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Spirit Games (Est. 1984) - Supplying role playing games (RPG), wargames rules, miniatures and scenery, new and traditional board and card games for the last 20 years sells Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds

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The Vietnam war was America's longest. It took the country from the idyllic settings of the early 1960's to the turmoil of the 1970's. No other war since the American Civil War has had such a lasting effect on the United States. During its time a president would refuse the nomination of his party, the next president leave the office in disgrace and a third be forced to turn away from supporting a desperate ally. Seared into the minds of military leaders and politicians, Americans have attempted not to repeat the mistakes of Vietnam.

With no firm plan for victory and an enemy determined to stay as long as it takes, can you guide the armies of South Vietnam, the United States and their allies to ultimate victory over the North Vietnamese army and Vietcong guerillas? As the North Vietnamese player can you keep the American player guessing your intent, as you prepare for offensives in South Vietnam by feeding weapons and supplies to the Vietcong along the Ho Chi Minh trail? Using 80 cards and the assets available to both sides we will send you to the jungles of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos to see if you can win hearts and minds.

Game Includes:

  • Cardstock Gameboard
  • 80 Cards
  • 175+ Counters
  • Dice
  • Full Colour Rule Book and Play Book with Scenarios
  • Player Aid Cards

Reviews Review Game
By polydor From Lancashire in United Kingdom

Why is it that games on Vietnam have featured some of the dullest and plainest boards? Unfortunately Hearts and Minds doesn't manage to break that tradition. In fact, serviceable and functional are the apposite words for most of the contents of this game, from the very basic counters to the map with its mainly dark/olive green regions and green-backed cards.

Inside this slightly depressing presentation is a successful broad brush treatment of the whole of the Vietnam war in CDG format. In fact I would go so far as to say that it is probably the most playable and certainly the most enjoyable game on the topic.

As with the majority of CDG's a significant amount of the flavour of the game lies in the cards , their text and pictures and, like twilight Struggle, Hearts and Minds does deliver on that front. The balance between the military and the political elements of this war and their contribution to victory in game terms is well balanced.

If you want to game the Vietnam war in an easily manageable and enjoyable way, it's a must. I just can't help feeling that there are so many other more vibrant treatments of other wars out there.

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