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By Angra From Napoli in Italy
This expantion for Quest for the DragonLords (QftDL) is actually a major component of this fantasy boardgame. It contains some very interesting new rules and a lot of new options for the kings/queens to help them in their Quest. While the races contained in the expansion are the four basic races (that is, there are no new units for Necromancers and Amazons) the Advanced game is fully compatible with both the basic game and the Crystal of Power expansion.

The box comes with a good artwork on the lid depicting a scene of battle. Inside we find two cardboard sheets of tokens, a full colour cardboard battleboard, an instruction booklet (in black and white), 3 sprues of black plastic miniatures, and 45 metal miniatures. The miniatures come in 5 blisters, one for each of the basic races and a 5th containing the first metal dragonlord in the game (actually is the second published).

The rules, as mentioned above, represent a major change in the QftDL game mechanics.
Now, each player can do more actions beside the ones from the basic game. The most interesting is the possibility of building structures. Structures are used either for defense or production of new unit. he defensive structures are fortifications, and watchtowers (both represented by plastic miniatures). Fortifications come in two different kinds and limit the attacking army by imposing penalties to the missile attacks and limiting the number of infantry units that can be used in attack. Defenders of course have no limits.
The watchtowers block any sneak attack, including the Elven ability of the same name, so it is a must if you fight against the Elves.

Productive structures are buildings that can be bought and installed in one's territory in order to produce new army units. New units include archers, with their raid ability; cavalry (they can raid and flank attack); and heavy infantry (stronger than regular units). Also, new units have different defense values, thus they are harder to hit, or stronger in combat. All new units are represented by metal miniatures. Dwarves don't have cavalry, relying instead on powerful cannons. Also, catapults (represented by plastic minatures) can be built in order to destroy enemy fortifications.

The new units and building are a welcome addition to the options for the players; now gold can be invested in different ways, and there is a sort of tech tree (that is, each building escept the basic ones have a prerequisite). Buildings are lost when the enemy conquers them, while fortifications can be repaired and used by the enemy.
Also, now players can build temples and buy scroll cards and train new wizards.

From a quality point of view the materials in the box are excellent with the exception of the rulebook which, even though well written, is in black and white. But this is the only "flaw" (if flaw it can really be called...) to an otherwise excellent expansion.
If you are an afecionado of QftDL this expansion is strongly suggested, as it really transforms the game experience into a still simple, yet more exciting fantasy conquest game.

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