reverse order of the Scoring track (random on the first turn). This effects the mood of your workers and the cost of your paint in the market. Going first gets you the most choice but costs more, going last is cheaper but you only get to chose from whatever the other players leave. Each player can visit only one market stool and buy as much paint tiles as he has apprentices sent on the task. Once these paints have been purchased the stool closes. The player also has the option to just close a single stool instead of buying paints.

    You start with 5 apprentices but if their mood is really bad you will lose one but if they are really happy you gain an extra one. Each action you can take you can allocate up to 3 apprentices to perform it, so you have to decide carefully what actions you can take this turn and whether you want to do some more than once. During the last turn the actions you can take change so you are able to blend paints and then restore a Cathedral piece this is very important as for most of the game blending paints is done after restoring the Cathedral which makes your choice of paints at the market and paints used to restore Cathedral pieces very important.

    I really enjoy this game and every game is different with the added benefit that the game comes with 3 expansions right in the box allowing for plenty of tweaking helping to keep the game fresh and exciting. The rules are short (always good) and mostly quite good and well explained. There are a couple of areas where the rules are less than clear and the examples given do not add much to the clarity, that said getting them wrong did not harm the gameplay that much, I read a thread on boardgamegeek that helped clarify the rule.

    The game plays equally well with 3 players as it does with 4 and the expansions also provide rules for playing this 2 player, though I have not tried these yet. Whilst the rules and mechanics are quite simple to pick up there is a lot of depth here even with the basic game.

    Note: Previous reviewer mentions market being empty by 3rd player this is not possible as each player can only visit a single market stool so each player will get a chance to buy paints but not always the ones they wanted :)

    By peltazoid From Nottinghamshire in UK
    Quick review of Fresco after 1 session. (I do not own it) We played this over the weekend and played with 2 of the expansions (tho to me they seemed like they should be part of the game anyhow) The game comes with 3 expansions, 1 expands the number of colours availiable, 1 expands the portraits and the 3rd expands the colour mixing action to include more victory points. The components are good, some of the wooden cubes are misshaped as was one of the player markers, the portrait cards are detailed as it the board, the card board components as also quite sturdy. The game is quite deep as you need to balance your score against the actions you want to take, as the leader gets to choose the wakeup time last (this is very important as it decides the order for the current turn & how many workers you will have) the earlier you wake up the more choice you have in the actions you do, as the most important is the market (where you buy colours) as it is very possible that by the third player the market will be empty. When there is 6 or less fresco tiles left then the it is time for the last round, after that money is divided by 2 and rounded down and added to the victory points and the winner declared. I really enjoyed it and will be giving it another go when I get chance.

    Fresco by Board Game Geek Link for more Reviews

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