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By Mrs Pallet Ranger From Staffordshire in England
When hubby brought this one home I imagined a complicated, code encripted nightmare but was pleasantly suprised to find a game that is quick and easy to understand.

The basic premis of the game is to create patterns on the board. The more pieces in the pattern, the more points you score. It is fairly easy to distract your opponent from the pattern you are trying to create but of course, they can just as easily distract you yourself and you can quite often end up concentrating on the wrong part of the board.

The patterns can be compared to trying to see a "magic-eye" picture after a while but there is great potential for high scores and getting one over on your opponent.

This is definately one to keep near the front of the cupboard for those occaisional half hour slots when you have nothing to do. I have enjoyed playing this and will continue to enjoy playing it as it's only drawback is that there are so many pieces!

By Pallet Ranger From Staffs in UK
I'm told this is a 'Go' variant, although as I've never played that game, you'll have to forgive my ramblings....

The board is a picture of the 'circle of life' and each player takes a turn placing a piece on the board. The aim is to make various shapes from your pieces whilst preventing your opponent from doing the same. The more complex shape the higher the score. Highest total wins.

The game itself is enjoyable and tactical whilst not being difficult. The only complaint I'd have is that as the board fills up, it becomes increasingly difficult to spot which shapes you have scored - although as its played more often I'd expect that particular problem to evaporate as the shapes become more familiar.

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